#Suits - Season 7, Episode 8 "100", Review/Recap

Rating:  9/10

(Air Date 8/30/2017)

Episode 708 of Suits was directed by our very own Patrick J. Adams.  He did a fantastic job directing and starring in the episode titled “100”; it is so titled because this was the show’s 100th episode.

I will say this first…I am a Darvey fan, and I was disappointed that there were no scenes at all of Harvey and Donna together, especially since it was their 100th episode and all the hype they've shown about Donna and Harvey.  If there had been, the rating I’d have given would have been 10.  But alas, no Darvey scenes, they only get a nine.  But overall it is was a good episode!

It opens like it has done a few times with Harvey and Paul on the phone flirting with each other.  She asks him out to dinner, he accepts.  Then they cut to Donna in her apartment (in her pajamas), and she calls her old boyfriend Mark.  Yes, the same Mark we saw in a flashback last week.  They agree to meet for lunch.

Next scene we see Mike going to Harvey’s apartment.  He tells Harvey he knows all about Alex and he wants to help.  Next Harvey goes to see Robert Zane with the prison case.  Yep, you guessed it…he is passing the case to Zane.  Zane tells him he'll take the case, but he doesn't want any crap from Harvey because he'll do what needs to be done to the case, however way he sees fit.

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Louis gets a bunch of folders with potential associates from Columbia.  When he finds out that they got short changed, he marches down to the recruiter’s office at Columbia and comes face to face with Sheila!  Yes, the same Sheila that broke off her engagement with Louis!  She tells him she’s engaged to be married!  She left Harvard and moved to the city because her fiancé was from the city.  If you remember, she won't leave Harvard for Louis!

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While Donna and Mark have lunch, he tells her he’s been married for the past three years, but the marriage is not a happy one.  Donna tells him she is not the answer to his problem after he tells her that he thinks of Donna all the time.

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While Mike and Harvey try to figure out a way to have Frank Gallow not testify Rachel interrupts with a plan of her own.  Use pictures of her that Frank “sent” saying that Frank was threatening Robert Zane with the photos.  Harvey doesn't want to do it but he does use the pictures, and the judge agrees that Frank will not testify.  Robert Zane is completely upset to the point where he wanted to hit Harvey in the men’s room (even pushed Harvey against the wall)!  Mike stops the fight and tells Robert it was all Rachel’s idea. 

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Frank Gallow is murdered in prison!  That’s right Suitors; Frank Gallow is dead!

Mark calls Donna and asks to see her before he goes back to Connecticut.  Donna doesn’t know what to do; but after seeing Paula in Harvey’s office, pangs of jealousy creep up. (Guess the feelings don't go away).  As Paula leaves Rachel arrives and asks Donna if she wants to go out the next night for drinks.  Donna tells her that she has plans that night.

Louis gets a call from Sheila.  It seems that Sheila wants one last night with Louis before she gets married!  Louis agrees!  Their bantering of the sexual escapades they would do was hilarious especially when Louis hangs up, and Rachel walks in all concerned about Louis when she tells him to come with her, and he says "I'm not going anywhere ."

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Alex goes to see his old boss Tommy Bratton.  He tells Tommy he wants the affidavit he signed, Tommy laughs, but the laugh is short lived when Harvey shows up with a note signed by Roger Shapiro that states Tommy gave the order to kill Frank Gallow.  Tommy bulks but eventually signs his resignation and gives back Alex’s affidavit.

As Louis goes to see Sheila, Donna goes to see Mark.  Louis goes into Sheila’s room.  Donna, on the other hand, tells Mark, “I can’t do this.” And walks away!  Meanwhile, Harvey has dinner with Paula at his favorite restaurant.  She hands him a small box and tells him it’s a gift for their two-month anniversary.  (How sweet).  He, in turn, gives her his apartment key.

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Next episode (709) is scheduled for September 6th and is entitled "Shame."

Until next week Suitors!


Gabriel Macht as the handsome Harvey Specter  


Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulson arriving at ex-boyfriend Mark's hotel room


Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Donna sharing a moment  

Preview of next week's episode