#Stitchers Season 3 Episode 9 "Kill It Forward" Recap And Review

The episode starts with Ivy going to see Kirsten. Linus and Cameron are also there, and they confront her about the anomaly. She tries to explain, but nobody cares about her excuses anymore, so she reveals that she wasn’t always the anomaly. Stinger was most of the time until Kirsten got trapped. He said that he was using the anomaly to get Kirsten to trust him, that they could all be a family again. After he had left, Ivy was angry and took over. When pressed, she tells them about Stinger showing up at her place, but Linus doesn’t believe her and leaves. After Kirsten and Cameron continue to rip her a new one, Ivy leaves, and Kirsten hugs Cameron.

Kirsten and Cameron then confront Maggie about the Ivy photos. She says she didn’t want them to take it into their own hands, which she knows they’ve done by now. She didn’t know that Ivy trapped Kirsten. She also doesn’t care for how they got their information. Kirsten turns the point around and gives her an ultimatum: If she doesn’t tell them where her mom is, she will stop stitching. Maggie doesn’t agree to this and Kirsten leaves. Maggie tries to get Cameron to talk to her, but they are a united front for once.

Kirsten freaks out at the elevator and Cameron is supportive and wonderful.

Maggie tells them about a new case and promises Kirsten that she will tell Kirsten where her mother is after the case is over. Kirsten agrees.

The victim is Leslie Adams, a competitive pro volleyball player. The obvious suspect is her teammate Monica, but she has an alibi.

In the stitch, Kirsten sees that Monica is using steroids and that Leslie knew about. Leslie was killed by a man on the beach with a throwing knife. He videotaped it and Camille is able to tell that his phone was configured for the dark net.

Maggie and Fisher talk and they’re far more overtly Mom and Dad-ish than usual. Maggie reveals that they’re keeping something from the team. Fisher wants to tell them because he has faith in them, but Maggie’s priority is to keep them safe. Last episode I wasn’t sure, but now I’m certain she’s flirting with him. And he likes it. Fisher even gets a phone call from his ex-wife and is looking at Maggie almost the entire time.

Kirsten and Cameron talk to Monica, who is holding tryouts for a new partner. Cameron then gets a call from Maggie that they have another body.

His name is Tim Carson and he’s a talent agent with no apparent link to Adams.

When Kirsten stitches into him, she finds out that he was the manager to the man in Adam’s stitch, but was shot by a soccer dad, who also videotaped it. The soccer dad’s name is Patrick Richmond. Maggie, Kirsten, and Cameron go to get him while Camille and Fisher go find the magician.

Camille and Fisher talk on the way into an old theatre and it turns out that Fisher likes magic. The magician doesn’t like them much though, and tries to kill them with his throwing knives. Fisher catches one and throws it back at him, catching him in the leg.

Linus and Kirsten talk to Patrick Richmond. He was in the middle of a custody hearing and running low on money. He signed up for a website called All In. It’s a criss cross murder business for people who can’t afford hitmen. If you don’t hold up your end of the deal, All In sends a “compliance officer” to kill you.

Maggie arrests Monica right before she hit Richmond’s ex-wife with her car.

Linus get an idea to sign someone up for the website in order to bring it down. Camille thinks it’s a good idea. Cameron and Fisher don’t. Linus is about to back out when the system accepts the information. The problem is, he signed up Camille as the hitman and himself as the victim.

Camille is signed up to kill a judge, who Maggie puts in protective custody. Camille and Linus stay in the lab under armed guard, waiting for contact. When it comes, the voice on the phone says that it isn’t necessarily her that they’ll kill for her noncompliance. Linus says that the NSA has pulled the plug on All In but, understandably, that doesn’t make Camille feel any better.

The scene shifts to Kirsten and Cameron ordering a pizza, the M.E., who wasn’t supposed to be in any more episodes, and finally Fisher. A woman approaches him and surrenders to him, saying her name is Kate Ronan and she is in charge of All In.

She knows Maggie. They worked together at the C.I.A. and Maggie left her behind after a mission.

While Maggie and Fisher talk, Ronan spits up a key and escapes. Maggie puts the lab on lockdown and her and Fisher take down Ronan together.

Kirsten comes to check up on her and Maggie tells her about Ronan. She doesn’t want Kirsten to view her in the same way and Kirsten dismisses the possibility. Maggie tells her that her mother is in a secure facility and that she’ll need a few days to arrange a visit. She’s asking Kirsten to trust her, but we know she isn’t telling her everything, so that won’t go well for long.

Camille sings at the M.E.’s club and the song filters through all the relationships.

Linus finished the oxytocin filter so Kirsten and Cameron have sex, Fisher officially breaks the news that he isn’t moving to his ex-wife and drinks with Maggie, and Camille wins back the M.E.

Stinger is at Ivy’s apartment, invited this time. She says that the NSA is going to terminate Jacqueline, Kirsten’s mom. She tells them that everyone hates her now and that’s why she’s run back to him. He wants to know how she got her info. It was in Maggie’s emails. I don’t know what to do with that information, but that’s where the episode ends.

I’m a little ticked because I thought we were done with the M.E., but otherwise it was a good episode and it was directed by Maggie, which gives it an extra half a point. 8/10