#Suits Season 7 Premier! 7x11 "Hard Truths" Recap & Review

#Suits - Season 7, Episode 11 “Hard Truths,” Review/Recap

Rating:  10/10

(Aired date 3/28/2018)

Suits is back baby!  Season 7B returned with a lot of Darvey fans wanting to know how Harvey would handle “the kiss” from Donna at the end of the summer finale.  Well, we found out and it ain’t pretty boys & girls!

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The show opens right where it left off after the kiss with Harvey in Donna’s office.  He turns and leaves heading for the elevator.  Louis meets him and asks what they are going to do about Jessica (she’s about to get disbarred), and he asks if Donna knows.  Harvey coldly tells him to tell Donna himself; he can’t deal with it right now.  Harvey goes home and finds Paula in his apartment.  He’s surprised; she asks him if he’s ok.  He lies and says he is; she asks him if this was about Donna, all Harvey can say is “what?”  Paula explains that he had the trial and that the guy (Malik) was coming after Donna and was wondering how that went.  Harvey nods and says “we beat that,” so Paula comes over to him and kisses him.  Harvey’s response is to ask Paula to move in with him!  He tells her that he’s had a bad day and within 30 seconds of seeing her she makes the outside world disappear.  As romantic as it sounds, Paula turns him down and tells him they shouldn’t rush into anything, she did that once and got her heart broke.  Harvey tells her he’d never do that.  She knows he wouldn’t, but she thinks they should wait.

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Alex gives Mike a major client – Quality Foods – who, of course, have a problem.

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Harvey walks into his office and finds Donna waiting for him.  Before she can say anything, Harvey says he doesn’t want to talk about what happened last night.  Donna tries to tell him she wasn’t there to talk about last night but to say to him they needed to hire another senior partner but Harvey cuts her off saying he only wants her to say it will never happen again.  They stare at each other and Donna tells him “It will never happen again.”  Louis walks in and starts talking about what to do about Jessica and the firm.  Harvey interrupts him and tells Donna to get out.  Louis says she can stay Harvey insists she leaves; Donna tells Louis “It’s ok, I was just leaving.”  Louis looks questioningly at Harvey as Donna walks out. They start to discuss dissolving the firm to restructure because of Jessica getting disbarred and also so they could pay Jessica as they buy her out.  This is a problem because they need to have at least one of the past partners (Van Dyke, Schmidt, Gordon) sign off.

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Harvey pays a visit to Stanley Gordon to see if he will sign off on the restructuring.  He says he will, but Harvey needs to do him a favor.  It seems that Mr. Gordon donated $10 million and they were supposed to name a building after him.  The organization didn’t, and Gordon wants his money back or his name on a building.  Harvey meets with the organization and tells them he knows the game they are playing, and they will name a building after Gordon.  The bulk, but Harvey isn’t taking no for an answer.  He then tells Stan that it's done and to sign.  Stan says he won’t sign.

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Donna sets up an interview to hire a new senior partner.  She catches Harvey off guard, he’s pissed (actually he acts like a spoiled brat NOT a managing partner), and he blows the interview, not that he cares.  As he walks out of the building, Donna catches up to him and talk about the kiss.  Harvey is angry!  Donna tells him she didn’t feel anything after the kiss.  She’s surprised he did feel something, but Harvey chalks it up to “I’m human of course I felt something.”  I call BS!

Louis tells Harvey the only way to keep Gordon’s name off their wall is to write a statement regarding Jessica’s disbarment.  Basically, throwing Jessica under the bus!  Harvey adamantly says he won’t do it.

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Donna eventually finds Harvey up on the roof.  She tells him she’s sorry.  Harvey being an ass tells her he came up there to be alone.  Poor Harvey’s feelings are hurt because Paula’s mad at him because he said to her that Donna kissed him.  Paula had put two and two together and asked him if that is why he asked her to move in with him.  Harvey hesitates and then tells her that no.  Paula isn’t buying into that!

Later Harvey goes to Donna’s office and asks her if she thinks it’s a good idea to make Mike a senior partner.  It was Alex’s idea because Mike, with Rachel’s help, figured out what Quality Foods was doing and they cut a check for $120 million.  Donna tells him it would not be a good idea.  Harvey asks why and she says “If we can’t tell each other the hard truths then what are we doing?”  She goes on to tell Harvey that he made Mike a lawyer before he was ready and Mike just isn’t ready right now to be a senior partner.

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After Louis goes to Harvey, he tells him everything they’ve tried isn’t working.  Harvey finally agrees and tells Louis to write it, and he’ll sign it.  Louis asks if he wants him to let Jessica know.  Harvey tells him he’ll do because “If we can’t tell each other the hard truths then what are we doing?”

Later Harvey goes to see Paula. He tells her that he and Donna slept together once years ago.  They stare at each other.  The scene ends with Harvey asking Paula to say something.

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Until next week Suitors – where we’ll see Jessica make an appearance and she’s asking for money!