Suits, Season 7, Episode 12 "Bad Man" Review/Recap

#Suits - Season 7, Episode 12 “Bad Man,” Review/Recap

Rating:  10/10

(Airdate 4/4/2018)

So much going on in 712!!  For most of the episode, Harvey and Paula weren’t speaking to each other.  They apparently fought after he told her about what he and Donna did (over 12 years ago).  I do love to see Harvey getting physical (in the gym – boxing).  But seeing Louis (and Sheila) in the mud (and what she was doing with him in the mud…with her hand…) is NOT what I wanted to see.  I was so hoping it was a dream!

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Jessica calls Harvey asking for $2 million of her money to be put into an untraceable account.  That is so not cool, and not to mention ILLEGAL! 

Harvey talks to Louis about the money and how to get it and put it in an untraceable account.  Louis is totally against it, but Louis has his own issues and doesn’t want to bother helping Harvey with the Jessica problem.  Meanwhile, the firm has gone through another change…yes, Jessica’s name is off the wall!  Welcome to Specter Litt ladies and gentlemen!

Oliver comes to Mike asking for a favor for a client.  The other client happens to be Mike’s client (with Specter Litt).  I had a feeling that Mike trusted Oliver a bit too much and my gut was right.  Loved it when Rachel called Oliver a “wannabe Mike”!  Oliver learned quite a bit from Mike!  Donna, of course, finds out and tells Harvey.  Harvey confronts Mike, Mike tells Harvey he trusts Oliver and it was no big deal, and he’ll take care of it.  Rachel and Mike work together against Oliver.  At the deposition, Oliver wipes the floor with Mike!  But in the end, Mike finds out something about Oliver’s client, and in true Harvey-like fashion, Mike ends up wiping the floor with Oliver.  Mike comes home to what he thinks is Rachel’s cooking and finds Oliver in his kitchen.  They manage to put the case behind them and still be friends.  I love how Mike and Rachel work on a case together.  I’m definitely going to miss them next season!

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We have flashbacks!!!  Picture 1986 and Louis is in high school!  And he has a girlfriend named Mitzie!  Enter Louis’s sister Esther, who tells him that Mitzie has another boyfriend.  He doesn’t believe her; she tells him Mitzie and her other boyfriend will be at a party.  Louis doesn’t care; he knows Esther is lying!  But in true Louis-fashion he has to find out the truth, and he goes to the party.  Yep…you guessed it!  Mitzie sees him and tells him the truth.  Yes, she’s also seeing this other guy.  She still wants to go out with Louis because her parents like him but they wouldn’t like the boyfriend because he’s a bad boy.  She kisses him, and he agrees to continue to see her.  He tells all this to Dr. Lipschitz who tells him he understands, Louis wants the unattainable woman.  Louis breaks up with Sheila, but at the end of the episode he goes to Sheila and tells her they are going to her office and they won’t lock the door.  She calls him a “bad boy” he tells her “No, I’m a bad man.”

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Donna goes to Harvey and suggests going to Vic.  Vic was Harvey’s father’s record producer.  Harvey doesn’t want to do it because it would mean he’d have to face the fact that his father’s music isn’t relevant anymore.  Harvey knows Vic would have to sell and that would be the end of his father’s music.  Harvey was keeping ten years worth of billable hours off the books for Vic…which was the exact amount he now needed for Jessica.  Harvey does it, and Vic agrees to sell.  Of course, he puts Harvey on a guilt trip.  One of the cutest flashbacks was young, star-struck Harvey watching his dad, Gordon, playing sax.  Donna finds him in his office staring out the window with a drink in his hand.  She tells him to talk to Paula.  He tells her that they had a fight but he called her twice and Paula hasn’t called him back.  Donna tells him she will then suggests he pours her a drink and they can listen to one of Gordon’s records.  At first, Harvey tells her he doesn’t think it would be a good idea.  Donna nods, and as she walks out, he calls out to her asking if she still wants that drink.  She turns and smiling says, “That would be nice.”  But at the end of the episode, we find Harvey going to Paula and the two of them making up.  (So more torture for Darvey fans).  Before getting back together, Harvey tells her that he likes having Donna in his life and Paula admits to Harvey that she does feel threatened by Donna.  He also tells her that it was her (Paula) who helped him make peace with his mother and he wants Paula in his life.  Question for Darvey fans:  who really helped Harvey make peace with his mother????

So what did you think of episode 712 “Bad Man”?