#Suits S6 Ep1 "To Trouble" Review & Recap

So eager to see what season 6 has planned for us, I decided to lower my expectation even though I am a Suits fan. 

A few minutes in, there was no 2 years ago - looked at myself wondering if I was seeing thing, these writers aren’t taking the easy way! Are we really going to see Mike and PSL’s journeys from bottom to success or failure? Intrigue but it which brought a smile that I was included in the PSL (Pearson Specter Litt) recovery journey.

Mike getting undressed was a metaphor to losing his identity to nobody but a number, we hear stories about what happens on the first day of prison but it’s refreshing that Suits used its platform to give us Mike’s experience. The clothes that he had before became irrelevant, everything he had was taken, him having a haircut was like stripping down who he was and the moment he puts on his prison uniform turned him to nothing else - will he survive this new step of his life! We don't know but so far it seems as if he isn't cut out for prison's life. 

Still I was expecting a plot twist that somehow out of the blue, Harvey and Jessica would have gotten him out of the prison but that time never came. When reality started hitting him, he realised that he is there for a long haul. I saw Frank’s ulterior motive the second I entered my screen, Mike surely hasn’t learned anything or is he just emotionally unstable, hoping for the later because even an infant would know not to trust somebody like Frank.

Mike ends up telling Frank everything made me want to slap him, and at the end Frank reveals himself as a Harvey hater, he has been looking for a way to make Harvey pay for what he did to him but failed miserable until Mike came along and now he has what needed thanks to him for being stupid enough to trust anyone, he also let him know that in case he wants to be a smart ass he shouldn't forget that he has Rachel’s number.

Back to PSL, there is havoc as everyone left except for Jessica, Donna and Louis and the IT guys. Harvey goes to check up on Rachel (not because he cares but he needed to confirm to her that Mike reported prison), Rachel invites him in for a drink. While talking about Mike, a voice message left by Louis Litt made both of them leave for the office.

Louis showed some fighting spirit in him and also that he loves his office life more than his fellow partners, maybe it’s because he has no life apart from his office or maybe the office gives him purpose. He pushes everyone to see the big picture, to stand up and do something before PSL meets his end, even though they are being sued from every corners of the earth, he is terminated to recover it from the fall. He convinced Jessica and Donna but as usual Harvey doesn't take Louis seriously until Donna reminds him that Mike sacrificed himself so that none of them would have gone to prison and they owed him dearly and that alone should be a motivation on joining the SavingPSL bandwagon. Harvey needed to understand that he is part of the family and they need to come together to fight as an union then just give up. 

The PSL family has a big fight in their hands and we can wait to see what in store for us. Refer to  season 5 recap to get up to date and don’t forget to tune for Suits Season 6 Episode 2 on Wednesday July 20th at 9/8C on USA Network