#Suits S6 Ep 15 "Quid Pro Quo" Recap and Review

Suits 615 “Quid Pro Quo.”

Airdate: February 22, 2017

Rating:  7-8 (Enjoyable)

The Donna is ready! Donna and Benjamin start a partnership and begin looking for investors for their dream device.  Donna goes to talk to Stu (who calls his mom "mommy") to see if he wants to invest in The Donna.  He does, but his stakes are high; he wants 90% ownership.  Donna turns him down, and she and Benjamin meet with another investing group.  After their meeting, Benjamin and Donna think their meeting went really well.  Donna goes back to eavesdrop.  My heart broke for Donna when she hears that they only took the meeting as a favor to Harvey and that they wouldn’t go into business with a “career legal secretary.”  She tells Benjamin that she’s out but gives her blessing for him to live the dream.  Benjamin won’t have any of that!  He tells her they are partners and they are going to make their dreams come true.  Encouraged by Benjamin, Donna goes to see Stu again and accepts his terms.  He asks why and she tells him because he talks to her as an equal.

 Harvey seems to want to do whatever he can to get Mike to be a lawyer.  He goes to Louis to get him to help get information on who Seidel had an affair with.  Louis calls his guy Jerry and he and Harvey go to meet him.  Jerry tells them that the woman doesn’t work at Velocity, but he knows who it is.

Harvey finds the woman Seidel had an affair with and gets Rachel to help.  Rachel and Harvey ambush the woman and threaten to out her and send her to prison unless she does what they want.

 Louis decides to tell Tara the truth.  He not only tells her about knowing about Mike not being a lawyer but he also tells her how he used that knowledge to get a promotion and his name on the wall.  Tara becomes upset at this news and tells Louis she’s staying at her place that night.  This makes Louis lose his shit!  He yells at Tara about her sleeping with him but being with another man.  I’ve never been a Louis fan, but I felt really sorry for him as he watched Tara leave.  I do hope she’ll be back, for Louis’ sake!

 Of course, Mike gets upset that Harvey and Rachel went behind his back and that Harvey gets Rachel to do something illegal.  He yells at Harvey and Rachel but then backs down.  Mike goes from wanting to be a lawyer to not being a lawyer to wanting to be a lawyer in a matter of minutes. I love Suits, but Mike acts like a spoiled brat sometimes!   

 Ultimately he does what Harvey wants, and the dynamic duo gets $200 million for their clients in the class action, and Mike gets Seidel to set up his Bar ethics interview.  Mike seems to think he'll be able to handle anything they throw at him.  Time will tell!

 I can’t believe that next week will be the season 6 finale!  So many questions:  Will Tara come back to Louis?  Will Mike become a lawyer?  What will Nathan do if Mike does become a lawyer?  How will Oliver react?  Will The Donna be a hit?  And one question that hasn’t been addressed since the episode 611 – will there be a Darvey?

What are your thoughts of 615?

Suits 6x16 "Character and Fitness" Season 6 Episode 16 Promo (Season Finale) - Mike needs Harvey and Rachel's help to overcome an impossible obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is over; Donna's new venture hits a snag; and Louis tries to patch things up with Tara.