#Suits - Season 7, Episode 13 "Inevitable", Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 7, Episode 13 “Inevitable,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  9/10

(Airdate 4/11/2018)

Last week we ended with Harvey and Paula at her place and this week we begin with Harvey and Paula at his place. (Insert: eye roll).  He makes coffee WITH VANILLA!!!  All true Darvey fans know where he learned that from – don’t you Darvey fans?  Harvey invites Paula to dinner, and of course, she accepts.

Louis has a gun!  He’s asleep and wakes to the hearing noise coming from his living room; he grabs the gun and tells whoever is out there that he is “armed and dangerous.” Lol, Then we see Sheila dressed as a burglar!  Those two love their 50 Shades of role-playing!  Some things you just can’t be unseen!!

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Harvey’s client Teddy Doyle waits for Harvey in his office.  Apparently, the company he sold, which then got sold again is laying off its workers because the new owner (Curt Baxter) wants to sell the company and production to China who is willing to pay $500 million.  Teddy doesn’t want that to happen – he cares about the workers.  Harvey tells him he’ll take care of it and goes to Mike.  Mike comes up with a plan that would give Baxter 80 percent more money and keep the jobs.  But Baxter doesn’t care about the workers and tells the two that if Teddy wants to save the workers their job he needs to match the China offer.

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Back in the office, Donna walks into Harvey’s office as he and Mike are discussing what to do about the Doyle/Baxter problem.  Harvey suggests getting Louis to go to Stu (the stock trader) to see about getting Stu to fix Baxter’s stock to fall.  Mike says it’s illegal to do that, and Harvey claims it’s only a civil thing if they get caught, and they pay a fine.  No big deal.  Donna tells them she’ll go to Stu and she’ll get him to do it.  It seems that Stu will do anything for Donna because she convinces him to do the deal, even if it means he’d lose his license if he got caught!

Harvey’s mom calls him and tells him she’ll be in town and was hoping to have dinner with him.  He tells her he has plans but then asks him to join him and Paula for dinner.  Lilly accepts.  Then Harvey calls Paula to let her know that his mom would be joining them.  Paula doesn’t like the idea, but Harvey convinces her it’ll be fine and he wants her to meet his mom.  (Side note:  Paula has way too many issues, not to mention she’s trying to manipulate Harvey every chance she gets!  Christina Cole, the actress who portrays Paula, is wonderful, but I want Paula is gone). Dinner goes well UNTIL Lilly thanks Paula for being the special one in Harvey’s life to help bring her and Harvey back together again.  Paula, looking very uncomfortable pulls her hand away from Harvey and says she wasn’t the one, but she’s glad the two have mended their relationship.  Back at Harvey’s place, Paula cries to him that her ex (Jacob) cheated on her with someone he worked with.  Harvey tries to tell her he’s not Jacob, but Paula tells him to choose between her and Donna.

Rachel asks Gretchen if Louis is seeing anyone.  Gretchen mumbles under her breathe and finally tells Rachel that Louis is seeing Sheila.  Rachel goes to Louis to tell him if he would like to bring her to the wedding she’s ok with that.  Louis tells her that he can’t because they can’t be seen in public because she’s going to marry another guy still, so Rachel rescinds her offer of him bringing a ‘plus one’ to her and Mike’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Baxter’s stock goes down thanks to Stu.  Harvey and Mike visit Baxter giving him two options, the first deal of $200 million for the company or the 80 percent deal.  Baxter tells them, no, and he knows what they did (but of course he can’t prove it).  Harvey goes to Teddy with the bad news.  As the two gentlemen speak, Teddy mentions it was great of Harvey to make Donna a partner, which gives Harvey an idea – Teddy buys the company with the help of his new “partners” – the workers of the company!

Mike and Rachel go to see Father Walker.  They were both given forms to fill out which will tell them what they want for the future.  Rachel fills hers out, but Mike doesn’t. They have a fight in Father Walker’s office, which of course walks in on them.  He tells them it’s good because they are honest with each other. 

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Stu goes to see Donna and offers her a job (for more money than Harvey is paying her)!  He mentions Malik and Donna knows (she knows everything – remember!) she knows that the offer was Harvey’s idea.  She tells Stu she’ll think about it.  (Side note:  part of me wanted Donna to take Stu’s job offer because I think Donna needs a break away from Harvey and maybe that would bring them together.  But then if Donna left, the firm would come crashing down because she’s the one keeping that firm together.)

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Louis goes to see Sheila in her office and is ready to get into one of their role-playing parts, but is stopped when Sheila’s fiancé is in the office with her.  Sheila introduces them, and Louis is pleasant then leaves.  Outside Sheila’s closed office door, he hears the fiancé make fun of Louis and ask Sheila, “What did you ever see in him?” Poor Louis.

Donna confronts Harvey about Stu’s job offer.  Harvey admits that Paula doesn’t want him to work with Donna because of what happened between them.  Donna wants him to stand up for her, but Harvey tells her she put him in this position!  (Come on Harvey – you CANNOT let Paula dictate to you who you can and cannot work with!!)  Donna goes to see Paula.  She apologizes to Paula for what happened between her and Harvey.  She tells Paula she doesn’t want to lose her job, a job she’s worked for and loves.  Paula asks Donna if she can promise her that it would never happen again.  When Donna doesn’t answer right away, Paula tells her that is the very reason why she told Harvey in the first place.

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Harvey finds Donna’s resignation letter on his desk!  After reading the letter, he rushes out of his office, as Donna leaves in a cab.  He gets a cab and shows up at Paula’s place.  He tells her that Donna resigned, Paula’s fleeting moment of happiness disappears when Harvey tells her he really wanted their relationship to work out.  But he can’t give her what she needs or wants.  So he tells her goodbye and walks out on her. (Yay Harvey!!!)

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Harvey leaves Paula and straight to Donna. She opens the door, and he rips her resignation letter in half.  He tells her he broke up with Paula.  She asks him if he wants to come in, he says “Not tonight.”  She thanks him as he walks away.  He stops and looks at her as she closes the door.

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So Suitors what did you think of episode 713?  Did it meet your expectations?  What’s the future going to hold for Mike & Rachel; Harvey & Donna; Louis? 

Until next week Suitors – only three episodes left!!!