Suits - Season 8, Episode 1 "Right Hand Man", Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 1 “Right Hand Man,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Airdate 7/18/2018)

Suits are finally back!  The song “Greenback Boogie” is still there but the opening sequence is new.  I think it fits the tone of the new season.  So let's get to it!

Suits open with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) sitting at one of the tables after Mike and Rachel’s wedding.  Obviously, they’ve had one drink too many, and they’re talking about the name of their firm, seeing as they’ve merged.  Harvey says, “Zane Specter Litt” and Zane says, “Specter Zane Litt.”  They both laugh and then say, “Either way, Litt comes last,” as they toast their new merger.

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Because of the new merger, Zane and Specter need to decide which firm they each represent will be dropped because of a conflict of interest because Zane’s client, Dexter Roe, merged and one of the divisions conflicts with Harvey’s client, Clavitson.  Louis comes to the rescue by suggesting they get their clients to drop the one conflicting division and they both will get to keep their client.  But Zane and Harvey decide whoever does it first, will either become the managing partner or stay managing partner.

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Harvey goes to Alex Williams (Dule Hill) to get him to get Zane’s client to sell their manufacturing side; Robert goes to his “right-hand man,” Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) to do the same thing to Harvey’s client.

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Both Dule Hill and Amanda Schull (Katrina Bennett) are now series regulars now that Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) and Meghan Markle (Rachel Zane) have gone on to bigger and better things.

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) asks Katrina for a list of associates  (from Zane’s firm and Specter Litt) and to evaluate them to see who will stay and who will be fired.  Once Katrina comes up with a list, using a computer program, she tells Louis she wants to be the one to fire the associates.  Louis finds out that one of the names on the list is Brian Altman (Jake Epstein).  Louis tells Katrina to find someone else because Brian will not be fired.  Apparently, Brian is a good associate but the not the best.  Katrina takes Brian out to lunch to try and figure out how to keep Brian.  He ends up making her angry by talking about his new baby and telling her that since the baby he’s been so scatterbrained.  He figures out that she is going to fire him and when she starts to try and make an excuse, she loses it and tells him she’s trying to save his job but he leaves her no choice and she fires him before walking out of the restaurant.  Brian goes to Louis and Louis tells him he’s not fired.  Katrina speaks to Donna, and after revaluating the associates (by not using the computer program), she comes up with another associate and keeps Brian. 

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Katrina fires an associate named Bridgette.  It’s not easy for Katrina, but she does it so she can grow in the firm.  She too wants her name up on the wall, and Louis has promised her that it’ll be there one day.  Note:  You may remember Brian from last season, he was the associate who had become a new dad and Louis took a liking to him.

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I swear Harvey looks like he has heartburn talking to Robert Zane!  Zane calls Harvey on the carpet about not being a good enough managing partner because he can’t stay out of it, but Harvey gives his word he’ll stay out of the way between Alex and Samantha.  That takes all about five seconds when Harvey hears about a problem and takes over from Alex.  Samantha chews out Harvey and walks away from him telling Harvey, “Kiss my *ss” when Harvey tells her not to walk away from him.  Harvey goes to Robert to tell him to call off his “dogs,” Zane gets mad.  He chews out Harvey because Harvey broke his promise to stay out of it.  Harvey basically says he doesn’t care because he won and he’s managing partner, and he’s not giving Robert his firm.  Robert smugly looks at Harvey and says he already has taken the firm.  And the look on Harvey’s face says he knows it too.

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He’s waiting in Donna’s office and starts to yell at Donna for not stopping him taking over the case from Alex.  Donna tells him she tried, but she listened to him.  She tells Harvey that Mike is gone and that the reason Mike left is that he figured out who he was and Harvey needs to find out who he is.  Harvey stares at Donna; she tells him he’s a man who wants back in the game.  He’s been to the top, and he’s tired of looking out the window.  She basically tells Harvey that he’s the best closer in New York.  Harvey knows she’s right; Donna is always right.  But he’s worried as to how it’s going to look to others if steps down and hands over the reigns to Zane.  Donna tells him it’ll look like no other firm could touch them with him and Robert doing what they were meant to do by “pulling off the kind of sh*t that only Harvey Specter can do.”  So Harvey goes to Robert and relinquishes the reigns of managing partner, he also asks for his old office back, of course, Zane agrees.

Later, Samantha goes to Robert’s office and pours herself a drink.  She then tells Robert she wants to be named partner by the end of the year.  By the sound of it, she has something on Zane!

Well, there you have it – Suits episode 801.  The old Suits we have loved the past seven seasons is gone, but perhaps the new and improved Suits will be just as amazing and make us fall more in love with it!

What are your thoughts about the episode?  What are your hopes for season 8?

 Until next week Suitors!!!

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