#Suits - Season 7, Episode 14 "Pulling the Goalie", Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 7, Episode 14 “Pulling the Goalie,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  9/10

(Airdate 4/18/2018)

There was so much going on in episode 714 it was hard to keep up!  Harvey and Mike, Louis (and Sheila) and Katrina, and Donna and Rachel all were busy trying put out fires for their clients, their personal life, and for the firm.

First, and foremost, the best story was Donna’s.  We see Donna getting a cup of coffee from a street vendor.  She looks gorgeous (I know, I know, when doesn’t Donna look gorgeous?) but she was confident and stunning when the landlord of the building Specter Litt occupies comes up to her and starts flirting with her. They flirt, and then he hands Donna a document stating he’s going to quadruple their rent.  He tricks her and Donna fell for it, admitting, on paper no less than the firm restructured.  Apparently, there was something in their lease about it, and he tells Donna that the firm has 90 days to vacate.  They are being evicted!  The landlord, David Fox, is no fox he is such a snake!!  But he’ll soon learn he picked on the wrong woman!  Donna goes to Rachel and files a lawsuit against Fox.  When Donna tells him they’ve countersued him, he says he hadn’t filed a suit, but since they have, then now they have 30 days to get out.  Donna is angry and freaking out when Rachel finds her in the copier room.  They agree that Donna needs to tell Harvey no matter what, but when Donna does go to see Harvey she overhears Mike and Harvey argue about their case and about sacrificing things.  Donna decides this isn’t the time to tell Harvey about what is happening with the lease because it’s all her fault.  So she and Rachel pull an all-nighter and come up with a plan.

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Donna and Rachel confidently walk into David Fox’s office and show him who the boss is!  They bought the air rights around all 34 of Fox’s buildings, which all apparently have wonderful views of the city, and tell him that his tenants won’t have the views of the city he’s so proud of but instead will have great views of tampon ads.  He doesn’t believe them, and they hand him a document.  He backs down; he not only doesn’t evict them, he pays for the air rights and also gives them a 10 percent discount.  (I’m going to miss the team of Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross!  And especially the friendship of Donna and Rachel).

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Meanwhile, Harvey and Mike try to save a judge’s reputation.  Judge Rall asks Mike to represent her claiming she overturned a verdict for her gain.  She swears she didn’t do it.  Of course, Mike feels guilty because she was the judge that treated him fairly during his fraud trial, and it’s also revealed that Anita Gibbs had gone to Judge Rall to get a wiretap on Harvey and Mike.  Judge Rall denied it because there wasn’t any evidence which just infuriated Gibbs.  Anyway, representing her means the firm would have to drop a prominent client.  Mike convinces Harvey to work on this with him.  Harvey agrees.  They hit a few baseballs and then have lunch.  At lunch, Harvey tells Mike that Donna kissed him and that he broke up with Paula because she “wasn’t the one.”  Mike states, “Because Donna is.”   Harvey denies it.  Mike tells him that he told Donna to tell Harvey how she felt before it was too late.  Later when the two argue about dropping the judge, Harvey tells Mike he’s sacrificed a lot for everyone.  Mike reminds Harvey that he went to jail for him.  The two end up getting the counsel at Smith and Devane, who wants to tank the judge to admit the allegations against the judge were false.  So, of course, our duo saves the day yet again.  (The banter and bromance between these two is amazing and will be greatly missed).

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Louis had a great storyline!  Now I’m definitely NOT a Louis fan, but by the way, Sheila and her fiancé Xander talked about Louis at the end of last week’s episode I have a bit of sympathy for him.  And especially when Louis walks into his own office and finds the smug Xander standing there and then for Xander to be nasty by rubbing. Louis’ face in the fact that Sheila is with him and that Louis will never get her and for Louis to stay away from Sheila, well, that was just Xander being a bully.  And I don’t like bullies!  Apparently, Xander is an attorney at a rival law firm, so Louis enlists the help of Katrina, and they delve into tech law.  Louis is a great lawyer (yes I said that) but his specialty is NOT tech law, which apparently is Xander’s specialty.  Shelia begs Louis to drop the suit because she’s afraid their affair will come out.  Louis promises her it won’t, but he can’t drop the suit.  He needs to prove that he is the better man.  He does tell Dr. Lipshitz that it crossed his mind to tell Xander that he and Sheila have been having an affair.  Dr. Lipshitz tells him he must not do that and if he does, then he will drop Louis as a patient because everything they have worked on will be for nothing because it isn’t helping Louis.  Louis goes back and forth, even asks his friend Harvey for advice.  Sheila again begs him to drop it because Louis has won, he is the better man.  Louis does the right thing and drops the suit.  As Louis walks home, he finds Sheila waiting for him at his steps.  She tells him she left Xander (WHAT?) and that she loves him.  They talk about children, and she says that she took out her diaphragm and that they should leave having children up to faith.  Louis dumbfounded asks, “You pulled the goalie?”  Sheila nods, and they walk arm and arm into Louis’ home.

Harvey stops by Donna’s office as she begins to pack up to leave for the night and he asks about the 10 percent lower rent.  Donna smiles but doesn’t tell him what she and Rachel did.  They have a drink.  All good at Specter Litt at least for now.

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So Suitors what did you think of episode 714?  Did it meet your expectations?  Next week is the two-hour season finale.  The previews of Mike and Rachel’s wedding look romantically beautiful I can’t wait to see it.  I’m gonna miss the Batman/Robin duo of Harvey and Mike.  They have amazing chemistry, and the banter between the two is awesome.  Seeing Donna and Rachel kick butt in 714 was so cool; makes me wish they had more storylines together.

Until next week Suitors!!!