#StrangerThings3 S3, Ep. 6-7 "Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum"/"Chapter Seven: The Bite" Recap and Revie #SPOILERS #StrangerThings

"Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum" 


Oh man, shit just got real in this episode. Here's a recap!

Just as Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica learn what the Russians are doing, opening up the door to the upside down. Soon, they would get busted, Steve made sure that Dustin and Erica escape without harm. The Russians interrogated Steve and Robin; even injected with the truth serum. But by the time the boss knew who they worked for; Dustin and Erica made a distraction so they can get Robin and Steve out of there too. Tissues, please.

After making a deal with the scientist, Hopper has had enough of it and gives him a choice of either leave or stay. You would have thought that this would be Hopper's biggest mistake, but turns out that he was right. They learn of the secrets about this machine called the key that is opening up the upsidedown world. Of course, that really freaks both Hopper and Joyce and the two made a call to the government for help.

After saving Nancy from the mind flayer, El tries to use her power to locate Billy. But from where he's located, that could be where he and the mind flayer wanted. El uses her power to find out what had happened to Billy; instead of going through the actual events, she starts seeing parts of his past that really made him who he is of today.

Just as El learns where the source of the mind flayer is at; Billy sends El to another part of what will happen when the mind flayer takes over. Eventually, El got out of there and just as the residents of Hawkins were at the town fair, they all got to the factory where the mind flayer is and disintegrate to make the mind flayer grow. Holy Fuck!

This episode was another on the edge of your seat kind of thrill. Not only did we see are character learn about the mind flayer's plan but Billy's backstory of how he got to be who he is today. And after that, I still don't have a good connection with the character and believe that he'll probably die. I thought Erica stood out way better in this episode than the previous episodes this season and the relationship between Dustin and Steve just got heartwarming even more. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

"Chapter Seven: The Bite"


As El and the gang figure out that the Mind Flayer is coming from them; they prepare just in time before it started attacking at Hopper's house. But as El fights the flayers tounges; she gets bitten and dragged towards the flayer. Mike and the rest hang on to El as Nancy and Lucas try to stop it and just as El is released she snaps the Flayer's head in half and they escape.

El is badly hurt but as the gang tries to find stuff to help her, Lucas and Will find something that could help with a bit more firepower in fireworks. Just as Mike talks to El and trying to tell her that he loves her, Dustin finally reaches them through their walkie talkies.

While communicating with Mike; Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica are hiding from the Russians at the mall's movie theater of Back to the Future. Just as Dustin comes back asking Erica for batteries, Robin and Steve, who are high, leave and soon not only get sick but share some deep feelings, Steve having feelings for Robin and Robin having feelings for another woman. Both are on good terms anyway.

Hopper and Joyce got a dose of reality from Muarry by sleeping with each other and get it over. They stop at the fair to finds the kids but are being hunted by the biker and the Russians. Alexi gets killed by the bikers and Hopper divert them to the funhouse; where Hopper not only redeems from fighting one of the guys but escapes with Joyce and Muarry.

As Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica are hiding from the Russians, just when you thought that they were goners; El saves the day by through a car at them. But as everyone catches up with what they know and all; El is hurt very badly and Mike and gang see the severe wound and a wormlike creature in her leg. El screams with pain!

This episode really tugs at my heart with emotions and throwback with Back to the Future. Millie Bobby Brown was amazing and scenes with Finn Wolfhard were amazing and so heartwarming. Alexi's death was something that was expected; with him helping with Hopper and Joyce. Strong character development with such strong writing as well. The episodes just get better and better and the season finale sure feels like something big is gonna happen. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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