#StrangerThings3 S3, Ep. 8 "Chapter Eight The Battle Of Starcourt" Season Finale Recap and Review #SPOLIERS #StrangerThings

The season finale of Stranger Things 3 didn't disappoint at all but left some questions and grabbing the tissues. Here's a recap!


As El is in severe pain with a piece of the mind flayer in her injured leg. Johnathan uses a knife to cut it out; but El couldn't take any more of that pain and used her powers to pull it out and threw it where the appearance of Joyce, Murray, and Hopper stomps on the sucker. 

The gang comes up with a plan, the kids run to Murray's place while the grown-ups stop the machine. But they're gonna need someone who knows where to go, which leads to Dustin using his Cerebro to stay connected when Hopper, Joyce, and Murray are down underground.  But just as things going to plan, Billy and the Mind Flayer comes to the mall. 

Hiding from the Mind Flayer, the team split up as El, Mike and Max go one way and the others go to another. Just when Johnathan and Nancy fixed the car; Billy is charging with his to ram but Steve stops him just in time and the rest drives away with the Mind Flayer chasing after them. 

When El, Mike, and Max get outside, they spot Billy and make a run for it. But they couldn't stop Billy and not only took out both Max and Mike but a powerless El and took her in the middle of the mall for the Mind Flayer. 

Just when the Mind Flayer gets back and is about to take El; Nancy, Lucas and the rest us the high power fireworks to hurt the creature. Billy holds on the El but El figures out the key to stop him and bring the real Billy back, memories of his mother. Soon after Billy sacrifice himself to save El and dies. 

As Hopper and Joyce await for Murray to shut down the power; Joyce sets up a date night with Hopper. When Murray shuts down the power, Joyce and Hopper tried to get the keys from the safe but the codes weren't accurate. But that's where Dustin's girlfriend comes into play but before getting the code that they need, Dustin and Suzie must sing their song. They got the code and got the keys and just when they are about to shut down the machine; the biker comes in and they two go at it. 

They fight near the machine; he stops the biker and tosses him into the machine. There Hopper is stuck and Joyce turns both keys and stops the machine that explodes taking not only people that came in, the mind flayer and also Hopper too. 

Just as everything is over, Dr. Owens returns with reinforcements, but it was too damn late. As Joyce reunites with Will, El was looking for Hopper and sees Joyce and knew that he didn't make it. Three months later, Joyce, Johnathan, Will, and El move away but making some emotional and funny moments. El tells Mike that she knows what he said to Max and tells him that she love him too. Dustin gets made fun and Mike and Will not only forgive one another but will not play D&D with anyone else. 

But the hardest scene comes when Joyce found Hopper's speech and El sees her reading. El reads the speech that not only talks about how to grow up and all; but how she has helped him see the light through the darkened tunnel. As soon as she's done reading the message, everyone gives their tearful and laughable goodbyes. 

Steve and Robin get a job at Family Videos, but Steve needed a bit of help from Robin to get the position. Back to the Future is not about a son going back in time to sleep with his mother. 

The episode ends with a mid-credit scene in a Russian prison and two guards who takes someone else to battle with the Demogorgon. But also they have an American too! HOLY SHIT!!!! Could Hopper be alive? Who's the American prison in Russia? 


The season finale was every bit amazing with its intense and emotional writing and performances. The moments that shine with Billy sacrificing himself to Joyce and Hopper and even El, Mike and Joyce. That speech that El reads was literally the tear-jerking moment of the season. I had to grab a coke cola. Not only does Millie Bobby Brown gave a great performance but also Wynona Ryder and David Harbour as well. I do believe that this was the best season finale scene Season One and probably the best season so far. 

Which leads me to my next question: will there be a season four? Netflix has a horrible track record for canceling shows after three seasons. I do believe that Netflix will give Stranger Things a season four and this could be the final season; with what the Duffer Brothers have mentioned about a four-season plan. To all the fans out there, we must keep the renewal hopes alive. 

Overall, I give this episode a 10/10. and the Season a 9.5/10.

You can catch Stranger Things 1, 2 and 3 on Netflix now.