#Suits S6 Ep 8 - 9 "Borrowed Time and The Hand That Feeds You" Recap

Harvey tries to revive Mike's deal from Cahill and convinces Mike to work on finding another witness, in this case, meaning that Mike had to turn to Kevin for the help. 

Mike tells Kevin the true about being an informant and that by him selling out his father-in-law will not only free him but his wife as well.

Kevin refused to listen and accept Mike's plan and even worst, he didn't want to have anything to do with Mike.

Donna used her own experience with her father to put doubts on Jill about her father and try to chang her mind so she would be willing to go ahead with the plan, surprised that it worked then again Donna is a magician. 

 Sutter is the worst father ever, he showed no love for his daughter and was willing to let her experience prison life instead of owning up to his crimes and smart move from Harvey to record the entire conversation which turns out to be the piece needed to crack Jill and Kevin who decided to take the deal by letting Sutter pay for his crimes.

As his death is fast approaching, Jessica and Rachel try to get it postpone so that they can get enough time to prove his innocence and in this case, they used his aunt but in the process, it showed how alone Leonard is, no one even believes that he could be innocent. With his angered words, he made Jessica question her humanity.

Still fighting to save him from death row, Jessica and Rachel put everything into saving him because it seems that they are more convinced that he is an innocent man and doesn't  want him to be killed but at least to get his day in court.

In the romance department, Louis is keeping on digging his own grave as it stands, he deserves better and sharing Tara with her partner is a bad idea and he needs to put an end to it before more damage can be done. Jessica rekindles her relationship with Jeff, I love them together but don't want her to leave PSL unrecovered.

Mike is free now what is next for him? Will the entire PSL family work on getting Leonard the freedom he deserves? What will become of PSL in the summer finale?

Do you trust Tara, or is she playing Louis?

Tell me what you think and remember to watch Suit S6 Epi 10 on Wednesday 14 on USA Network.