#Suits Review/Recap Season 7, Episode 3 "Mudmare"

(air date: July 26, 2017)

Rating: 8

Suitors there's a new guy in town at Pearson Specter Litt! Dule Hill's character Alex Williams is the newest Senior Partner.  Louis is none too happy about it but he tries to be a good sport and shows up at Alex's office with a honeysuckle plant welcoming Alex to the firm.  They chat and it turns out that Alex is a cat guy!  Louis invites Alex to lunch and he accepts. But you know it couldn't end happily for Louis.  That's right!  Harvey shows up at Alex's office and tells him he needs his help with a case.  (A case that Harvey wanted Mike to work on but Mike can't because of a pro bono case.  More on that in a moment.). So Alex calls Louis and breaks their lunch date.  This does not sit well with Louis at all!

After Harvey and Alex meet with the client they go for a drink and talk about Louis.  Alex asks if he should be worried about Louis and Harvey smirks and laughingly says no.  (***I'm kind of liking the Harvey/Alex banter. It's fun to watch Harvey interact with someone other than Mike.)
Mike meets with a grief-stricken father whose son (Chris Reyes) dies in prison.  This tugs at Mike's heartstrings!  Mike begins to investigate and he finds out the prison is severely under staffed and they don't really care about anything going on in the prison. Now Mike really wants to get justice for this young man, who was about a month from getting out of prison!

Alex goes to Harvey and tells him Mike needs to drop the pro bono case because the suit is against his biggest client.  Harvey tells Alex to drop the client. Alex pushes back and Harvey relents.  He goes to Mike and tells Mike to drop the case. Mike refuses and Harvey yells at Mike as he walks out to do what he says or their deal is off.
Mike finds Louis in the copier room and tells Louis what happened.  Louis goes to Harvey and tells Harvey that Alex needs to drop the client.  Harvey yells that he won't do it.  Donna steps into Harvey's office and tells both of them to quiet down.
A pissed off Harvey yells at Louis he's just scared that he and Alex are friends and angry that Alex broke a lunch date with him.  This is embarrassing for Louis because Donna is right there.  Harvey then yells that Donna agrees with him at which Donna steps up and voices loudly that no, in fact she agrees with Louis.  Harvey gets even more pissed and says, "Well this isn't up for a vote" shutting them both down.

Later Donna realizes that she over stepped her bounds with Rachel earlier that day.   Rachel, who is now in charge of the associates (and has passed the bar), has trouble with Stephanie, a 4th year associate. She tasks Stephanie with a project. Stephanie thinks the project is beneath her and passes it to another associate.  Rachel calls her on it and (***inmy opinion) she acts insubordinate towards Rachel about it. Donna over sees and steps in, undermining Rachel.  (***I love Donna and lover being assertive but this is one time she should not have interfered).  She and Rachel have it out later.  Donna does apologize when she realizes her mistake.  However, Rachel realizes that she wants to be an attorney and not in charge of the associates.  So Donna, as COO, takes over managing the associates and her first order of business is...you guessed it...she fires Stephanie!

Harvey forces Mike to give up the pro bono case. Mike talks to Oliver and passes it to him and the legal clinic.  When Harvey finds out he's pissed! He then makes Mike sign a document that says he'll basically stay out of the lawsuit and is not affiliated with the legal clinic.  Now folks if you believe that I have a story about a blonde and three bears you'll love! 😁

Meanwhile, Harvey and Paula have a late night dinner date at his apartment.  She tells Harvey about her stress about their relationship. He manages to change her mind but he ends up alone in his apartment when she insists on going home.

Now I'm not a Louis fan by any means (I never have been).  Frankly I can't stand the character, but I will admit I'm concerned that he's on the verge of having a breakdown or something!  He calls Dr. Lipschitz and he's very upset. As he rants about Harvey he gets more angry. He says that he knows Dr. Lipschitz thinks he's a terrible person. The doctor tries to tell Louis he doesn't think he's a bad person but Louis calls the doctor "Harvey" and that's when we realize Louis thinks he's yelling at Harvey.  It was definitely a weird, emotional way to end the episode!  I do hope they address this and not blow off the issue (as Harvey usually does with Louis and their "friendship").


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