#Suits S6, Ep2 "Accounts Payable" Recap & Review

This season so far is turning to as pages of a wonderful but yet intriguing book, as we reached the second page it opens with Mike staring at the clock, how funny is that metaphorically Mike has nothing but time to look forward. 

Mike scared and not knowing what next refused to trust anyone, his counselor and certainly not even Harvey (I feel that he is angry at him and blame him for being that situation in the first place). I sympathized with him in here, after all, he trusted Frank and look what happened! Mike tries to inform the guard of what happened to him, but the guard wasn't having any of it and asked him to go away or experience the consequences.

Frank confronts Mike using Rachel's name as bait to pissed him and he fall for it, a fight between them starts, and Mike gets punished which meant no visitors for the next two weeks. Donna by her magical way, surprised Rachel by getting her a visitation right to see Mike even though technically she isn't family, Rachel appreciated it and went. Who are we kidding? This is a drama series nothing goes according to plan, on her arrival Rachel so pleased to see her fianc√© get a rude awaking that no matter what she says or does she wouldn't be able to see Mike because his visitation right was revoked. Full of disappointment she takes herself back to the PSL office to see Harvey.

For the lawsuits that was lifted against PSL, it took another twisted. Elliott gave them an ultimatum either he gets paid more money that PSL can't afford or for Harvey to hand him the Ducky Painting which he values dearly. Harvey showed something that I didn't expect from him, that care so much about PSL than I thought, for him to give that painting up to save the family (PSL) was sweet and very touchy.

Another good deed was from Jessica, he saved Jack from embarrassment by paying for his partnership at Zane's - while they (Robert & Jack) were wondering why on earth she did that, she left them with "As you get older, you realised that it's better to make friends than enemies".

As you can see and read from my writing, that's how this episode felt to me, this page of the book wasn't really interesting, it felt flat to me and didn't connect with me. It missed the tone, tempo and style that we come to know of Suits; but as a reading fan a uninteresting  page of the book won't make me quit reading it instead you will want to know what is on the next page. I look forward to tonight episode for the real Suits to show itself.