#Suits - Season 8, Episode 11 "Rocky 8" - Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 11 “Rocky 8”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  9/10

(Airdate 1/23/2019)

Return – season 8.5!!

Suits are back! Finally, after months and months of waiting, the second half of season 8 (the back six episodes) begins.  About time, right?

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This episode entitled “Rocky 8” had a bit of a punch.  Lots of Harvey Specter and Robert Zane scenes; lots of Louis scenes; and even lots of Donna scenes too, with a few Katrina, Samantha, and Alex scenes thrown in for good measure.  Donna looked terrific the entire episode!  Harvey looked sharp and handsome as ever!  There was also fun bantering between Harvey and Donna, Robert and Harvey, and even Louis and Harvey.  (Harvey seems to be the center of attraction, huh?)

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So onto the review/recap:  when we last saw the firm, there were lots of changes coming.  Louis is now managing partner, and we have two new names added to the wall.  Our firm is now Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams (or ZSLWW for short?)

Harvey and Robert Zane work on a case against Andrew Malik.  This is personal for Harvey because he wants to win this for Jessica.  If you recall, Malik is the one who had Jessica disbarred.  Robert tells Harvey he needs to tell Louis about the case because Louis is managing partner.  Harvey doesn’t want to because he knows it’s the type of case Louis wouldn’t like.  Zane tells him if Harvey doesn’t say, Louis, he will.  Harvey tells Louis, and to Harvey’s surprise, Louis tells him he doesn’t want to know about the case, he trusts Harvey will win. 

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Louis, as managing partner, is learning to delegate (at the insistence of the firm’s COO – Ms. Donna Paulsen.)  One of Louis’ oldest clients, Thomas Kessler, comes to visit.  He tells Louis that he has a problem with a contract and he’s looking for a new General Counsel.  Louis wants to tell him he can’t be the GC, but agrees to be the interim GC and will help him find a permanent General Counsel.   Louis gives the contract issue to Alex and Donna handles finding a GC.  But when Alex tells Louis something he doesn’t like about the contract, Louis gets mad and takes it back.  Eventually, with Donna’s help, Louis gives the case back to Alex and Alex saves the day.  Donna also helps Thomas find a new General Counsel for his company.  This impresses Thomas, who eventually asks Donna on a date.  She declines because he is a client.  He tells her he’ll ask again.

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Back to Harvey’s case:  Malik is bringing charges against a boxing promoter named Jeff Allen.  Allen’s boxer, Ricky threw a fight and Malik charges that it was Allen’s idea to do this.  Harvey and Robert find out that the idea was all Ricky who did it for the money so that he could provide for his family.  Harvey at first wants to throw Ricky under the bus (to defend his client), but Robert convinces Harvey that they shouldn’t do that.  Ricky has brain damage from years of boxing (and getting hit in the head).  Ricky tells Harvey one day he set out to pick up his daughter from school and couldn’t remember anything.  He said he drove around trying to remember and it wasn’t until the school called him that he figured it out.  As Harvey and Robert discuss how to work the case, Louis comes in and gives his thoughts.  Harvey and Robert go to Malik’s office and hand him a deal, one that he can’t refuse.  The deal will ruin Malik but charges are dropped against Harvey’s clients (yep, Ricky became a client too).  You know Malik will be back looking to hurt Harvey again.

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Katrina is tired of being a pushover and has decided to stand up for herself.  She knows what kind of lawyer she wants to be.  {I sort of remember Mike Ross said that to Harvey a long, long time ago).

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No mention of Sheila!


By now you may know that Suits has been renewed for a 9th (and final) season.  I will admit that the timing of this news coinciding with the second half of season 8 was horrible.  I was (probably still am) angry and hurt that they decided to end the show next season.  I know it was going to end eventually, but it was the timing of the announcement that does not sit well with me. 

Also, the Suits spinoff starring Gina Torres has a name finally!  Coming soon will be “Pearson.”  I am looking forward to the new show and hope some of the cases from Suits will be making an appearance to help Jessica Pearson out of any trouble she may get into in Chicago.

Next Week:

Next week’s episode is titled “Whale Hunt” where Louis learns the finer points of managing Harvey, and Alex is caught between Samantha and his wife.

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