#Suits - Season 7, Episode 6 "Home to Roost", Review/Recap

Rating:  9/10

(Air Date 8/16/2017)

Mike and Oliver meet with Frank Gallo, who is unhelpful because he wants all the money up front.  Yes, Mike agreed to pay Frank for his help with the Prison lawsuit.  Mike is also lying to Harvey which you know is not going to sit well with Harvey, and when Harvey finds out that Frank Gallo is involved all hell will break loose!

Louis is on the verge of hysteria because he’s being sued for sexual harassment!  Yes, by Stephanie!  He wants Rachel to go to Stephanie and talk her out of the lawsuit.  Rachel tells him she won’t listen to anything she has to say because she’s already gone to her once before.  So Louis sends Katrina Bennett.  Katrina talks to Stephanie and gets her to sign a settlement agreement.  She brings it back to Louis, and he venomously tells her he won’t sign it because he won’t admit to anything.  He’d already been sued for sexual harassment years ago by Daniel Hardman, and he won’t have this happen again.  One of the associates stops by to tell Louis and Katrina that he’s been subpoenaed and tells Louis that if he were to sue Louis over how Louis spoke to him when he asked for time off, he’d settle for an apology. 

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Harvey walks into his office to find Donna waiting for him, and he tries to tell her that he is seeing Dr. Paula but Donna cuts him off telling him that Frank Gallo left a message for him.  Harvey is surprised (and pissed) to hear that Gallo called him.  Donna tells him that Frank’s message said that Harvey and Mike better not screw him.  Harvey turns and goes to Mike’s office but can’t find him, he then finds Rachel in the library and asks her where Mike is.  Rachel says she doesn’t know and Harvey says, “Don’t tell him I’m looking for him.”  He walks out and goes to Oscar Reyes’ house and slyly asks how his firm is doing in the Prison lawsuit.  Oscar tells Harvey that Mike is wonderful and the best attorney he’s ever dealt with.  Harvey thanks, Mr. Reyes and then go to Mike’s office and reams Mike.  Mike tells him he can’t drop the case, he’s only helping Oliver, but Harvey doesn’t buy it.  He puts his foot down and tells Mike not to help anymore.  Rachel sees Mike at home later tells him she had to lie to Harvey for Mike and Mike needs to figure out what is important to him, working at Pearson Specter Litt or the clinic, he can’t have it both ways.

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PaulaAgard shows up at Pearson Specter Litt to see Harvey.  They end up getting into a fight about Donna and not telling Donna about their relationship.  She accuses Harvey of liking the attention he gets from Donna.  Harvey tells her she’s ridiculous.  She says, “I’ll say it, Donna is in love with you.”  He stumbles his way out of the conversation as Dr. Paula walks away from him.

Mike tells Oliver that he’s on his own in court, they yell at each other, but I guess that’s what Oliver needed because he holds his own in court until Alex shows up and says that Mike was working the case, even though Mike (sitting in the back of the courtroom) just ditched it.  The judge throws the case out, and Oscar is left angry.  He takes it out on Mike by yelling at him.

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Harvey finds Donna in her office and finally tells her he’s been seeing Paula.  Donna smiles and says that it’s about time he told her because she already knew.  Harvey is a bit stunned and doesn’t look too happy when he sees Donna smiling.  He gives a pained smile and walks out of her office to let her get back to work.  Donna stares at him, her smile fading.  Rachel comes to her office and asks what’s wrong.  Donna tries to blow it off and tells Rachel that Harvey told her he’s seeing someone.  She says, “I’ve always said I want him to be happy” but it hurts too. 

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Later Harvey goes to Paula’s place bringing dinner with him; he tells her he told Donna about them.  Paula asks how Donna took it and Harvey says casually that she already knew and that she’s fine with it.  Dr. Paula looks surprised that Donna didn’t react to the news.

Louis goes to see Stephanie and he apologizes to her and explains why he said and did the things he did.  Stephanie understands where Louis is coming from, what he said hit her because she works 80-90 hours a week and doesn’t have time for a social life.  She also fears not having a family since she is now 34 years old.  She accepts Louis’ apology and drops the lawsuit.

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Meanwhile, back at PSL, the knowledge that Harvey is having a relationship bothers Donna.  She wants him to be happy, but she didn’t expect to feel hurt by it.  She goes to Harvey telling him, she really didn’t know about him and Paula but she does want him to be happy.  She also gives him the key to his condo back.  It’s a subdued conversation between them.  When Donna leaves and goes back to her office (right next door), they both look sad as they sit in their respective offices looking at the wall between them.

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Will Harvey find out the scope of Alex’s involvement in the prison case?  Will Donna be ok now that she knows Harvey is in a relationship?Episode 7 - “Full Disclosure” - premieres on August 23, 2017.  Until next week Suitors!

Donna and Harvey  

Donna and Harvey  

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