#Suits - Season 8, Episode 12 “Whale Hunt”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 12 “Whale Hunt”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Air date 1/30/2019)

Romance seems to be in the air at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, well at least for a few of our staff anyways!   Donna accepts a date with Thomas Kessler!  Meanwhile Katrina finds it harder to work with Brian because of the attraction between the two of them.

Katrina and Brian

Katrina and associate Brian begin working on a case regarding a fragrance company that seems to have “stolen” a product idea from Katrina’s client.  Both packaging are the same:  red box with gold cursive writing.  While discussing the case in Katrina’s office, Brian comes up with the idea that maybe both fragrances smell the same too.  Katrina sprays one on each of her arms.  Brian smells one arm and there was a weird, awkward moment between the two!

Later Brian tells Katrina he can’t stay late to work because his wife had to work and they just lost their babysitter and haven’t found a new one yet.  The two decide to work at Brian’s apartment so that he can also watch his child.  When they call it a night and Katrina starts to pack up, the baby wakes and Brian brings the baby into the living room to let Katrina hold the baby.  The moment gets intense as the two get very close to kissing.  Katrina quickly backs away, grabs her things and leaves.

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The next day during the deposition, things really get weird between Katrina and Brian!  They end up talking about what is happening between them using the focus groups and packaging as metaphors, making them both look incompetent.  Later Brian goes to Katrina’s office afterwards to try and talk about what happened.  Katrina tells him they can’t work together.  They both look heartbroken as Brian walks away.

Alex and Samantha

Alex and Samantha have dinner with Alex’s wife, Rosalie.  Rosalie, who is also an attorney, asks Samantha to take a case with her.  Samantha agrees; Alex asks her not to take the case, Samantha refuses, Alex then tells her not to drag him into the case down the road.

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Samantha and Rosalie have a deposition with the folks from the school they are suing.  The deposition goes in their favor when the guy admits to lying.  Samantha and Rosalie argue about the settlement and Samantha tries to pressure Alex into taking her side but in the end Alex takes his wife’s side.

Louis and Harvey

Meanwhile, Louis, as managing partner, tells Harvey to go after a big client named Stephen Palmer.  Harvey accepts the challenge because, as we know, Harvey is the best closer in New York.  Harvey goes to meet Mr. Palmer at car race track.  As Harvey tries to schmooze Palmer, he gets stuck down.  Stephen tells Harvey he isn’t interested in signing with Harvey because of Harvey’s reputation of not listening and not doing what he is told to do.

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After Harvey tells Louis that he’s got it under control Louis calls Stephen Palmer to tell him how happy he is that Palmer is signing with the firm.  Palmer stops Louis in his tracks telling him the same as he told Harvey.  This angers Louis [and you know what happens when Louis gets angry? He doesn’t think straight!]  Louis goes straight to Harvey and calls him out for lying to him saying he was signing Palmer when the truth is that the guy doesn’t want anything to do with them because of Harvey’s reputation!  Harvey tells Louis to calm down he’s still working on it and he’ll change Palmer’s mind.  Louis tells him to forget it that he will do what it takes to sign Palmer and for Harvey to stay away from Palmer’s charity poker game that night.

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[Well you know Harvey was going to show up at the poker game, I mean, it’s a poker and Louis told him not to do something.]  At the poker game when Harvey shows up, this just fuels Louis’ anger.  The three men, Stephen Palmer, Louis and Harvey play poker.  Louis is wining while Harvey is “playing the man” and pretending to lose.  Stephen walks away; Harvey tries to tell Louis to take a chill pill because Stephen doesn’t like to lose.  Of course Louis doesn’t believe Harvey.  He thinks that Harvey is just pissed that Louis is beating him.  So, to teach Louis a lesson, the two play against each other as Stephen watches.  Louis playing to beat Harvey no matter what, while Harvey plays him and Louis plays right into Harvey’s hand and loses all of his winnings.

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A very angry Louis goes to Donna and demands that she stay late to help him land Stephen Palmer.  Donna tells him she can’t, she has plans.  But Louis doesn’t give her a choice.

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Gretchen sees Donna working late and calls her on it.  Then Gretchen goes to Harvey’s office and tells him off because “Donna has plans.” By the end of the episode Harvey and Louis make up and have a prunie in the firm’s kitchen.

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Donna goes on her date with Thomas, they seem to be having a wonderful time, laughing, trading stories, enjoying each other’s company and end up going into her apartment building!!

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Harvey in a tuxedo at the poker game.  [swoon!]

Donna having fun on a date and NOT thinking about work!


Katrina and Brian.  They have chemistry, a lot of chemistry!  But…Brian is married with a new baby…this is just a big no from me.  Katrina needs romance but I don’t want her to be “the other woman”, she deserves better than that!  And Brian just seems too nice to have an affair.  He looks like he was not brought up that way.

Donna and Thomas.  I’m a Darvey fan (since day 1 of the series) but I’m kind of liking that Donna is happy and dating and not caring about what makes Harvey happy, but is caring what makes her happy.  She needs to be happy and have some fun in her life!  But I have a feeling that when Harvey finds out…he won’t be happy…and Thomas better hide if he ever does anything to hurt Donna!


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Next week’s episode is titled “The Greater Good” where Harvey and Donna are caught in the crosshairs when Stu is blackmailed; Samantha revisits her past.

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