#Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Season Finale "Character and Fitness" Recap/Review/Spoilers

 #Suits Season 6 Episode 16 "Character and Fitness" Recap/Review/Spoilers

Season Finale

Rating 9-10

Synopsis: Harvey and Rachel help Mike with his dream of being a lawyer, even though there is an obstacle (named Anita Gibbs - yes, the same one) trying to kick his dream away! The Donna hits a snag.  And Louis tries to make up with Tara.

Mike gives a check for $50,000 to Nathan. Nathan is ecstatic since its the most money the clinic has ever seen. But that doesn't last long when Mike tells him about the deal he made and that he's going to the Bar to be a lawyer. Nathan fires Mike, but Mike tells him he's doing this so he can help people...clients and the attorneys they have at the clinic.  Attorneys like Oliver.

Louis goes to Tara's office to see her and try to make up. Tara is not happy to see Louis, but he tries to apologize for his behavior.  Tara is not sure she wants to be with a man who will hurt her whenever he doesn't get his way.  She tells him she'll call when she's made up her mind.

Donna asks Louis to help with her business venture; there seems to be a problem with the patent.  Louis tries but unfortunately, he can't and he, Stu, and Benjamin meet with Donna to explain it would be best to sell. Of course, Donna doesn't want to but says she'll think about it.  She goes to Harvey and asks for advice.  Harvey tells her to sell. Donna is upset and tells Harvey she doesn't care about the money, she wants more.  All Darvey fans will need to wait until Season 7 to see if we get an answer to what Donna means "more."

Dr. Julius Rowe, the jail psychologist, comes to testify on Mike's behalf in front of the board and he puts Anita Gibbs in her place.  But to save the day, and Mike Ross...enter the great dragon lady herself...Jessica Pearson.  Yes!  When Anita Gibbs asks her one question "who at Pearson Specter Litt knew you were a fraud and hired you anyway?" Before Mike can really say anything enters Jessica Pearson!  Jessica says she knew and told a story about an attorney who had compassion when defending a young doctor.  The attorney Jessica was referring to was none other than Anita Gibbs herself!

Spoiler alert!

As Mike, Rachel, Donna, Louis, Harvey and Jessica sit around waiting to hear from the ethics committee's vote, Harvey answers the phone.  He looks at Mike, and with his stoic poker face, he says "I'll tell him.  Thank you."  Everyone looks scared as Harvey looks at Mike and says slowly, "You're in."  Then a big smile comes across Harvey's face, and it hits Mike and everyone:  Mike passed!

We'll have to wait until the summer when Suits Season 7 returns.  What do you want to see happen in season 7?

Harvey, Mike, Donna, Rachel, Louis, and Jessica wait for news about Mike's fate on the season 6 finale of Suits. 

Harvey, Mike, Donna, Rachel, Louis, and Jessica wait for news about Mike's fate on the season 6 finale of Suits.