#Suits - Season 7, Episode 7 “Full Disclosure”, Review/Recap

Rating:  10/10

(Air Date 8/23/2017)

Suits episode 707 “Full Disclosure” is filled with lots of flashback scenes which helps to fill in the blanks for what is currently happening at Pearson Specter Litt!  In my humble opinion, this is one of the best episodes!  The flashbacks help in understanding why some of the characters are like they are too.  Remember the Harvey/Louis rift from season 4’s “Fork in the Road” episode?  That’s where Louis had proposed to Harvey that they convince the managing partner at the time (Daniel Hardman) that they both should be junior partners.  Hardman had wanted to hire a senior partner, but Harvey and Louis on a united front convinced him to promote them both as junior partners.  Daniel gave them a project and had said that depending on the outcome both would become junior partners.  But Hardman played them both, and Louis betrayed Harvey, and the outcome was that only Louis was made junior partner.

In tonight’s “continuation” (of sorts) flashback we get to see how pissed Harvey really was, not only at Louis but the firm and especially at Jessica!

Current day:  As Alex opens up to Harvey telling him why and how he’s in the position he’s in, we find out (thanks to flashbacks) that Harvey had something to do with it. 

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Flashback:  Harvey and Alex play poker.  Alex tries to convince Harvey to come to his firm (Bratton & Gould).  Harvey seriously considers it when Louis sabotages his chance of becoming a junior partner.  Alex tells him they could both be junior partners with an excellent chance of becoming senior partners and soon. 

Another flashback:  Donna walks into Harvey’s office and asking him not to bother her for one full night because she has a date with her boyfriend Mark and they will be celebrating their six-month anniversary.  Harvey smiles and seems to roll his eyes at her, but he agrees to leave her alone. 

In yet another flashback:  Jessica warns Louis not to let his new junior partner position go to his head then tells Harvey to work with Louis because Hardman wants them working together.  (Suitors know that’s because Hardman wants to rub Harvey’s face in the fact that Louis is a junior partner but he is not!)  Harvey complains that Jessica did not have his back against Hardman.  Jessica, a true queen if there ever was one, basically tells Harvey to suck it up! 

Present day:  Harvey, after hearing what is hanging over Alex’s head tries to pay off Alex’s client (Masterson Construction).  Masterson is involved in the prison scheme; Harvey hands them a check as an apology for breaking their word, but the client says no deal.  They would prefer to keep their interests aligned in case Mike tries to open the case again.  Mike meanwhile goes to see Frank Gallo who tells him that he and other inmates at his old prison were used to building prisons for Reform Corp and Masterson Construction.  Mike takes this information and goes to see computer genius Benjamin to see if he can get some information.  Benjamin doesn’t like it, but he does it anyway for Mike.  They finally find the smoking gun so to speak!  It turns out Alex got a waiver from the state to allow the two companies to supplement the work with inmates.  Unfortunately, the inmates turned out to be doing all the work.  (In case you are wondering…that was the illegal part – it’s called “defrauding the state.”)  Rachel tells him Harvey could fire Mike.  But Mike doesn’t seem to care about that, he just wants to do what is right and plans to redact Masterson’s name off the documents and hand the documents to Anita Gibbs so that she can prosecute them. Unfortunately for Mike, Harvey finds out (thanks to Rachel), and Harvey signs Reform Corp., as a client.  That’s right!  Everything Mike has is not privileged and cannot be used.  Mike goes screaming at Harvey.  Harvey says he “owes” Alex because years ago he screwed him over (by not taking the job Alex had lined up for him).  Mike yells some more, and Harvey threatens to fire him if he doesn’t drop this once and for all.  Harvey tells Mike he can’t tell him what they have over Alex because he doesn’t trust Mike.

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Flashback:  Harvey tries to work with Louis, but in true Louis manner (yeah, him letting the “junior partner power” go to his head and it makes him more of an ass-hole). Harvey decides to cut Louis out of the case and has Donna set up a hearing sooner rather than later and not tell Louis.  Well, Jessica finds out!  She shows up at the hearing and kicks Harvey off the case.  This embarrasses Harvey big time; he’s already pissed off at Jessica, and this is the last straw!  He goes to Alex and tells him he’ll jump to Bratton Gould if he’s paid more than any other junior associate.  Alex agrees to pave the way and convince Tommy.  He makes Harvey give his word that he’ll take the job because he’s going to have to put his ass on the line for him.  Harvey agrees.  When he tells Donna, she’s not thrilled because he didn’t discuss it with her first.  She brings up Harvey during her date with Mark.  They discuss Harvey and her job with Harvey.  He feels as though everything Donna does revolves around Harvey.  Donna doesn’t agree of course.  She asks him what he wants her to do, and Mark says he wants her to promise she won’t follow him.  Donna says she can’t do that.

Meanwhile, in the Flashback Jessica tells Louis he needs to see a psychiatrist (or she’ll fire him) and gives him a business card.  Louis bulks but in the end, he goes to the psychiatrist, and we finally get to meet Dr. Lipschitz!  They talk and discuss some of Louis’ problems even though Louis says he’s never coming back to see the doctor. Harvey goes to see Jessica and royally pisses her off.  He accuses her of not having his back and not promoting him.  She reminds him she picked him out of the mailroom and paid for him to go to Harvard, but tells him to go ahead and leave if he wants.  So Harvey gives his notice.  When Louis finds out Harvey is leaving he tells Jessica it’s all his fault and to not let Harvey go.  He begs Jessica to make Harvey stay.  Jessica goes to see Harvey, and she tells him that she told Hardman she would leave the firm if Harvey weren't the next associate promoted.  So, of course, he’ll stay, but now he has to break his promise to Alex, who ends up in a bad position at Bratton Gould.  We also find out that Donna breaks up with Mark (because of Harvey), and Louis calls Dr. Lipschitz and begins to see him on a regular basis.

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Back to present day at Pearson Specter Litt:  Of course, Donna questions helping Alex versus helping Mike.  Mike is family after all.  Harvey tells Donna what’s up with Alex.  Meanwhile, Alex goes to Mike and comes clean:  Harvey turned down Bratton’s offer years ago which put Alex in the doghouse.  All he received were losing shit-type cases.  Then one day Bratton comes to him with a case.  This case would help Alex get back into the good graces with the firm.  All Alex had to do was get a waiver for Masterson Construction which Alex did.  But then Alex found out from a correctional officer that an inmate died on a job site, shortly after that the guard was murdered by an inmate.  Alex told his boss about the collusion, Bratton told him, they had framed Alex for it.  Every bonus, fees…etc., he received since taking the case, was tied to the collusion.  Alex had no options but to go along with the shady dealings because he was married and had a daughter, and he didn’t want his daughter to grow up without a father.  The problem now is that Alex is even more screwed because he agreed to take full responsibility for the collusion to stop Bratton from coming after Pearson Specter Litt’s clients. 

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So the question is what Mike will do?  Tune in next week Suitors for the show’s 100th episode!  Episode 8 - “Mirror Mirror” - premieres on August 30, 2017.  Until next week Suitors!


Flashback scene of Harvey and Donna


Flashback of Harvey and Jessica  


Flashback of Donna & Mark

Flashback of Donna & Mark