#Suits S6 Episode 3 - 6 Recap - "Rebuilding PSL and What next for Mike"

Before I start I would like to apologise for not updating, my health got the better of me but I came out stronger in the end. Just caught up with all the episodes that I've missed and will do a recap from episode 3 to episode 6 instead of review so that I can be ready for Episode 7 Review.

Episode 3 "Back On The Map"

I was so happy that Episode 3 wasn't flat, the writers made me give up on Mike getting out earlier and just when I accepted Mike spending 2 years inside, they hit us with another twist.

After Frank's motive was revealed, it became Harvey's priority to get frank moved to another faculty no matter what, so he goes to Sean and used the friend card asking for his help in to protect Mike from Frank. 

Nothing is free and this episode focus more on building PSL and on how to get Mike out:

  • Sean dropped the bombshell that he couldn't get Frank moved but instead he can get Mike out early.
  • Meaning that Mike has to turn on his only Ally in prison to do so, like giving Kevin the middle fingers when he thinks of him as his saviour on the inside.
  • We can question Mike's motive in the past but here he has a dilemma because it feels as if he has to choose between Kevin and Rachel, he knows that Rachel would always come first but at what cost? She might understand his decision, but wouldn't she resent him for his choice?  

  • Mike not willing to throw Kevin under the bus and which might makes Harvey wanting to use Rachel as his chess piece in convincing him. (will Mike tell Rachel everything, I'm still wandering but the upcoming episode will surely let us know)
  • Rachel suffering the aftermath of what Mike did was cold but good for the experience, Naomi wanting to score points with their classmates, belittle Rachel without realising that that was the push Rachel needed to increase her dedication and determination to become a lawyer.

  • Louis "I can't do anything without Donna" Litt as always, brought the humour and comic part of this when searching for new tenants, and it was our introduction to Stu (a Trader) who I believe his Moto is to get on Louis's nerves and hope to see more of him.


Episode 4 "Turn"

  • Harvey makes it his mission to get Mike on board with talking about Kevin in order to get out of prison and surprising Mike accept the deal ( so many things must have been going in his head that finally made see sense that he should looked out for himself).

  • However I'm not happy the way Harvey went about it, his guilty conscious shouldn't have made Mike feeling powerless and not looking at other option like realising hat Frank was almost eligible for parole which would have been a better idea than throwing Kevin under the bus in my opinion. 

  • Frank still scheming as a reminder to Mike every now then regarding their deal, he wants to get out of there and believe that Mike is his ticket to freedom.

  • Mike fell sick due to food poisoning, surprised that it wasn't either Frank or Kevin the culprit but none other Harvey (how did he do it and if did cause more damage?)

  • The delight came in form of the office drama between Stu, Jessica and Louis. We have Stu who think being rich means everything you want, you will get it but Jessica made sure that he understood who had the power while there is kind of an amusing Tom & Jerry drama courtesy of Stu and Louis. Also Stu made his feeling known to Jessica that he wants her (I will say to not close your eyes on these two because if anything their chemistry was lit).

  • A bonus was seeing Louis acting like a school boy when he met Tara, it seems as if it was love at first sight for him and knowing Louis it's time to say watch out Tara! 

Episode 5 "Trust" and Episode 6 "Spain" 

  • Getting closer to find out what is Kevin's big crime, why is he in there.
  • Mike surprised me when he came clean to the warden about Harvey's plan (but why is he becoming more open in prison, this man hasn't learned his lesson from the result of opening up to Frank). The warden put out to him that he was about to double cross the same person who life he has been trying to save (will Mike turn rogue?)

  • Kevin found out that Mike wasn't in the medical wing, which seems a bit suspicious but Mike did well to erase his worries before it became an issue (something tells me that Kevin is smarter than that).

  • Frank's application for parole hit a snag, as we all know that Mike was just using it to buy himself some time and his safety.  The best part was seeing Harvey verbally making Frank squirm. I thought that Frank was invincible but Harvey tore him down until there was nothing left of him.

  • Rachel got a shock in finding out from her Professor who called to inform her that the Leonard's case was no go, she was disappointed and decided to tell Leonard face to face instead of a simple phone call, that shows that she valued and does respect him as well and it's also says much about the strength she has. 

  • Rachel is so far the most developed character this season and I love that she is turning to a Zane, having some time away from Mike is proving to be a great arc for her character. Rachel expects answers when she asks questions, she is pretty forward and Leonard get to find out about it the hard way when he concealed information from her but lucky for him he has a determinate Rachel still trying to fight his corner.  For now, it seems like Bailey's fate is pretty much sealed, his execution date is set and his chance of proving his innocence might be solemnly on Rachel getting his set date push forward to allow him to get another day in court. 

  • Rachel is a fighter especially if she believes in something, she became determined to save Leonard. She makes Jessica sees that in helping her save Leonard, will have much more positives than negatives, and it should go some way toward bringing the firm back from the brink of destruction or in another word it's the perfect thing PSL (Pearson Specter Litt) needs to cleanse its image publicly. 

  • Louis goes all out to get a summer home in the Hamptons (queue Donna to help), because he felt in love with Tara and needed to find a way to have her closer instead of just asking her out on a date like does everyone. The unlucky guy in in love also known as Louis might find love after all, Louis tricked Tara in making her believes that it was his home until the real home owners return just when thing were getting interesting between Louis and Tara. Tara humiliated and on her way out, Louis explained himself the real reason behind is comedy and surprising that she thinks it's romantic of him. Are we about to see Louis fortune turns and for him to be in a serious relationship, will it change him only time will tell us.  

  • In the prison, the drama got considerably more interesting. Mike finally coming to his senses and realizing there were gaps in Kevin's story and he needed to find out the real truth behind the man in order to advance the plot for the better. As a new character Kevin is still a mystery to us and can't really side him either as a good or bad person, but we get some insight into why he is really inside and why has he seemed to have given up.

  • Kevin is in there because of his wife because due to being petrified If he ever decides to reveal the truth, his wife would have been sent down. Will Mike keep quiet and let an innocent person go down for something they never actually did? Can Mike force him to change his mind? I think one of these day he will reach his breaking point that will make him say enough is enough.

Suits Season 6 Episode 7  "Shake The Trees airs tonight August 24th at 9/8c on USA Network