#Suits - Season 7, Episode 5 - "Brooklyn Housing" Review/Recap

Rating:  9/10

(Air Date 8/9/2017)

I may be a little biased but I think every episode of Suits just gets better and better and episode 5 titled “Brooklyn Housing” did not disappoint!  We open with Mike quietly trying to sneak out but Rachel wakes up, and Mike says he’s meeting Oliver at the Clinic to work on the Brooklyn Housing project case.  Yeah… Guess what Mike is lying!  He’s actually working with Oliver on the prison case.  Yeah, the one he’s NOT supposed to work on, the one he promised Harvey he would NOT work on!

Harvey and Paula are at Paula’s place and apparently Harvey likes pop tarts (and owes Paula a box)!  Paula mentions a meeting with her lawyer about a nuisance lawsuit by an ex-partner.  Harvey tells her she needs a pit bull to win and recommends Louis Litt to represent her.  Paula tells him there is no need because she has a lawyer.

That doesn’t stop Harvey.  He goes to Louis and asks Louis to take the case, and Louis agrees even though he admits to dating Paula.  Louis asks if Donna knows and Harvey tells him she doesn’t and asks Louis NOT to tell Donna either.

Mike almost gets caught by Harvey and the prison case he’s working on with Oliver, but Mike manages to dance his way out of what Harvey wants.  Harvey isn’t pleased but lets Mike work on the “Housing” project like Mike lied about.  Oliver discovers that the fights in the prisons were started by one particular prisoner, so Mike and Oliver visit the prisoner to ask some questions.  They don’t really get any answers from the guy especially when they can’t offer the guy a deal.

Meanwhile, Harvey tries to land a new client a big renewable energy company.  He talks to the head of the company about representing them in a lawsuit against another corporation that stole their solar panel technology.  Harvey promises to stop the competitor from going to market with the new technology.  It takes a bit of convincing, but Harvey sways the head of the company.

Harvey meets with the rival CEO and confronts him about stealing the technology.  The competitor doesn’t scare as easily as Harvey had hoped.  Instead, the competitor moves up their release date out of spite.  That ends up pissing off Harvey’s new client.  Well, look who shows up at Pearson Specter Litt?  None other than headhunter Holly Cromwell!  Ms. Cromwell asks Harvey for a job, which Harvey promptly turns her down.  What I thought was funny was the reason Harvey told her no (He doesn’t “want to work with someone who crosses the line”…say what?)  But Holly calls Harvey out on the fact that he broke his promise to keep what she did for him (last season) a secret.  Trying to get something on the rival stealing tech CEO, Harvey approaches the headhunter.  He tells her if she can get some dirt on the rival energy company he’ll hire her.

Harvey tells Donna that he’s hiring Holly Cromwell and PSL’s COO is not happy.  She doesn’t trust Holly because of how quickly she flipped on her employer the last time.  She agrees to meet with Holly and is impressed with Holly when she brings exactly what Harvey needs to win his case, and Holly explains she used to do her job with integrity and discretion, but Harvey screwed that up.  Donna offers her the job, but Holly turns her down deciding that she does not want a full-time job at PSL.

Meanwhile, Mike goes to see another familiar face in prison… Frank Gallo.  Remember him and his threat to Mike Ross?  Well, Mike thinks he can talk Frank into helping him but Gallo won’t until Mike does something for him; like get him out of prison.  Mike and Oliver argue about this, so Mike ends up making Frank a part of the class action! 

Mike returns home late and finds dinner waiting for him on the coffee table.  It seems that Rachel went to the Clinic to surprise Mike who of course was not there and Oliver stumbling to tell Rachel where Mike was.  She tells Mike that she’s had enough and wants to know what Mike has really been up to.  Mike finally admits he’s been working with Oliver on the prison case.  Rachel is furious, but Mike is convinced that Harvey won’t find out and if he did he won’t fire Mike.

Louis wins the case for Dr. Paula Agard.  He threatens her ex-partner with going to the medical board because Louis finds out that the ex-partner was spying on Dr. Agard and stalking her.  The man breaks down saying he had this life planned out with her and he made one mistake (he cheated on her), and she breaks it off with him.  This makes Louis think about his situation, and he realizes that he needs to work on himself and he tells Dr. Lipschitz as much.

Harvey and Dr. Paula discuss her ex and Harvey asks why she didn’t tell him about the situation.  She tells him because she didn’t feel lovable (because of being cheated on).  Harvey being the supportive boyfriend says the man was stupid and that she is very much lovable.

I do like this side of Harvey – the softer side but when he was with Donna in her office earlier, and she said something about “we don’t keep secrets from each other.” The look on his face told me that he felt guilty of something (like maybe he does have feelings for Donna?)  Because if he didn’t feel SOMETHING about Donna, then it shouldn’t be a problem for him to tell Donna about his new girlfriend.  Just my two cents on that subject!

So there you have it…this week’s episode all wrapped in a nutshell.  Will Harvey find out Mike has been lying to him about the prison case?  “Home to Roost” premieres on August 16, 2017.  Until next week Suitors!


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