#Suits S6 Episode 613 Recap "Teeth, Nose, Teeth"

This was actually a fun episode! The fun banter was back between Donna and Harvey and Mike and Harvey. Warning spoilers are ahead!

Mike arrives on Harvey's doorstep to apologize for being angry and nasty with him for going behind Mike's back and putting Mike in Gibbs' radar.  They have a drink as Mike tells Harvey about his new job at the legal clinic.  Harvey also agrees to be Mike's best man and even offers his gorgeous apartment as the setting for Mike and Rachel's wedding!  At the same time, Rachel and Donna are having wine where Donna agrees to be Rachel's maid-of-honor.  It seems we'll be having a wedding!  Any bets on if Harvey and Donna will hook up? 

The next day Rachel runs into Louis's office with a letter from the bar indicating she would not have an interview.  Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is this is because of Mike. Louis, who seems to be growing up (Jessica would be proud!) goes to Harvey and actually admits that Harvey is better at fixing this kind of problem. Harvey, of course, teases Louis agreeing that he is better. Harvey pays a visit to the bar's ethics board, who apparently isn't so ethical after all.  We'll, at least one member anyway!

Harvey gets Rachel a date for her interview, but the one unethical member wants Harvey to sue his company's competitor to make their stock prices drop. Of course, this is illegal, but Harvey decides to consider helping because he might need a favor.  Harvey goes to Louis and tells Louis that since he's better with financial deals, he wants Louis to look into fabricating a lawsuit.

Tech guru Benjamin was back with a creation he made called "The Donna." Think Suri but better and with Donna's voice.   She tells him it's a no-go, but may change her mind when Benjamin agrees to work on it giving the device more of Donna's intuition and empathy.  Between you and me I'd love to have my own "The Donna"!

Meanwhile, Mike is worried about Oliver not being able to handle their client, Sofia's lawsuit.   He convinces Nathan to allow him to submit a motion to have third-year law student Marissa be the first chair.  Unfortunately, that backfires because Marissa put in for leave to take care of her sick father. Mike asks Nathan to the chair, but Nathan says no.  When Mike returns to his office, he sees Harvey waiting.  Harvey tells him he needs a legitimate reason to sue the bar member's competitor and Mike will join the bar.  As appealing as it is, Mike declines and refuses to help Harvey.

Harvey and Louis meet at a restaurant to discuss what they found out about the company.  They have a "heart-to-heart" when Louis asks Harvey for advice on how to deal with girlfriend Tara's baby daddy.  We all know Louis will screw up his relationship with Tara, but he seems to be willing to change so that he doesn't screw up! Dare I say I'm proud of Louis?!  

Louis and Tara have a bit of a fight when Tara's baby daddy doesn't show for the sonogram.  The two realize they really don't know anything about each other.  Louis actually realizes he overreacted and made it up to Tara, who does forgive him.

After Harvey calms Louis, he visits the bar member who tells him he had an affair and his designs were stolen, and his competitor is blackmailing him.  Harvey isn't moved by the guy's admission but says he'll try to find a legitimate lawsuit in exchange for a favor that doesn't have anything to do with Rachel. 

When Harvey returns to PSL Mike arrives telling Harvey that he'll help. Something tells me that this may not be a good idea...but time will tell. I would rate this episode an 8.

Don't forget to tune in for episode 14 "Admission of Guilt" on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, at 10/9C on USA Network.