#Stitchers Season 3 Episode 7 "Just The Two Of Us" Recap

The episode starts with Kirsten coming out of a stitch. She’s calling for Cameron because she doesn’t feel good, but no one’s there. She thinks she smells gas and all the monitors are all static. She finds Cameron unconscious because Cameron is Mr. Damsel In Distress, and slaps him awake. Neither of them remember anything.

They find a coffee cup in the meeting room that burns Kirsten when she touches it.

The landlines don’t work at all and the cellphones go straight to voicemail.

They start to brainstorm a list of people who could have pulled this off: Stinger, Blair, Ivy. Cameron gets a glare for the last one.

While the monitors don’t work, the computer does and it says the last case they worked on was Jake Rowland. No clues to the current stitch. They believe it was wiped from the system when they were attacked. Kirsten hears something and feels like they’re being watched. Cameron’s skeptical.

They go back to Kirsten’s house, which is also empty and has the same coffee cup as the lab.

Kirsten doesn’t want to be touched. She checks out Camille’s room while Cameron calls the NSA again. Camille has blackout curtains, which she never noticed before.

The NSA tells them to stay put, that “Mother” is watching out for them. This could be one of any number of people: Maggie, the case picker, Kirsten’s mother, etc.

Cameron’s about to leave because Kirsten doesn’t want to talk about them, but she says that they should stay together. He makes dinner, and we get some backstory on Cameron’s mother. She felt pressured by his fragility and sent him off to school because of her boyfriend, Bill, made her. He used puzzles to work through it.  She touches his hand, and he pulls away. Weird after he initiated the touching earlier.

Kirsten sees someone standing outside the window. The person’s gone before Cameron gets there and he thinks she’s just exhausted. Kirsten think it might be the ever mysterious “Mother” character.

Nevertheless, she asks Cameron to come and sleep in her room. Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to keep a guy at arm’s length don’t let him sleep with you, literally speaking.

Kirsten can’t fall asleep and wants to talk about them. She says they should know each other better than they do and Cameron demonstrates almost creepily how well he knows her, including something she never told him. Another dash in the weird column.

She wakes up and Cameron isn’t there. She freaks, but he was just getting orange juice for them. They both go back to the lab and it’s different than it was. The coffee mug is now in the lab. There’s a key in it that says EURO.

There’s now something behind the static on the monitors, maybe faces.

Kirsten goes to check out the rest of the lab. She finds a puzzle piece in Cameron’s locker and then the lights go out.

Cameron turned them off for his concert presentation of flashing lights. He’ll be able to show the pictures if he finds the right light and frequency. When he tries green, there are faces. They’re autism cards to understand emotion. Kirsten used something similar as a kid.

Kirsten’s looking for something else. When she tries red, there are arrows that point to the tank.

On the bottom is a puzzle. Kirsten gets Cameron to hold the piece while she strips down to go in the tank. Again, when holding a guy at arm’s length, you should probably let him get the Catwoman suit and not strip in front of him. Anyway, Cameron looks at the bottom of the tank and finds that puzzle was upside down. It’s a house, with the garage circled and an address.

They find a car under a tarp that Cameron proceeds to fanboy over. The key actually said FORD, not EURO and it fits in the ignition. Cameron finds a Rubik’s Cube in the glove box and Kirsten can’t turn the car off. They can’t get out either. The door’s locked from the outside. Eventually, Kirsten finds and crowbar and they push against the door.

In Cameron’s apartment, Kirsten decides to shower while Cameron plays with the Rubik’s cube. Kirsten also thinks carbon monoxide is the smell she noticed coming out of the stitch.

Cameron walks in on Kirsten, Kirsten gets a little full of herself, and Cameron explains that the Rubik’s Cube is unsolvable because someone broke the pattern. Cameron also says he misses them working together like this. This gives Kirsten the idea that someone is pushing them together so that they’ll be close again.

In the lab, the monitors are different again. There are tiny pictures of people all over them and all of them are on the floor.

Kirsten thinks it’s Stinger. Cameron disagrees. This makes her suspicious that Cameron, Maggie, and the NSA have made this into couple’s counseling. Cameron points out how obviously ridiculous that is, and then says he has trouble connecting with people. This is odd because, as Kirsten points out, Cameron is an extremely outgoing person and doesn’t have any problem connecting with people. Instead of responding, Cameron talks about the monitors. He thinks that they might be puzzle pieces and rearranging them might give up the puzzle. He doesn’t want help, so Kirsten goes upstairs and finds a child’s keyboard. She tries to find the last case they worked on, which is still Rowland, but then puts in the current case, which I’m surprised she didn’t think of earlier.

The current case is Tom Dewitt, an autistic man who died in his garage by car fume inhalation. It is presumed to be suicide. He was also an empath. Kirsten then figures that she’s stitched into Tom right now and that Cameron is a figment of her imagination. She says that she must have opened a pathway into Tom’s empath abilities and is experiencing his memories through her own emotional state. Because he doesn’t believe her, Cameron gets a gun and tells her to shoot him. She says she can’t because even if he’s not real, she’d never want anything to happen to him, especially if it was her fault.


He then disappears, proving she was right. She gets into the tank in her stitch suit when all the people she’s ever stitched into show up. Ed Clark tells her not to give up and she starts rearranging the monitors. She’s still talking to Cameron and realizes that all the weird stuff Cameron told her was actually Tom. The heat sensitivity was Tom too.

She gets up higher to see the puzzle. She sees nothing at first, then realizes that it’s supposed to be a face. When she sees it, she makes the bounce. Everyone is really confused, a la Wizard of Oz.

Bill Kurland, the mother’s boyfriend, killed Tom. He locked Tom in the garage, started his car, and locked him in with an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube. Kurland thought he was freeing Tom’s mother by killing him. She talks to Tom and thanks him for talking to her.

She then talks to Cameron, who tells her she was only in the stitch for three seconds.

Then she kisses him and all is right with the world.

Apart from a few little gripes, this episode was fantastic!!!! 9/10.