Suits, Season 8 Episode 3 "Promises, Promises", Review/Recap/Spoilers

Suits - Season 8, Episode 3 “Promises, Promises,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Airdate 8/1/2018)

“Promises, Promises” will leave you wanting more of Suits.  I promise!  It did for me anyway!

Apparently, no one at the firm has a life outside of Zane Specter Litt… It’s late, and Harvey and Robert are having drinks in the office when Harvey excuses himself to use the restroom where he meets the cleaning lady, Anna Reed, who is crying.  Ever the gentleman Harvey asks if she’s ok and gives her his handkerchief.  She thanks him and says she just got some bad news, but she’s ok.  The next day she returns the handkerchief to Harvey and tells him her story.  Her mom is sick and needs surgery, and she can’t afford it.  She’s worked numerous hours of overtime, but because of her title something “Manager” she’s not eligible to receive overtime.  So Harvey tells Zane (when he tells Harvey not to pick a fight with the landlord, David Fox (remember that snake when Donna & Rachel went up against him last season when the firm almost lost its lease?) Harvey tells him he’s only going to talk to Fox, he won’t pick a fight.  Instead, Harvey goes to war with David Fox!  He tries to talk reason with Fox, but being the snake he is, he taunts Harvey and tells Harvey to pay the woman out of his own pocket because he won’t.

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When Harvey returns Donna is there.  She tells him the toilets are clogged; later the elevators don’t work.  Donna knows this is a case that Mike would have loved, and Harvey missing Mike wants to take this on now.  We all know that Harvey has always been the guy to help people being wronged by big businesses.  But as Zane put it, “you don’t pick a fight with the guy that owns your house” so Harvey goes to the legal clinic Mike used to work at; unfortunately, neither Nathan nor Oliver are there, so Harvey decides to take the case himself.  He tells Anna Reed, and she tells him that she’s been fired!  Donna tells Harvey to talk to Mike.  Instead, Harvey thinks “WWMD?” (“What Would Mike Do?”); and comes up with a plan.  He shows it to Donna and tells her she should be the one to close it.  Let’s face it Donna has dealt with that snake Fox in the past, and she knows how to manipulate him.  Donna agrees and asks Harvey if she has “carte blanche” to deal with David Fox.  Harvey agrees.  So Donna goes to David Fox and hands him Harvey’s deal.  She basically tells him to reinstate Anna Reed, pay her the overtime she deserves, and if he ever does this type of thing again, he’ll have a class action suit brought against him.  She also tells him that he has Harvey’s legal advice free of charge for a year. (I don’t think Harvey will be too happy about that).  David tries to ask Donna for a date but before he even can ask she shuts him down! 

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Louis goes to Robert Zane to tell him that he’s promised Katrina Bennett to have her name on the wall.  Zane tells him he doesn’t know if Katrina knows how to manage.  Louis then goes to Katrina and tells her that she needs to manage Brian Altman (the associate she tried to fire).  Katrina under pressure with a case says she doesn’t have the time, but Louis tells her to make time because she needs to impress Zane to make Partner.  She takes the task but leaves Brian high and dry and poor Brian takes the fall for it.  Katrina skips out on a meeting with a big client John Bigalow, leaving Brian to stutter through and piss off Bigalow (who even called Louis to complain).  Brian finds out from Katrina she was suffering from a migraine and couldn’t make the meeting.  She tells him that she only gets migraines when she’s under a lot of stress.  Brian tells her to tell Louis; she says she can’t because this is a chance for her to make senior partner but no one knows that.  Brian promises not to tell Louis.  Louis yells at Brian for messing up, and Brian takes it and even goes to Katrina to help her with the case, and they seem to bond a little.  They come up with a plan for court the next day that Katrina tells him he’ll be the one representing.  Later Louis congratulates Katrina for winning in court, and she tells him about her migraines and that Brian actually won in court not her.  She was the one who messed up, not Brian.  Louis tells her she’s going to be a great senior partner!

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Samantha Wheeler tries to land Delta Airlines as a client, but when Alex Williams finds out, he tells her to drop it because he’s bringing on Gavin Industries.  She tells him, no, so Alex goes to Louis, Louis tells Samantha to drop it so she says she will, but not after making Louis feel very uncomfortable and that he knows he now owes her a favor.  She really knows how to make Louis squirm!

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Alex brings the Renoir painting to Gavin Andrews.  Gavin is thrilled and signs with the firm.  He even takes an ad out in a legal journal to make the announcement!  Then Alex finds out that Gavin is as dirty as they come – trying to launder money through the Caymans.  Alex goes to Samantha and tells her she owes him and she needs to help him get out of this mess.  She tells him she tried to warn him, but he didn’t want to listen.  Alex tells her she should have come out and told him rather than beating around the bush – they are on the same team now.  She agrees to help him, and when Alex goes to see Gavin with the deal, Gavin is not a happy new client!  But Alex tells him if he ever tries to make him do something illegal Gavin will regret it.

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Overall I think this episode was extremely well written and the acting was superb!  And even though Mike Ross isn’t there anymore, he definitely still there in spirit!

Next week is episode 4 “Revenue Per Square Foot.”

Until next week Suitors!!!