#Suits - Season 8, Episode 13 “The Greater Good”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 13 “The Greater Good”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Air date 2/6/2019)

Suits episode 13 of season 8 was so fun and interesting to watch; before I knew it (or was ready for it) the episode was over!  So let’s get to it!

Some familiar faces returned for a special appearance: Neal McDonough as Sean Cahill, Erik Palladino as Kevin Miller (Mike’s former prison mate), and Ian Reed Kesler as Stu Buzzini.


First scene is Donna waking up in bed and Thomas sitting at a small table (in Donna’s bedroom) drinking coffee!  I wish I looked that great in the morning! He made them coffee but didn’t want to rush off even though he had an important meeting to attend.  They make plans for that night and then he kisses her as he goes off to work and Donna goes back to sleep.

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Stu meets with Harvey to tell him that a trader is trying to blackmail Stu for the trade he made for Harvey (from when Mike was in prison).  Harvey goes and pays the guy (Nick Pavonotti) a visit.  Nick [who sounds like a mafia crime boss] doesn’t scare easily apparently and threatens Harvey too.  Harvey tries to call his bluff telling Nick to go and tell Sean Cahill what he thinks Stu did that was illegal.  Harvey pays a visit to Kevin Miller, who is with a consulting firm, and seems to be doing really well since getting out of prison.  He tells Kevin to contact Nick.  Harvey also pays a visit to Sean Cahill.  Cahill and Harvey argue about the illegal trade that Stu did on the bequest of Harvey.  He tells Harvey he, Donna, Stu, and Nick could all go to jail.  Later Nick goes to see Sean Cahill and tries to get him to charge Stu, out of the shadows comes Harvey telling both men about Nick trying to blackmail everyone.  Nick gets angry, but Cahill tells him he’ll press charges against him since blackmail is a crime.  Nick walks away defeated.  So all is saved! 

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I love the new information we seem to be getting about Samantha’s past!  Judy, Samantha’s former foster mom comes to her asking to help one of her foster kids.  Seems that Corey (who we never see) was driving Judy’s car and had drugs in the car.  Judy tells the cops the drugs were hers; apparently the drugs were going to be sold by Corey.  During the course of trying to help Judy, Samantha finds out that Judy let her go (back into the system) when Samantha was a rebellious teen.  This hurts Samantha (can’t say I blame her).  She goes to talk to Robert Zane about it, telling him she is dropping the case.  Robert talks her into continuing with the case and helping her foster mom.  Samantha does and of course wins the case.  She and Judy make up.  Yay for happy endings!

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Sheila and Louis have plans that evening to discuss the baby’s nursery.  Louis, who is learning to delegate, has Samantha attending a meeting in his place (she then delegates it to Robert when she takes Judy’s case).  When Samantha wants to drop the case, Robert blows off the meeting to talk to Samantha.  When Louis finds out he comes stomping and yelling into Robert’s office.  Robert puts him in his place!  Louis calms down, and then goes to talk to Katrina.  He asks about her and Brian.

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Katrina and Brian

Katrina tries to work with another attorney from the bullpen but that doesn’t go well at all.  Brian is hurt when he goes to talk to her, seeing that she replaced him as her associate.  He doesn’t want to look like an idiot and she’s making it look that way.  She goes to Donna to see about replacing Brian without making it look like he was at fault.  She doesn’t want to hurt his career.  As she and Donna are talking, Harvey’s name comes up.  Donna gives Katrina advice from her own experience (her feelings about Harvey and working with him for so many years).  Katrina tells Brian they will continue in a work relationship and he’ll be on track for a junior partner position one day.

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Neal McDonough (love his blue eyes!)

Donna having fun!


Donna and Harvey:  As I’ve said before I’m a Darvey fan but…I like this romance between her and Thomas.  The disappointment came when at the end of the episode, after making a date with Thomas she leaves her phone on her table to go and get ready for her date.  The phone rings…yep it was Harvey.  He leaves her a message (seeing if she wanted to get a drink).  Part of me is like ‘just be friends with Harvey’, but another part is like ‘be with Harvey’.  Lol

Harvey:  poor guy all alone in his office.  He calls Donna, then he calls Mike but he doesn’t get a hold of either of them.  He looked lonely sitting in his office drinking.  I think he needs to talk to Dr. Lipschitz.

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Louis:  The man needs to talk to Dr. Lipschitz too!  He flies off the handle in a blink of an eye!  He has a lot to learn as managing partner.  


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Next week’s episode is titled “Peas in a Pod” where Harvey is forced to choose sides when Samantha and Scottie (she’s back!) go toe-to-toe; and Louis represents Dr. Lipschitz.

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