#StrangerThings S2, Ep. 9 "Chapter 9: The Gate" Season Finale Recap/Review


Everything has been leading up to this moment!!

In the season two finale, we first get a very lovely and emotional reunion between Eleven and Mike and finally the cat was out of the bag when everyone learned that she has been living with him for a year. That didn't go well with Mike, and when Hopper took him to talk privately, Mike let his anger out at him as Hopper hugs him.

After a quick hugs and greets everyone, including Max, Joyce takes Eleven to see Will. Seeing also the message about the closed gate, to Eleven that means the gate in the upside down is about to be open and she can close it. Along with that plan, Joyce figures out instead of letting Will die with the gate closing; they heat up his body so the creature that's inside him can get out before the gate closes.

So, Joyce, Johnathan, and Nancy take Will to Hopper's cabin where he and Eleven have been staying. They cranked up the heat with fire, space heaters, etc. to make sure it's hotter than the sun. Will wakes up and screams that he's burning. As they watch him, it doesn't seem to work so Joyce cracks up the space heaters more and soon, the creature was about to come out but they needed more, and that's where Nancy grabs the hot poker and burns Will's side.


Hopper and Eleven headed back to the DOE building and close the gate before the creature monster gets out. But before they got there, the two finally made peace after talking of where she went and why he's been the way he was with her. As they go in the DOE, Eleven gets flashbacks of her stay there, then Hopper and Eleven go in and after getting word from Johnathan to close the gate after the creature had escape Will's body.

While all of this was going on, Mike doesn't want to be the player sitting on the bench, even though he hates sports analogy. Trying to convince Steve to take them to the pumpkin patch, he gives a big no. Well then comes big lousy stepbrother of Max, who has a good lie detector on him to see that Steve lied to him and soon the two fight. Steve was going so good till the dude starts swinging back like a madman. Kicking the crap out of Steve, Max grabs the syringe and injects her stepbrother with the same dose that Will got, and after a few minutes the dude finally went down but not before Max threaten him with Steve's bat.

Mike and the gang head out to the pumpkin patch as Max drives her brother's car probably one of the humorist highlights of the episode. They got there and headed in, Steve leads the way, and as they get to the spot, they start spraying and dumping gasoline all over and soon starts the fire. This happens the same time as Will was burning up. Mike and the gang head out but not before Dustin sees his Dart in the way and gives him a couple of Musketeers and head out.


As Eleven trying to close the gate, she has a hard time doing it but remembers what Eight had said and taught her to remember the events that make you upset and use that anger, which she did. And just as the creature was coming out in the same form as it was in Will, she used all of her powers to push it away and closed the gate. As the gates closed, it all killed the creature dogs, including Dart.

As soon as it was over, we jump a month later to see that the DOE has been shut down and things were looking so good for the town of Hawkins. Hopper has lunch with Owens, who'd survived, and he gives Hopper a present that he is the proud father of Jane Hopper (Eleven). He asked Owen how long before she can go out, Owens gives it a year. But how about one night?

We jump to the Snow Ball dance, Dustin fixes his hair the way Steve does and after losing to Lucas to dance with Max, he jumps to two other girls before Nancy dances with him. Will gets to dance with someone too. Hopper and Joyce share a smoke like they did in the good old days. But the one moment we've all been waiting for with the song "Everything Breathe You Take," comes Eleven/Jane in her dress and Mike walks up to her and soon dances (as they try to learn) and soon kisses (short one).


With everything that seems to be going to well and trying up with a nice big bow, as we see the school's gym, we see the upside down version of the school and sees the shadow monster that Will has been seeing. Could it be that it's finally going to be staying in the upside down for good or will we see this thing back in Season 3?

"The Gate" was one hell of a good season finale, and I thought that it wrapped up some of the story-lines probably since the beginning of the series. Like Nancy and Dustin, who Dustin had a crush on her and a season later she's dancing with him. Mike and Eleven finally are at the Snow Ball dance. Even Joyce and Hopper spending some time with one another, who I think would make a really good couple. I really can't pick who outperformed who because everyone in this episode did an outstanding and equal part. The one thing I still don't get is Max'sstep brother has to what part was he there, just to give us some intense scenes with Max and Steve? The writing of the episode was so so good as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.


Season 2:
I thought Season 2 was a step up from Season 1 with the writing and character growth. The performances from Winona Ryder, Finn Wolfhard, David Harbour, Noah Schnapp was just outstanding, mostly coming to Ryder, who should be considered for awards for her role as Joyce. Not to mention Millie Bobby Brown, with only a shorter screen time than last season, had another amazing season too.  Sean Astin's performance grew on me from time. I didn't care much for Bob at first, and the way he was telling Will about facing your fears head on didn't settle with me, but later helping with Joyce and Mike and being the superhero he said he is, I liked the character.  And I couldn't leave out Paul Reiser, who played Owen well to his ability as a dark and mysterious in the beginning but was kind of care at the end of the season.

The anticipation for this season was not disappointing at all.Yeah, some stories felt lite like the Nancy and Johnathan relationship to even the Max and her stepbrother, for which I'm still scratching my head about. But most of the other stories from Will and Eleven made me forget some of those stories. The writing was amazing. Overall, I give this season a 9/10.

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