Suits - Season 8, Episode 5 "Good Mudding", Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 5 “Good Mudding,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  9/10

(Airdate 8/15/2018)

First, let me say that I love the fact that Marcus is a Darvey fan!  I mean how else can you explain that when Marcus has an emergency and needs Harvey, he calls Donna because he knows she can get Harvey AND can get Harvey to do something he may not want to handle.

So…Donna tells Harvey that Marcus called and he needs to call Marcus.  When Harvey talks to Marcus, Marcus tells him that he cheated [WTH??] on his wife Katie and she wants a divorce and full custody of the kids.  Harvey tells him, no, but Marcus pleads with him that he doesn’t want to lose his kids.  Of course, Harvey agrees to represent Marcus, it’s his brother, and he has to protect his family.

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Sheila tells Louis that he has an appointment, a very important appointment; he has to go and get checked out because they haven’t gotten pregnant yet.  She’s getting checked out, and she wants him to too.  Louis is in a kafuffle.  He doesn’t know what to do, and he needs a friend to talk to…so he goes to Harvey, of course.  He tells Harvey about the appointment and that he can’t “perform under pressure.” Harvey suggests pictures.  Louis says pictures don’t help him, and then he asks what Harvey does.  Harvey doesn’t want to tell him, but Louis begs him, so Harvey tells him he fantasizes about tomatoes, which of course is hilarious! [Why Gabriel Macht and Rick Hoffman have not won Emmys is beyond me!]  Meanwhile one of the best scenes is when Donna walks in after Louis leaves and asks Harvey if it’s true about tomatoes.  Harvey begins to flirt with her saying, “I think we both know it’s not. Just like we both know it’s really strawberries and whipped cream.” Donna gives him a look, and Harvey says, “What, too soon?”  Donna smiles, “No, but this is an office, and someone could overhear and misunderstand that that was 13 years ago.”  Harvey comes closer to her and says, “Really? Cause it feels like 12 and a half to me.”  Donna calls him an idiot and then tells him about Marcus calling her and that he needs to call Marcus.  [The chemistry between Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty is pure gold!]

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It seems that Marcus did not actually cheat. Instead, he’s been gambling again.  [Why did he think to tell Harvey of all people that he cheated would be an ok thing?]  Blindsided by this he tells Marcus he’s done helping him.  While packing to leave, mom Lily shows up to talk to Harvey.  She begs him to help Marcus; she tells him she knows that she’s to blame for messing up his and Marcus’ lives.  Harvey then goes to Marcus and tells him he’s figured out how to have Marcus keep his kids which to show that Katie is an unfit mother basically.  Marcus says he won’t do that to Katie.  Harvey tries to tell him there is no other way.  Marcus stands firm; he won’t do that to Katie.  Harvey comes up with another way, and he tells Marcus that in the document it’ll say that if Marcus ever gambles again, Harvey will come and represent Katie himself to make sure Marcus loses the kids.  Marcus agrees.  Harvey then goes to Katie and talks to her.  He tells her she knows Marcus loves the kids and her and he’s sorry for what he’s done.  Katie agrees. 

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More family drama…

Alex has mentioned his family in the last few episodes, so it was nice to see his daughter, Joy.  Apparently, Joy was suspended from school and is spending time in the office with Alex (as punishment I’m guessing.)  Alex talks to Gretchen about his daughter and how she won’t listen to him.  Gretchen tells him it’s because she needs to hear from someone cool, someone she thinks is cool.  Alex then goes to Samantha.  He tells Samantha about his problem with his daughter, and she says she’ll help.  She talks to Joy, and they talk about being suspended from school, Samantha had been suspended too while in high school.  We find out later she was actually expelled for stealing her principle’s car.  The two then go to a coffee shop, where the lawyer and his client who Samantha about to sue are also having coffee.  Joy goes to get coffee for Samantha and herself and moments later comes back to let Samantha listen to what she recorded the two men discussing. Then at the deposition, Samantha uses what she heard as leverage and ends up getting the deal she wanted.  Joy is thrilled to have been a part of it and went to tell Alex all about it.  Alex is mad at Samantha and goes to Samantha to tell her. 

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Louis’ doctor tells him that he’s good to go but to improve his chances to get Sheila pregnant, he’ll need to give up mudding.  Louis freaks out.  The man is obsessed with mudding!  Sheila tricks him by having Gretchen meeting Louis at the elevator and overwhelming him with problems and to make matters even worse, she leaves for a “dentist” appointment, leaving him all alone.  You guessed it!  Louis freaks out and apparently goes mudding.  When he gets home to Sheila, he has flowers and tries to tell her how busy he was at work, which of course she does not fall for.  She sees the mud under his nails and questions him about it.  In true Louis fashion, he begins to panic when she tells him she’s getting her tubes tied.  She tells him if he can’t give up one thing, while she is giving up a lot, for them to have a baby when he’s not ready to be a father.  He tells her once the baby is here then it’ll all be different.  She tells him that down the road there will be obstacles like he’ll have to work late because of a case the same night there is a parent/teacher conference.  Louis pleads with her it would be different because he’ll do anything for his son.  And then Louis gets it!  He promises Sheila that he’ll cancel his mudding membership because then he won’t be tempted.  The next day at work Donna comes to him with a “World’s Best Dad” cup.

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Saw closing…

There has been a lot of focus on the family on Suits more so this season than in the past.  Each episode this season has mentioned “Family” in one way or another.  In episode 5 we met Joy, Alex’s 15-year-old daughter and saw how he acts with her as a father.  We’ve met Harvey’s dad (Gordon), mom (Lily), and brother (Marcus) in past seasons.  We know Harvey loved and idolized his father and he had a hard time forgiving lily for her mistakes.  In this episode, Harvey had to deal with forgiving and helping his brother.  It takes a lot out of him, but he’s grown enough to deal with it (of course he had Donna’s encouragement to help him through).  And now we are seeing Louis (and Sheila) dealing with the challenges of getting pregnant.  I do not like the “baby issues” storyline.  I’ve had to deal with infertility issues, and it is not fun, and the feelings stay with you no matter how long ago it was and no matter what you tell yourself.  It’s hard when you want “something” so much, and it never happens.  But I guess that is a part of life. 

Next Week…

Next Week’s episode is entitled “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter”…sounds interesting.

Until next week Suitors!!!