#Suits - Season 8, Episode 14 “Peas in a Pod”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 14 “Peas in a Pod”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  8/10

(Air date 2/13/2019)

Episode 14 had some good spots but I think the writers tried to put too much into one episode.  There were three cases going on and not a lot of time spent on any of them.

Alex had a case where a machine was used to help someone but the person ended up dying.  Alex’s client created the machine, so he goes after the grieving husband but when Alex finds out that it was actually the machine’s error and shows his client, the client tells Alex to bury it.  Gretchen helps Alex with his dilemma.  Alex admits to the husband he was wrong in accusing him during the deposition.  Good move Alex!

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Scottie is back!  Well at least for one episode and causing heartburn for Samantha and Harvey.  Dana Scott has a case against Samantha and makes Samantha look bad in front of the judge.  Bad move Scottie!  Samantha goes after her with everything she can find.  She enlists Katrina’s help.  They find out that Scottie’s clients have fake accounts!  Harvey finds out that Scottie knew about said fake accounts and went along with it so that 100s of people would not lose their jobs.  By the end Scottie calls Donna and tells her she promises to “stay away from him” and that she “hopes someday he’ll see what everyone sees.”

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The wonderful Dr. Lipschitz was being sued by a patient.  Apparently the patient had a break down on his job at a construction site.  He lost his job and is blaming Lipschitz because of the wrong dose of medication Lipschitz prescribed to him.  Louis insists he represent Lipschitz.  After much badgering Dr. Lipschitz agrees to have Louis represent him in the legal matter.  Louis’ first offer was declined.  Louis wants to put the guy suing the good doctor on the stand.  By putting the guy on the stand, Louis hopes that the guy will have another breakdown.  Lipschitz tells Louis he does not want that and will not allow it.  Louis instead goes to the man to try and talk some sense into him.  Surprise! It worked!  Dr. Lipschitz tells Louis he cannot see Louis as a patient anymore and even though Louis had agreed to that when he took on the case, Louis refuses now. (No surprise there!)

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The one final scene…there was a scene for Darvey fans!  Donna preparing to leave for the day (and for a date with Thomas) is stopped by Harvey at the elevators.  They sort of talk about Scottie but Harvey never finishes because Thomas shows up.  Donna nervously introduces the two men and then Thomas and Donna board the elevator, as Harvey stands alone looking at Donna looking at him.

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Samantha going into Harvey’s office calling him “Handsome and powerful” and Harvey replying “Sorry I stopped listening when you called me ‘handsome and powerful’.”

Scottie is a Darvey shipper! Lol


Samantha’s white blouse:  What was up with that?  Not one of my favorite outfits! #SorryNotSorry

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Harvey:  when he watches Donna get into the elevator with Thomas.  I really think he needs to talk to Dr. Lipschitz.

Scottie:  I’m not a huge Scottie fan, but this plot of her knowing her clients were creating fake accounts and going along with it…I just don’t buy.  Scottie was extremely upset when Harvey told her about Mike being a fraud and he knew, I just can’t see Scottie going along with fake accounts knowing that she could get into major trouble if the truth ever came out.

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What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Only two more episodes left for season 8!!  Next week’s episode is titled “Stalking Horse” – Donna’s relationship complicates a deal for Harvey and Alex; Samantha helps Louis get justice.

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