#Stitchers Season 3 Episode 5 "Paternis" Recap & Review

The episode starts with a Cameron flashback, the first of many shifting between him, Linus, and Camille. He’s with his dad and they’re about to have a movie night, Jaws. It’s been a year since his surgery, but his dad is still mollycoddling him.

Cameron is at the prison to see his father, but he doesn’t show. A fire alarm goes off and Cameron leaves.

Cameron and Kirsten are painting over the wall of crazy. Cameron then gets a call from Maggie that his father is in lockdown.

In the lab conference room, Fisher says that Cameron’s father, James Miller killed Gary Parsons, a prison guard. Miller says that it was self-defense, but stitching is the only way to prove it, which it does. Parsons also called someone who told him not to let a Bruce near Miller.

Camille talks to Fisher about relationships and hates his advice. Fisher wonders why people come to him. It’s probably because he was married at one point and he’s less intimidating than Maggie.

Linus hasn’t heard back from Ivy and is worried. He talks to Camille and they have this heartbreaking little moment, even though she still doesn’t like Ivy.

This goes into flashback, with Linus’s dad presumably picking him up from the principal’s office? It’s not clear, but what is is that nobody likes him because he’s smart. Linus is also not originally from L.A. because his dad tells him that they are going to move there.

Maggie asks Cameron about Camille piloting the stitches. Cameron asks her about the safe. She doesn’t tell him anything. Cameron spills the beans about Kirsten’s mom and does not immediately tell Kirsten. COMMUNICATE PEOPLE!!!

Linus narrows down people with the name Bruce that would want Miller dead and Fisher and Camille go to get him. The person who paid Parsons to kill Miller also paid Parson’s medical bills.

Scott Bruce lives in a trailer park and Camille looking around leads into a flashback. She is on the side of the road with a bike when a lady stops and asks if she’s okay and then gives her money. As the lady drives away, it’s revealed that it’s a con and a police car shows up. It isn’t after her, but her brother Theo is being arrested for possession of and intent to distribute marijuana.

Back in the present, Scott Bruce is happy with his life, a fact that Camille can’t wrap her mind around.

Maggie tells Linus that she’s considering giving Ivy a job, but it’s obvious she isn’t psyched about it.

Cameron is about to tell Kirsten about her mother and Maggie when Camille bursts in. She tells them about Scott Bruce and that Cameron he should go talk to his dad. Since Miller doesn’t want to see him and it might be bad for him to be talking to the NSA, Cameron goes to the jail as his dad’s lawyer.

His dad doesn’t tell him anything, but it sounds less like he won’t tell him and more like he can’t.

It goes into another flashback. This time it’s of Miller getting arrested, right in front of Cameron.

After Cameron leaves, a guard calls someone telling them that Miller just had a visit from his lawyer. When he describes the lawyer, the guy on the phone knows it’s Cameron.

Camille has a fight with the M.E., which turns into a fight with Kirsten.

It goes into flashback. Camille tells the cop that the marijuana was hers and the cop lets her off with a warning. Theo is happy but Camille is furious.

Linus shows up at Cameron’s apartment seeking relationship advice. Cameron offers alcohol instead.

It goes into flashback. It’s almost identical to the other one except Linus and his dad are wearing different clothes and it’s in L.A. and not Michigan. He just wants friends, and it switches back to Cameron and Linus completely drunk talking to each other.

Then the doorbell rings. When Cameron answers it, several large men enter and push him back against a pole. They ask him about Miller and he says he doesn’t know anything and then Linus kicks their butts. According to Kyle Harris, that’s not the way the scene was originally scripted, but Ritesh Rajan kept pushing and they rewrote it. Go Linus!

In the lab, Camille’s fight with Kirsten turns into a fight with everyone. Linus tells them about Ivy maybe getting a job in the lab.

Maggie asks Cameron if he’s told Kirsten yet. He hasn’t and she tells him to keep it that way.

Camille apologizes to Linus.

Kirsten’s going in and out of sync in the stitch, maybe because of Parson’s head injury. Linus fixes it. Parsons pulled the fire alarm so that Cameron couldn’t see his father.

When Kirsten tells Cameron this, it goes into flashback. The SEC guy, Joe Zeiss, called him Bruce because of his Batman shirt. He framed Miller. He’s been on a business trip, but he’ll be back the next day. Fisher goes to get Miller and keep him safe.

Ivy gets a visit from Stinger, who has been harassing her for the past few days, which is why she hasn’t talked to Linus. Stinger wants her to stay close to him so they can find Jaqueline. When she refuses to help, he reminds her that she was the one behind the young Cameron anomaly.

Cameron talks to his dad. He tells him that they know about Zeiss and Miller apologizes for what he did.

Kirsten’s mom has been moved, presumably by Maggie. She runs to Cameron and he tells her about Maggie. They fight and she leaves. Can we get one episode where they’re happy?

Camille and the M.E. talks and the M.E. breaks up with her?

Kirsten is crying in Ivy’s lap. She’s going to be crushed when she finds out.

Cameron and Fisher go to arrest Zeiss, but his son opens the door. Cameron can’t arrest the guy in front of his son, so they leave.

Then there’s a flashback montage of all three of them.

Camille is throwing rocks at a trailer park and breaking down.

Linus calls Ivy again and she doesn’t answer.

Maggie’s back, but everyone is miserable. 7/10