Suits, Season 8, Episode 7 "Sour Grapes" Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 7 “Sour Grapes”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  8/10

(Air date 8/29/2018)

Last week’s theme was ‘friendship, I think this week it was ‘compromise’.  “Sour Grapes” was directed by the one and only, the man of many talents, our very own Gabriel Macht.  Macht does a great job directing and making each character shine.


Robert Zane calls Donna (seemingly at home) to tell her he needs Alex to come upstate to work on a personal case. [When did Donna move to an apartment with a view??] Next thing you know, Donna tells Alex that she’s packed a bag for him and a car is waiting for him.  Alex goes to see Zane in upstate New York at a vineyard.  Apparently Zane used to drink wine with his sister and he bought the vineyard as a tribute to his sister.  He gives a glass of wine for Alex to try.  It’s horrible and has turned to vinegar!  Unfortunately, Robert lost his entire harvest because the barrels he ordered for the wine were never delivered but his neighbors’ barrels were. (Sounds fishy doesn’t it?)  The reason given was there was a ‘clerical error’.  (Sure there was.)  Robert feels it was more of a racial issue and he wants Alex to sue the man who didn’t deliver the barrels and made him lose money.  Alex pays a visit to the barrel guy who asks if Zane told him he sold the barrels to him at a 30% discount because Zane was the new guy and that he told him he was sorry about the error and would double his order next season.  Alex goes to talk to Robert but he doesn’t tell him what he found out.  When Zane and Alex and the barrel guy and his lawyer are about to have a deposition, Zane, who is a bit of a hot head, yells at the guy who yells back that Zane is an outsider who didn’t know anything about the wine business and they take care of their own.  This doesn’t sit well with Zane who storms out.  Later after Robert has calmed down Alex goes to speak to him.  Alex tries to reason with him which angers Zane and he ends up sending Alex back to the firm. After speaking to Donna he calls Alex back and they work out a deal with the barrel guy.


Remember the deal that Donna brokered with David Fox (that Harvey would be his attorney for a year at no cost)?  Well David has a case for Harvey.  Harvey blows him off but after speaking to Donna (who tells him to ‘suck it up and take one for the team’), he goes to David to find out more about this case.  Seems that Fox wants to buy a building (that isn’t for sale) and the owner doesn’t want to sell, especially NOT to David Fox.  Donna talks to Samantha to get her to help Harvey and after a bit of tension, they end up coming up with a plan.  Harvey’s first thought was that Fox was laundering money but after speaking to Fox he finds out that Fox was helping someone he considered a mentor.  This softens Harvey’s thinking about Fox and he even said he respected they guy!  Samantha and Harvey’s plan works but ends up costing David a little.


Sheila calls Louis to tell him they are pregnant! [Too soon!!] However, I will say how she told him was hilarious!  She says, “Louis we hit the jackpot.” Louis responds, “You mean publisher’s clearinghouse?”  Sheila says, “I mean we don’t need the sex phone anymore.” [What? They have a sex phone??] Louis gasps, “Oh my god.”  Sheila says, “You hit the bullseye.” Then while at a celebratory dinner they realize they never discussed how they would raise their children.  Louis wants to raise the children Jewish because that’s what he was raised; Sheila was raised catholic, but doesn’t practice and wants to raise the child/children to let them decide on their own when they are older.  They (meaning Sheila) table that discussion so that they could celebrate the fact that they are pregnant.  Amy Acker shows up as Louis’ sister Esther and as Esther gushes about how excited she is for Louis and Sheila Louis blurts out that Sheila doesn’t want to raise the baby as Jewish but he wants to.  Esther tells him he must talk to Sheila and tell her how he feels.  Of course Louis also goes to see Dr. Lipschitz and he tells Louis the same thing.  So Louis and Sheila have a heart-to-heart about how to raise their kids and how being Jewish means a lot to Louis and Sheila surprises him by making his mom’s specialty.  So sweet!  And they get engaged!  Louis tries to propose but Sheila stops him and tells him he proposed the last time and she wants to be the one to propose this time.  So with both of them on their knees she proposes!  Sadly, Sheila tells Louis that she wasn’t pregnant, the test gave a false positive.  [I had a feeling that was too good to be true for Louis, but…whatever.  Did I mention I am not a fan of this storyline?]


Best part of the night both include the one and only Donna!  First was the dialog between Donna and Harvey where Donna actually used the F-word!!!  Harvey asks her if she thinks he doesn’t care about her and says, “You’re in your position because I put you there.”  Donna looks him in the eye and says, “No Harvey, I’m in my position because I f*cking earned it!”  You go girl! 

The second was towards the end of the night when Donna and Samantha are in Samantha’s office talking about gift giving and how Harvey is horrible at giving gifts, Harvey walks in and the two gals start teasing Harvey about not being able to say “I’m sorry”.

So Suits fans…what did you think of “Sour Grapes”? 

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Episode 808 is entitled “Coral Gables”.  See promo below.

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