Suits - Season 8 Episode 2 - "Pecking Order", Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 2 “Pecking Order."

Rating:  7/10

(Airdate 7/25/2018)

Louis and Sheila seem to be living together!  Sheila makes a huge breakfast for Louis and tells him to go into the office and demand that he become managing partner.  Louis looks uncomfortable, not because he doesn’t know that Robert Zane has become managing partner, but more so because Louis doesn’t WANT to be a managing partner!  But he wants to make Sheila happy and is afraid that if he doesn’t become managing partner than Sheila will leave him. He goes to Harvey to discuss it, but Harvey and Zane had already signed the documents, and without letting Louis even get a word in edgewise, Harvey tells Louis that Robert Zane is now the new managing partner and Louis needs to sign the papers and get them to Donna as soon as possible.  Louis goes to see Sheila to tell her, but Sheila starts with their “sex talk” acting the part of Louis’s (as managing partner) secretary, so he goes along with it.  Unfortunately, Louis can’t “perform” with Sheila.  He actually envisions Harvey and Robert looking down on him and hilariously talks about his “manhood.”  (One of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in a long time on the show!)  Louis goes to see Dr. Lipschitz who tells Louis he must tell Sheila the truth. So Louis takes the good doctor’s advice and tells Sheila that he doesn’t want to be the managing partner.  To say that Sheila is not happy would be an understatement.  She goes to see Dr. Lipschitz! As she’s telling him a story about her “brother”, Dr. Lipschitz figures out who she is and tells her he cannot talk to her about Louis; but he does tell her that Louis doesn’t want to be managing partner now because he has something he has wanted more and that is love with her.  Sheila is speechless.  Later that night when Louis comes home to her, she tells him she wants to have a baby with him.

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While Harvey and Robert are talking, one of Mike’s clients, Max Loudon, goes to see Harvey.  He tells Harvey that his partner Nick Turner and he started a company, they raised $100 million and now $50 million is now missing.  He doesn’t know what to do.  Harvey tells him he’ll take care of it.  Meanwhile, Zane tells Samantha Wheeler to help Harvey and keep an eye on him.

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Alex Williams decides to approach Zane and invite him golfing to get to know him better.  Zane tells him if he wants to impress him bring him a big client, not go golfing.  Alex decides to go after an ex-client of Samantha’s.  Samantha goes to him to tell him not to, but Alex is determined, so Samantha walks away.

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Meanwhile, Samantha is working Harvey’s case, and Harvey is not happy about it.  He tells her to leave his clients alone and respect the chain of command.  Something tells me Samantha doesn’t quite care about the pecking order when it comes to what she wants (or is told by Zane to accomplish!)  Samantha goes to see the COO with a request for an expense account.  Donna looks over the request and tells Samantha that she won’t approve three times the amount than anyone at the firm, but she will approve half.  Samantha smiles and thanks her.  Later we find out that Samantha went over Donna’s head by having Robert approve the full amount.  Donna, of course, tells Harvey.  She tells Harvey she’ll see about finding some information on Ms. Wheeler.  But that seems to be a challenge for Donna who even recruits Gretchen to find something on Samantha, but all they find are conflicting reports.  Katrina tells them that people either hate her or want her in their corner.  Donna asks, “So is Samantha in our corner?”  Katrina responds, “Depends on which corner Zane is in.”

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Samantha comes up with a plan for Nick, Max and their company.  It’s not exactly what Harvey wanted, but he goes along with it, and it works out.  Harvey is impressed.  Harvey goes to Zane and tells him that next time to tell him to his face if he doesn’t trust his decision when it comes to the client.  Zane agrees.  He tells Harvey that he’s promised that Samantha’s name will go up Next.  Harvey tries to tell him about his promise to Alex, but he doesn’t get the chance when Louis barges in to demand respect from the two of them.  He also tells them to remember that his name is up on the wall too.  Harvey and Robert don’t say much but agree.

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Harvey and Donna meet at the elevators where Harvey tells her that Zane wants to put Samantha’s name on the wall.  Donna asks him about his promise to Alex.  He tells her he didn’t tell Zane yet but, as he gets on the elevator alone, he says to her he was going to do what Jessica would do, and that is to go home, pour himself a drink and figure out how to get what he wants.

Another episode is done for season 8.  Not sure how I feel about Samantha Wheeler yet.  At times she is annoying, but she is keeping things interesting that’s for sure.  I didn’t like her dissing on Donna that is for sure!  Donna is queen, not Ms. Wheeler!

Next week is episode 3 “Promises, Promises.”

Until next week Suitors!!!