#Suits S6 Episode 7 "Shake The Trees" Recap & Review

Suit is getting back to its best and this episode reminded me so much of the first season, I was so pleased to have fallen in love with its again.

So will Harvey let Mike know that the deal has fallen through, what will come of Mike now that Kevin is pissed and Frank is threatening to tell Kevin why Mike is really after.  What we know so far is that no one has informed Mike about what is really going on the the so called deal, for once I really feel sorry for Harvey and don't know if the right thing is to let Mike know. This is Harvey we are talking about, I'm sure that he will want to find another way to get Mike out without tell him and will do it only if he has to or if that's the only way to him out. In this situation I'll be please to have Harvey my lawyer. 

Poor Mike, problems are mounting from right to left and if he doesn't get out of there soon we might as well as say goodbye to the Mike we got to know and love. Frank is ready to spill the beans to Kevin unless Harvey get him out for Mike's sake (I hope he does if Mike doesn't have a chance of getting out). Harvey will have to decide to either focus on getting Frank out or making sure that Mike's deal is back on the table from Cahill.   

At least Harvey has Louis to help him now. Thank goodness he finally brought Louis into the mix. I was getting so tired of Louis having nothing to do but pine over this woman and whine to Donna. It was great getting to actually see him be a lawyer again. Harvey nearly got Mike out but the guy came forward on his own which added complications to the "So Called Deal" for Mike especially that Cahill can't share the information on how the guy came to conclusion of coming forward. But the great thing about this situation was the work Louis put in to help in getting Mike out, something tells me that he will play a big role in the upcoming episodes that's why I won't miss it and want to see every single episode left. 

OMG! You got to love the Louis & Donna's dynamic, the two of them have that relationship that not real human beings will do but for some reason it works. Louis gets all hype about his first date, Donna comes at his rescue not just by getting him the perfect spot but also getting him the respect he deserves from Stu. Just when you thought at last happy ever after for Louis, the universe won't give him have a break by letting Tara reveals that she was in an opening relationship and wants to date him as well as her partner. Not surprised by Mr. Litt's reply, he accepted the challenge and let see how it goes.

The sad part of the episode was the Leonard Bailey's storyline, Jessica shared her guy to help Rachel tracks down which led to her asking her dad for a favour but all those research came to nothing because the witness has passed away and can't testify and on top of it Rachel gets harassment from one of the victim's father which shocked her to the core. I shared a tear and hoping that a better outcome for Mr Bailey because at the start I wasn't sure of his innocence but do now.

Was Mike right to get to Kevin's wife? What will tonight episode bring? Is there any hope for Mike or Leonard? Will Cahill help Harvey in getting Mike out as first promised or will Frank spill the beans?

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