#Suits Season 5 Recap "How Did Mike Get Here" Catch Up If You Forgot!!!

Mike! Mike! Mike! They say that the truth will always come to light and in the case of Mike it was more of 'Catch Me If You Can.' 

I was left so surprised by the writers, I thought for sure that Harvey would have found a solution to get Mike out of going to prison but the writers had another thing planned. Mike 'I will never sell on Harvey no matter what' Ross makes a deal with Gibbs to go to prison in return anyone at PSL won't be prosecuted. Harvey tried to plead in court to have Mike's deal disallowed but was overruled by the judge, Gibbs and Mike himself.

Given 72 hours to report to FCI Danbury in Connecticut, nothing goes according to plan. Mike finds out from jury Foreman that the outcome of his verdict would haven been not guilty because Gibbs did not make a good enough case so Mike broke his promise to Rachel to wait for verdict and Harvey lied to him about it. Harvey feeling guilty and on Donna's suggestion, tried to make a deal with Evan to offer Gibbs a file full of evidence regarding the corporate-sanctioned murders only if Mike will be let free, plot twisted Evan in turn gives Harvey the file in exchange for PSL lawyers and clients.

Jessica angry with the deal but let it be because the lawyers were going to leave anyway (no lost to her), Louis let them see that it was time to fight for their family and if they won't do it than no one will. Gibbs not interested in the file and uses the situation to accused and insult Harvey as a self-serving, manipulator of people and law (I would like to say that she isn't wrong here).

Mike knowing his destiny for the next 2 years decides to get on Rachel's good book, tells her about the lie Harvey told him - in a way Mike trying to show Rachel that the only reason he pleaded was because he thought he would be guilty, they make up and had sex. They also decided to get marry before Mike goes to prison but Papa Zane is against it and wouldn't attend the wedding confronts his daughter about letting Mike destroys her future. Still raging, he plans to steal some lawyers from PSL because of a hole he found (non-compete agreements).

With the help of Katrina Bennett, Robert's plan has ground to march but Louis 'nothing passes by me Litt finds out and blackmails Katrina into not helping Robert Zane, still Robert gets one lawyers - yeah that one Mr Jack Soloff himself. Mike speaks to Rachel's mother hoping that she will convince Zane to attend his only daughter's wedding, she tells Mike she'll try but not without letting known that Zane will never forgive him. Jessica goes to apologise to Zane and tells him the only reason she couldn't come forth with the truth was because she didn't trust him enough. She also took the opportunity to let Robert know that if he doesn't go to Rachel's wedding he wouldn't forgive himself for destroying his relationship with Rachel and he should take it as an advice from someone who experienced a difficult father-daughter relationship.

You got to love Mrs Danner for adding more guiltiness at Harvey for letting Mike go to prison when he knows damn right that Mike wouldn't survive prison and everything was his fault;  Mike goes to Harvey's apartment to ask him to be his best man but instead Harvey beg him (I know I used beg just because in my mind I wish Harvey would do that at least) to let him go to prison, when Mike refused, Harvey engages into fist fight but get punched by Mike.

The next day, the wedding is about to go on - Rachel wearing her beautiful in church ready to walk down that aisle, Donna the maid of honour with both her parent at the ceremony (so intense, not them but me). Mike calls the wedding off because Papa Zane is right and he wouldn't want to crash Rachel's dreams of becoming a lawyer and he also wouldn't let Harvey go to prison and he still will love her in 2 years (if it was me I would have murder him right there).

On their way back to the office, Louis and Jessica find an empty office except for Donna. Harvey takes Mike to prison and love that we were left with The Shawshank Redemption quotes "I guess it's time to get busy living or get busy dying" which left tears in my eyes and even though still better about not having more episodes for the 5th season, I'm pumped for the upcoming season.