#Suits - Season 7, Episode 10 (Summer Finale), "Donna", Review/Recap

Rating:  10/10

(Air Date 9/13/2017)

Alex is one busy attorney!  They just got done taking care of Bratton, and now Gould starts to poach Pearson Specter Litt clients, namely Pfizer!  It’s one of the firm’s biggest clients, and Alex is determined to keep them.

Flashback time!  This time it is of Rachel (as a little girl) and a very young Robert Zane.  Little Rachel is playing with her Aunt Jasmine when Daddy Zane comes over to talk to his sister.  Back to the present, we see a reflective Robert Zane staring out the window as Rachel comes into his office.  She tells him she thinks she’s found other employees that were discriminated against like Aunt Jasmine.  Robert’s blood boils at the mere thought of the man who did what he did to his sister.  Rachel tells him she will depose the man NOT Robert who flies off the handle.  They begin the deposition with Rachel asking the questions; unfortunately, Robert’s emotions get the best of him, and he ends up yelling (on camera) and nearly blows the case sky high. Way to go Zane!

Louis really doesn’t want to do the mock trial to prepare Donna because of his own guilt with Sheila, so he comes up with a plan. Since Donna worked for Harvey in the DA’s office during the Danner case, it’s all attorney/client work product, so Donna doesn’t have to testify!  Brilliant, right?  Well, it would have been IF Andy Malick was going after Harvey because of the Danner case, but he’s not.  They find out in court it’s about Coastal Motors!  He calls Donna to the stand.  Donna looks at Harvey and mouths the words “Do something.”  But there isn’t anything Harvey can do; she has to take the stand!    Malick goes after Donna hard!  He asks first what she did before working as a secretary for Harvey in the DA’s office; she tells him she was an actress.  He then asks if her salary now is in the six digits.  Donna says “Yes, but that doesn’t have anything, ” but Malick cuts her off and asks about the Coastal Motors memo the one that Donna destroyed.  Malick states, “You destroyed the memo because Mr. Specter asked you to do it, didn’t you?”  Harvey jumps up and tells the judge that the memo in question was a fake, so it doesn’t matter if Donna destroyed it or not, but Donna denies the accusation from Malick.  Malick starts to badger Donna about her relationship with Harvey, Mike jumps and objects, so Malick asks, “So you are COO now at Pearson Specter, do you have an MBA?”  Donna says, she doesn’t.  Malick implies that Donna slept with Harvey to get the promotion.  Donna yells that she asked for the position because she has worked for PSL for a very long time and knew the firm better than anyone else.  But the implication that she slept her way to the position stings!  Mike and Harvey realize this is all about Coastal Motors and figure out they need to find out more about where Malick is getting his information, especially when Malick says it was someone who worked with both Harvey and Donna.  They figure out it was Holly Cromwell!  Donna visits Ms. Cromwell, but she tells Donna that no matter what she can’t help.

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Donna takes the stand

Donna takes the stand

Mike working at home as Rachel gets ready, he tells her he got a call from Harvey’s girlfriend, Paula, she wanted to know what she should get for Harvey.  Rachel tells him about Donna visiting and how she may have feelings for Harvey still.  Later on, Mike talks to Donna at the office and tells Donna she needs to tell Harvey how she feels about him.  Donna says, “For two people to be happy they both have to want to be together.  Harvey and I don’t want to be together.”  [Note:  I’m not buying into that!]

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Louis helps Alex with the Pfizer problem and come up with a solution.  Louis tries to get his psychiatrist to pretend to be someone so they can scam Gould.  Dr. Lipschitz says no way!  So Alex goes to Gould who tells him he doesn’t care about Pfizer.  He even offers to let PSL keep Pfizer if Alex comes back.  Alex smiles and reaches into his pocket taking out a recorder.  He tells Gould he’s now got him on record for orchestrating a shake down!  Alex tells him, they’ll keep Pfizer and he’ll be staying right where he is at Pearson Specter Litt.[Note:  Yeah!  I hope Dulé Hill will be back as Alex Williams!]

Rachel finds some dirt on the guy they are suing and manages to convince the board of the man’s company to pay three times the settlement she had hoped for and to let the man go (which they agree to!)  Meanwhile, Robert is in the man’s office and gets him to resign.  Win/win!  Go, Team Zane! [Note:  Have loved seeing Rachel and Robert work a case together!]

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Unfortunately, we’re not done with Andy Malick!  He tells Harvey he’s going after Jessica and will have her disbarred in New York because she knew about Mike Ross.  Harvey gets on the phone leaving Louis a voice mail as he walks into his apartment and finds Jessica who tells him that the disbarment has already happened and that he needs to take her name off the wall.  The firm is his now! [Note:  So nice to see Jessica Pearson again!  Her being disbarred is probably the premise for her new show that Aaron Korsh is creating.]

Louis goes to Donna and apologizes for not helping prepare her for the stand as she asked.  He tells her he slept with Sheila and regretted not telling her how he really feels about her and now he has to watch her marry another man.  Shortly after Louis leaves Harvey walks into Donna’s office and before he can say anything, Donna walks up to him, wraps her arms around his neck and lays a kiss on him!!!!  When they part, she says, “I’m sorry Harvey, I just had to know.”  Harvey looks at her then she just walks away from him out of her office leaving Harvey, the best closer in town, speechless and stunned![Note:  I am definitely a Darvey fan and think they are the endgame.  This last scene leaves it wide open and all in Harvey’s lap!  He’s going to have to decide and figure out how he really feels about Donna!]

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So that is the Summer Finale of Suits!What did you think?  Are you a Darvey fan?  What do you think will happen with Darvey?  Guess we’ll have to wait until the Winter Premier Suitors – as soon as I find out when it’ll be I’ll pass along the information!


Jessica Pearson showing up in Harvey Specter's apartment