#StrangerThings3 S3, Ep. 3 "Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard" Recap and Review #SPOILERS


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The third episode of Season Three of Stranger Things really has put some miles on not only the storytelling; but how scary it has gotten since the first episode of this season. 

As El and Max have a sleepover at Hopper's place; they play a different version of spin the bottle which El uses her powers to see what certain people are doing. After getting Billy, El notices something unusual when she saw Billy and Heather, the lifeguard. Soon they try to find Billy at his house; which he wasn't but found empty bags of ice in the tub and Heather's lifeguard bag. More to come later. 

After a disappointing dinner, Hopper gets a visit from Joyce, who thinks something is going on once again and tell him about the magnets falling off. It soon turned into an adventure at the old lab again but also had a moment where they confront certain things like Joyce redoing her house to move out of Hawkins. Also, Hopper tells Joyce about why she should stay and the difference between what she has here compared to him.  But soon they hear something and as Hopper searches; he gets his ass beat up by the mysterious biker, the one that was seen at the mayor's office. 

As Dustin and Steve look for Russians at the mall; Robin cracks the code that the Russians are in the mall. Soon they spy on a truck that's dropping off packages that look funny as there are bodyguards with guns. 

Through this season, Will has been the only one that doesn't want to let go of what his group has had, but the times they are a changing. After trying to get Mike and Lucas to play D&D, it didn't go the way he had hoped and ran off. It turned into one of the saddest moments so far when Will looking back at the times with his friends later destroys everything in his clubhouse. 

After putting together a good investigating story; Nancy gets shut down by the editor but also gets made fun of as well. Her and Johnathan get proof of the rat but when they visit that elderly woman's house they had found something that they never expected....the woman eating fertilizer. 

After finding Heather's bag, El and Max head to the swimming pool to find her but apparently, she didn't come to work. So El uses a photo of Heather to see where she is located; which lead them to her house. There they see Billy eating with Heather's parents, one of the editors of the paper. After seeing that Heather is okay; El and Max leave. But evil Billy remembers who El was and soon gets Heather's parents killed by Heather. While Will gets another feeling and this time he tells Mike and Lucas that he's back. 

So far, three episodes in and the season have really gotten better. The Hopper and Joyce story was so good; along with Will, who really stole the moment of the episode with a nice performance. So many twist and turns and even moments that really had me jumping off my seat. Looks like the upsidedown monster is back and boy this time it's not playing around this time. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 

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