Suits, Season 8, Episode 6 - "Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter" - Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 6 “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  6/10

(Airdate 8/22/2018)

Last week’s theme was ‘family,’ this week it was ‘friendship.’  I’ll say it…this was NOT one of my favorite episodes!  There were some good scenes, but the show seemed to drag.  I usually say it’s the fastest hour on TV but not this episode.  #SorryNotSorry 

The majority of the show Harvey seemed pissed off at Louis, Donna and Samantha were at each other’s throats, Louis having baby-on-the-brain, and Katrina and Brian getting a lot more chummy.  I was really looking forward to this episode because, well, Louis and Harvey going to “couples counseling” – who wouldn’t want to see that?  I mean the two actors were great last week with their bantering, but when they go to see Dr. Lipschitz all they end up doing is yelling at each other and Louis storming out of Lipschitz’s office.

Harvey, who we saw on the phone with his brother is informed that Marcus and Katie were getting a divorce despite Harvey’s work last week.  Then Louis walked into his office telling him that Harvey’s oldest client, McKernan Motors was leaving the firm because Dominic, the owner, wanted to sell.  Meanwhile, Donna walks in to tell Louis that one of his oldest clients, Joan Walsh had an emergency and is waiting to talk to him.  Louis pawns off Joan’s emergency to Harvey because he had to go have sex with Sheila.

As for Louis pawning off a client to Harvey and a case to Katrina just to make time to have an “afternoon delight” (as Harvey put it) with Sheila is seriously unprofessional.  And I’m so done with his storyline.  In my opinion, when you add a baby it’ll kill the show.  It’s happened before.  But to each their own.

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Harvey goes to see Lipschitz without Louis and it turns out that Harvey is upset because Louis now has something that Harvey doesn’t; and that is a woman in his life (Sheila) and they are trying for a baby.  Once that happens, Harvey basically won’t be the center of Louis’ world.  Harvey tells Lipschitz “they all leave”.  He tells Lipchitz, “Because they all leave.  Everyone leaves, Mike, Rachel, Jessica, my sister-in-law…everyone.”  My heart hurt for Harvey!  I love vulnerable Harvey and the strong Harvey.  Oh but how I want Harvey to continue to see a therapist to get the help he so needs (and not end up sleeping with the therapist!)  I’ll also admit that the scene between Harvey and Louis in the bullpen was cute; where Harvey tells him, he was afraid of losing him.  Louis accuses him of pulling a Litt and that they are “brothers from another mother.” That made me laugh, and Louis was ok in my book again.  Thanks Harvey!

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I would have rather seen more of the case of the social media star Harvey goes against for Joan!  The case is about a 16-year-old social media darling named Daisy Jones who has 50 million followers.  In this social media-crazed day and age, this case would be fascinating to watch.  The case is basically that Joan’s company produced a concealer which caused an allergic reaction to Daisy’s face.  Daisy was played wonderfully by Ava Allan; she went toe-to-toe with Harvey stating because of her 50 million followers she can be very influential and potentially cause his client to lose more than the $10 million she wants.  I hope the writers continue this storyline because it would be interesting to see this play out since it is relevant these days with all the Kardashian-like social media fame.

Katrina picked up Louis’ case because Louis told her it would improve her chances to be the next named partner.  Because, according to Louis all the partners needed to vote on it and there has been one partner holding out, the infamous Paul Porter.  Katrina recruits Brian to help her, and of course, he does whatever she needs.  They are cute and funny together and seem very comfortable together; sometimes a bit too comfortable.  Donna walks into the library where Katrina and Brian are having a working dinner.  She doesn’t interrupt them when she sees an innocent gesture of Brian wiping sauce off the side of Katrina’s face.  Donna immediately thinks there is something more than just friendship.  She talks to Katrina the next day indicating the ‘heart doesn’t always listen to the brain,’ Katrina gets paranoid thinking that her actions with Brian are being perceived as something more than friendly because maybe she does like Brian more than she was ready to admit.  I hope they don’t couple these two for anything more, except as colleagues and platonic friends, especially since Brian is a husband and a new father, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

And saving the best for last…Donna and Samantha.  This storyline and the social media case were two of my favorites tonight!  I will say I’m beginning to like Katherine Heigl’s character!  My husband still doesn’t trust her.  [Yes, we have discussions about Suits, and debates about Samantha Wheeler.  He is such a Donna fan!]  Donna was skeptical of Samantha from the beginning.  Who wasn’t?  However, in “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter” the two ended up working together to take down the head of a charity.  Donna had a pro-bono case for a close friend of hers’ charity for underprivledged girls, she wanted Alex Williams to handle, but he declined because he was too busy.  He talks to Samantha about it, and Samantha agrees, she even gets one of her clients to donate $5 million to the charity.  That impresses Donna enough to assign the case to her, but she still doesn’t trust Samantha.  Samantha goes over the charity’s files and realizes that something isn’t right.  The charity seems to be spending more than what is usually spent on galas and such.  She tells Donna who said she was sure it was just an accounting error, and she would ask her friend Peggy.  Samantha insisted there was something more than a simple explanation, but promised not to do anything until Donna spoke to her friend. 

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However, Donna and Samantha are similar because neither would be able to sit on the sidelines when they know something bad is happening or when someone is being taken advantage of, especially when that someone is someone they know and care about.  In this case Donna’s friend and for Samantha a charity whose cause she cares about.  So I knew the moment that Donna told Samantha not to do anything until after she spoke to her friend that Samantha was going to do something.  I was shocked that Peggy got fired!  But in the end, Donna and Samantha worked together and had the head of the charity to step down and name Peggy as his replacement.  I would love to know more about Samantha’s background; we’ve seen a little last week when she mentioned to Alex’s daughter that she didn’t have anyone to influence her in her life when she was young, and in 806 she and Donna were going to go for a drink where Samantha said she was going to start trusting.  I would love to see that scene!  Hopefully, there will be more Samantha/Donna scenes to come this season.

So Suits fans…what did you think of “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter”? 

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