#Suits - Season 7 Episodes 15 and 16 "Tiny Violin/Good-Bye" Reviews/Recaps/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 7, Episode 15 “Tiny Violins” and Episode 16 “Good-Bye” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  8/10

(Airdate 4/25/2018)

Suits season 7 finale was bittersweet; there were endings and a new beginning.  We say goodbye to series’ regulars Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle who exit the series as Mike and Rachel.  We also saw Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) take on Chicago in the pilot for her new show.

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Nate comes to see Mike because the clinic took on a class action suit regarding kids getting sick with lead poisoning.  Nate tells him that the case is getting to him because 150 kids have gotten ill due to lead poising; Mike, of course, agrees to help the clinic.  Andy Forsythe contacts Mike trying to recruit him and Rachel to work at a firm he is starting out and wants Mike and Rachel to manage; the firm would focus entirely on cases that would help people.  The kicker?  The job is in Seattle!  The offer almost seems too good to be true, and at one point Mike even believes that Andy Forsythe is working for the company that the clinic is suing because the clinic loses all of its funding because Mike turns down the settlement offer of $100,000 per family.  Nate is furious with Mike for not settling and ends up letting everyone go.  Mike convinces Nate to keep fighting, and he will see about getting funding. 

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Mike goes to Donna to see about getting $500,000 for the clinic.  Donna tells him the firm can’t afford it.  Afterward, Louis comes to Mike and gives him a check for the funds needed telling him it’s an “anonymous” donation from him to the clinic.

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Meanwhile, the document Louis drafted throwing Jessica under the bus opened up a lot of problems for the Specter Litt firm.  The former partners have decided to try and take over the firm!  Two familiar faces comeback:  Jack Soloff and Scottie.  Even Robert Zane makes a few appearances.  Stanley Gordon convinces Jack Soloff to join his fight against Specter Litt; he also uses something Scottie said in court during one of her cases that because of her association with Specter Litt it’s hurt her reputation.  Harvey goes to see Scottie (thinking that she was helping Gordon).  She tells him she’s not helping Gordon and yes she said that but it was only to win a case.  She’s done pretty well for herself.  Later, she goes to see Harvey.  She reminds him that he said that he’d call her if he had “fixed” himself.  Harvey tells her the truth.  He started to date his therapist a year and three weeks after he stopped seeing her professionally.  But it didn’t work out.  Scottie asks if Donna had something to do with it.  Harvey asks why she asks that.  Scottie smiles sadly and says she just needed to know.  She knew it had to be because of Donna. 

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Harvey is called to Chicago to help out Jessica who apparently lost her license to practice law after she beat them in a million dollar lawsuit.  She depends on Harvey to defend a low-income housing project from being torn down.  A building that her father’s sister lives in.  A builder named Pat McCann gets Harvey kicked off Jessica’s case after Harvey gives him a check for McCann to use to back Jessica.  McCann then meets with Jessica and gives her the check back.  The Mayor then offers Jessica a job.  Jeff Malone (yes, he and Jessica are together) tells her he hopes she knows what she’s doing because the Mayor and his staff are corrupt.  But Jessica has made up her mind. 

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While Harvey is in Chicago, the gang (Donna, Louis, Mike, and Rachel) handle everything at Specter Litt.  Mike, who drops everything to help Specter Litt because he promised Harvey, talks Robert Zane into joining forces with Specter Litt.  Gordon had come to Harvey and Louis with an offer to hire the partners back, and they would drop the lawsuit.  Harvey and Louis figured that was too good to be true and find out that Robert Zane’s firm was planning on expanding and if Specter Litt rehires the partners back, they’d be able to outvote Harvey and Louis and merge with Zane’s firm, which would then mean Specter Litt would cease to exist.

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Harvey confronted Zane about it, but then it turns out that Robert didn’t know anything about what his partners were up to because they were working behind his back!  So Mike talks his soon-to-be father-in-law to join Litt.  They’ll hire the partners, but with Zane, they’ll have leverage against them, and Specter Litt will survive.  Or will it be Zane Specter Litt?  Guess we’ll find out in Season 8!

Mike kicks butt in court and ends up winning a HUGE settlement for the clinic’s class action suit. 

With about ten minutes left we have Mike and Rachel’s wedding.  Of course, Donna put it all together!  The wedding is beautiful (but way too short).  At the reception, Mike and Harvey share a drink, and Mike breaks the news to Harvey that he and Rachel won’t be returning after their honeymoon.  They’ve accepted jobs in Seattle.  Such a touching moment when they hugged!  The final scene shows Mike and Rachel dancing and Donna and Harvey dancing.  Everyone is having a great time.

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My thoughts on the season finale:  I was really disappointed in the way no one said goodbye to Rachel.  I mean where was that Donna/Rachel moment when Donna finds out Rachel is leaving?  We had the Mike/Harvey hug, why not a tender moment between the two besties?  I was also very disappointed with only about 7 minutes of the wedding!  The buildup for this was tremendous, and we only got 7 minutes (out of the last 10 minutes of the 716).  I am looking forward to Gina Torres’ new show, it definitely looks interesting (and I’ll admit I’m hoping for Harvey to make appearances on it too).  Overall I think the season 7 finale was good, but it just wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped.  It would have been nice to Have Mike and Harvey work on one last case together; it would have been so fun to see Donna & Rachel as Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross again too.  Hopefully, season 8 will not disappoint.  It will be interesting to see where they take the show now that two of, well, three of its stars (Mike, Rachel & Jessica) are no longer a part of the show.

Suits Season 8 will premiere in July.  What are you hoping for in Suits Season 8?