#Stitchers Season 3 Premiere "Out Of The Shadows" Recap and Review

When we last left our heroes, Kirsten was stuck inside her own mind, the team beat up Blair’s guards and placed him and them in the interrogation room, and Ivy is in another one. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s commence with the feels that this show always gives.

When the episode starts, it’s been three days and Blair and his goons are out of the interrogation room. Cameron is in almost the same position as when we last saw him. He’s come up an idea to reboot the lab. He thinks it might bounce her. We find this out through a conversation Maggie and Blair are having. She is the one that let them out of the interrogation room. He asks about her son and she tells him that he’s recovering in Germany and then makes a quip about being reassigned, or as Camille later calls it, “disappearing” them. Camille and Linus reboot the system but it doesn’t do anything other than bring Kirsten’s heart rate dangerously low.

Meanwhile, Linus is losing it. In the three days that they’ve been on lockdown, he hasn’t been able to speak to his father. He feels like something is wrong. Maggie sympathizes and their conversation gives Linus an idea. They don’t need to know where Stinger’s quantum computer is, they need to know the “trigger” Stinger used to trap Kirsten in her own memory. During this conversation, Blair reveals that Fisher has been thrown into the interrogation room. I know it’s bad to say this about someone who has probably just been tortured, but dang did he look when they brought him in. Am I right?

Anyway, Linus goes to question Ivy. Ivy softens when she hears about Linus’s dad and lets him borrow her smart watch, which the guards missed, to call him. She also suggests that they hijack Kirsten’s mother to get Kirsten to bounce.

Camille sees Linus on the phone and he’s heartbroken. His father is dead. He died two days before and the funeral was the day before. Poor baby Linus, but at least Camille is there to comfort him. He doesn’t tell Cameron, but there really isn’t time.

At first, Cameron talking to Kirsten through her mom doesn’t work. Then Camille gives Cameron an idea to upset Kirsten enough so she’ll bounce. I know Cameron gets blamed for the horrible things he says to get Kirsten to bounce, but it was Camille’s idea. Cameron just has the earpiece. It works. Kirsten comes out of the stitch crying and devastated. She runs to Cameron and he explains that her mother never said those things, he did. She slaps him and then collapses, most likely from exhaustion. After she collapses, Blair orders his goons to arrest the whole team.

The next thing we see is Kirsten waking up in her own bed in her own pj’s. Ivy meets her when she tries to get up and says she’s been asleep for eighteen hours. Ivy’s also not mad at her anymore. I imagine almost dying would make you rethink your anger. Kirsten asks after everyone, and Ivy says she has no idea where they are. Kirsten confronts “the sci-fi villain” and threatens to quit, again, if Blair doesn’t release the team. Blair finally reveals the truth about Kirsten’s mom.

The project she had been working on, Project Grasshopper, had the goal of accelerating the evolution of the human brain. It’s science fiction, so ok, even though what Blair describes has more to do with empathy than the brain. The accident where Kirsten stitched into her mother accelerated her mom’s brain. The NSA couldn’t recreate it, and that is why Project Grasshopper was labeled a failure. The point of the Stitchers program is to perfect it so that they can stitch into her evolved brain and map it so that they can understand how it works. Blair tells Kirsten that she’ll be able to be the one to rescue her mother when they get to that point. He tells her that she will never rescue her mother if she quits.

Kirsten being Kirsten picks a third option. She takes Ivy to the stitch lab to find the team, where they find Tim, who has cut his hair. Ivy explains to both of them that she lent Linus her smartwatch, and they can use it to track them. They’re being held at an NSA facility and Kirsten puts her face and fingerprints on the ID of the most powerful woman with NSA security clearance. It actually works. She even makes a Star Wars reference: Detention block AA23. She finds the team. They’re in a cozy little apartment looking space and Cameron is making crepes.

They tie the guard that escorted Kirsten and put Cameron in the uniform.

Kirsten gives Linus condolences for his father and Kirsten and Cameron talk. She understands why he did what he did, but she’s still peeved.

They almost make it, but the tied-up guard is found and they are all re-arrested outside the building and put back in the same room, now with Kirsten. Kirsten and Cameron are able to talk again and she forgives him. Maggie then comes in and says that they’re needed back at the lab.

Blair’s son has been run over by a car. Kirsten and Linus don’t want to do it. Kirsten thinks they should use it as leverage and Linus has no desire to do anything for Blair. Maggie reminds them that they are better than Blair and they do. This program would not run without her.

Kirsten’s dad killed Blair’s son to get a message to Kirsten. He says that Blair wants to kill Kirsten’s mom and that Kirsten needs to find him, so they can save her. At first, Kirsten refuses to say what she saw. After Blair holds Camille at gunpoint, she tells him that her dad killed his son. Blair threatens to kill her father. After he lets her go, Camille threatens him and the team is corralled into vans. Blair threatens Ivy to get Kirsten to stay.

Then comes the Deus ex Machina of the episode. Somehow the ID she hacked still works and gets her a meeting with Blair’s boss. Does no one know what this woman looks like?

Anyhow, she threatens to expose the Stitchers program unless her team is released, Maggie is promoted, and she never has to see Blair again. Amazingly enough, he caves. She also asks about her mother, but we don’t know if he told her that part.

Kirsten goes to Cameron’s apartment and finds out that Nina broke up with him! Cue the How I Met Your Mother Picture.


Break it down



Off Caps now. When they come up for air, Kirsten asks him what he meant when he said that she couldn’t help her if she in there. Cameron didn’t say it, so I’m pretty sure her mom did.

Overall, very good season premiere. 9/10.