#Suits - Season 7, Episode 9 "Shame", Review/Recap

Rating:  7/10

(Air Date 9/6/2017)

So much going on in this episode it was hard to keep up, but I tried Suitors, I tried!  One of the best scenes is the opening where we see Louis walking off the elevator onto the Pearson Specter Litt floor, and everyone is watching him and saying “shame” as they look and point at him.  You know his conscience is bothering him for cheating with Sheila.  She is engaged and about to be married!

The associate, Brian, is picked for a case with Louis and they meet the attorney representing a company that is copying a product one of PSL’s clients are creating.  The product is a baby bottle nipple.  New father Brian takes offense when the attorney yells at him that he is an unfit/bad father.  Louis is taken aback by Brian yelling at the attorney.  They both storm off, and as Brian starts to apologize, Louis tells him to channel his anger as he writes the TRO to stop the production.  The next day Louis gets a call from the said attorney named Hank.  Hank yells at Louis, asking him if he even read the TRO (of course Louis hasn’t, but he fakes that he did).  Hank tells Louis that he’s going to drive PSL into the ground because he plans to sue the shit out of Louis’ firm and client.  He then tells a speechless Louis that he is Sheila’s fiancé and he KNOWS he had an affair with Sheila!

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Rachel gets a visit from dear old dad Robert Zane.  He wants to work a case with Rachel regarding a mortgage company that seems to be discriminating against African Americans.  The case makes Robert’s skin crawl; apparently, Rachel’s aunt worked for the CEO of the mortgage company that Zane has filed a suit against.  He tells Rachel that when the Aunt was younger she was beautiful and the CEO made advances towards her.  When she didn’t reciprocate, he fired her.  She went to Robert who was just starting out as a lawyer.  He didn’t want to get fired himself, so he told her they had no case.  It broke her; she died, and for Robert, this is a way of making amends to her.


Louis goes to Brian and screams at him for screwing up the TRO!  Gretchen over hears and tells Louis he shouldn’t take his problems out on Brian.  Louis yells at her and threatens that he could fire her.  She strikes back at Louis who backs down, but his emotions are all over the place because of his guilt over what he did with Sheila.  However, Gretchen has Louis’ back when Brian says something derogatory towards Louis and wants to quit the firm.  Gretchen tells him to own his mistake and not to quit.  Brian manages to get back into Louis’ good graces.  [Note:  I think it was a bit strange that Louis, who is Brian’s boss, comes over to Brian’s apartment late at night to offer to take the night shift with Brian’s baby so that Brian could get some sleep.]

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Now Harvey and Mike have their hands full when Andy Malik (who just so happened to work in the DA’s office back when Harvey and Donna were there working for Cameron Dennis.  [Note: Cameron’s name was mentioned so many times I’m wondering if he’ll make an appearance next week!]  Of course Harvey doesn’t remember the guy, but Donna (of course) does.  Andy has a huge Harvey chip on his shoulders and wants to depose Donna on the stand because he is hell bent on wreaking havoc in Harvey’s life. Since Harvey has crossed the line so many times.  Harvey and Donna go to Louis to help her prepare for a mock trial!  Louis refuses at first because he doesn’t want to hurt Donna like he did when they had a mock trial way back in the first or second season.  But he is convinced by Donna and Harvey to do it.

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I’m rating this 7 out of 10 only because there is so much going on with the three cases (Harvey & Mike; Zane & Zane; and Louis & Brian) it was a bit hard to concentrate on any one thing.  I do think Gretchen pretty much stole the show this week with all her zingers and standing up to Louis and having Louis’ back!

So that is this week’s episode all wrapped up.  Can you believe next week’s episode is the Summer Finale??  The episode entitled, “Donna” looks very interesting and it premieres on September 13, 2017.  Until next week Suitors!