#StrangerThings S2, Ep 5 & 6 "Chapter 5: Dig Dug"/"Chapter 6: The Spy" Recap/Review

Let's go.....


Chapter 5: Dig Dug

There was so much going on in this episode that I almost did what Will did at the end of the episode was happen to be a jaw-dropping moment.

Where to begin? Let's start with Dustin as he tries to figure out how to get Dart out of the house. He does it by leaving a trail of food to it that leads to the basement. It was working until it saw and since Dustin and so he went for Plan B attack it and knocked it in the basement. Oh, by the way, he was wearing a pretty cool outfit that remembered me of The Mighty Ducks.

Lucas tries to fix his relationship with Max, and after his father for advice, he tells her the truth about last year. She didn't believe him at first, but with a compelling look, she seems to believe him. The trouble is that she so called brother saw her with him again and isn't too pleased. This guy freaks me out.

Eleven finally goes to see her mother and tries to reconnect with her after seeing the lights in the house go off and on like what Will did in the Upside Down. Doing her bit once again, she saw what her mother went through to find her after she was born from difficult labor, Papa stealing her and making her mother think that she was dead, to see her getting a gun and finding her. And to even seeing how she got to be in the condition she is in now. And understands that the words she says all the time is what she remembers the most from a certain time.


As Joyce and Mike help with Will, Will sees that Hooper is in trouble after he is underground with the vines and such. Even he got sprayed and coughed up stuff that I think that he might go through what Will has been going through. With time running out, Joyce gets Bob to help and after trying to get the brainy dude thinking they drove and found Hopper's car.

There Joyce and Bob go under and searching for Hopper. They finally come to him as he is tied down with vines around his neck and body. They cut it all off and with some creepy but cool scene shots, he's free. That is until the DOE dudes come in and get them out. As soon as they start burning off the vines, Will starts to have a seizure like a moment and screams his head off like he's been burned.

This episode was so good. The performance from everyone was so good, and the writing was as well. I didn't overthink of the Nancy/Johnathan story as it just was a bit light out of the others in this episode. I think that maybe that Hopper is infected like Will is? He coughed up stuff after that mutant planet sprayed him with crap. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.


Chapter 6: The Spy

HOLY SHIPS!!!!! Revenge is best served deadly I guess. 

With the doctors and nurses searching for what is wrong with Will, saying that he is burned without any burn marks on him. That all first scene of the episode was so intense and even scary for me watching Schnapp's performance. As Owen's team of doctors perform a test of Will, it turns out that he has a virus and Will is the host, that helps connect to a human and not only see what the creatures are doing but also be known as what Mike calls Will "The Spy." 


Thinking that Will is helping Owen and the team. A team goes down and searches to burned down the rest of the place until Dart and gang come along, after trying to attack Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Steve at the junkyard, and attacks the team that's underground where Hopper was trapped. Not only do these creatures killed but are moving towards the DOE by the end of the episode. 

Meanwhile, Dustin and Steve try to get Dart to come to them after seeing that it had escaped Dustin's basement. Lucas and Max catch up and meets them at the junkyard to prepare for Dart to come, but as it turns out Dart wasn't alone and turned into one hell of a montage to Tremors. 

This episode was a real thrill. From the beginning to the end, I was tied to my seat. With what was going on between Will and Dustin and the gang, I did find the Nancy and Johnathan story in this episode to be the calm before the thrills. You know six episodes in and I know I haven't said much about Paul Reiser's performance so far, but I just have to say that he's impressive in this role. He can surely balance the comedy and drama as it does remind me of his performance in Aliens. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Season Two of Stranger Things available on Netflix now and Season One too along on Blu-ray and DVD.