Suits - Season 8, Episode 8 "Coral Gables", Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 8 “Coral Gables,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  7/10

(Airdate 9/5/2018)

I wasn’t too impressed with this episode, parts tended to drag but other parts when it started to get good they broke away to something else.

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We’ll start with Louis… Sheila decides that they need help with their baby process and makes an appointment with a fertility specialist.  Unfortunately, the doctor (Chaz) happens to be the bully from Louis’ high school days.  Louis asks him if he remembers him from high school, Chaz doesn’t but apologizes for any “bad blood” that might have happened. He goes to see Dr. Lipschitz who tells him he must tell Sheila what is bothering him.  Louis tells him he’ll be ok, the guy is the best, and if he can help him and Sheila become parents, then he’s not going to ruin that chance. 

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Well, we all know Louis has had issues since childhood.  He tries to be confident and yet something inevitably happens and his confidence slips away, and we have a plain old Louis.  When Sheila tells him about going to a fertility specialist (boy did that bring up bad memories for me!) I have to say I was proud of Louis to want to go with Sheila, even though she told him he didn’t have to; but that is what a good partner/fiancé/ husband-to-be should do!  And I was even more proud when Louis found out who the specialist was and he didn’t fall apart immediately!

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With Dr. Lipschitz, they worked out Louis’ issues with Chaz.  As Louis tells Lipschitz about Chaz and high school, we see teenage Louis being forced by Chaz into a gym closet.  Lipschitz has adult Louis “confront” his younger self.  The progress made there showed that Louis could control his impulses.  Which was shown when Chaz tells him and Sheila that she needs a procedure and in Louis’ mind he loses his cool and yells at Chaz, but on the outside, he is understanding and supportive of Sheila’s choice and decision to go through with the procedure.

Alex and Gretchen:

Yay Gretchen!!  We all know that Gretchen is “Donna-like” in where she can always get things done and give words of wisdom when needed.  So if Donna isn’t available, Gretchen is the go-to-gal!

Alex, looking for Louis, approaches Gretchen.  He tells Gretchen he needs a document signed by Louis and it has to be couriered by close of business today.  Gretchen tells Alex that Louis is out of the office for the day, but she’ll find him, get the document signed and make sure it is couriered.  She tells Donna about the trouble she had to go through to get the document signed, but it’s signed and ready to be sent.  Donna gathers her files and returns to her office.  Later, Alex is yelled at by the client because the document never was received.  He calls Gretchen she tells him it was sent and she’ll get a receipt.  I think we all thought that Alex’s client’s competitors intercepted the package or that they simply lied about not getting the package, we all know that it wasn’t Gretchen’s fault. 

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And for the client to tell Alex to fire the “incompetent secretary” was so wrong!  Gretchen contacts the courier who tells her he came to her desk but there was no package and he went to the receptionist’s desk, and they didn’t have anything.  She thinks back and goes to Donna’s office, and under the stack of files, there it was…the package that was supposed to be sent out.  So Gretchen tries to call in a favor from an old friend, even though the old friend is retired and living in Coral Gables, Gretchen goes to the new secretary at the place where the package was to be delivered.  She tries to appeal to the “secretary’s code” (you help me/I’ll help you), but the new secretary was not having any part of it.  [I can’t say I really blame that since she’d have to lie to her boss by saying they got it the day before when they didn’t, that could get the new girl fired].  Gretchen even goes to Samantha and asks her if she could fix it, but Samantha tells her she can’t and to be honest with Alex.

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I literally screamed at the TV when I heard Gretchen giving up and talking about quitting!  I’m so glad that Donna was there to give her the pep talk Gretchen needed to hear.  Mistakes happen; we all make mistakes!  The lesson here:  learn from your mistakes!

Alex was hard on Gretchen, but I loved that she owned up to the error, even though she tried to fix it on her own and that Alex told Donna that he wasn’t thinking about firing Gretchen but was thinking of how to fix the problem.  It shows that even though they get angry at each other, they care about one another.


Samantha decides to pick a fight with Eric Caldor (the firm that she (and Zane) left).  I knew that was going to be a mistake.  I had a feeling it would be tough because Caldor is a snake and plays dirty (even dirtier than Harvey and Samantha combined!)  Harvey helps Samantha with the case but things go from bad to worse when Caldor uses the information he finds against Samantha.  Samantha calls Betty Palmer, who is a Junior Partner in the Coral Gables office, she finds out that Betty really hasn’t forgiven her or even likes her.  Samantha thinks that by flying to Florida, she can fix the issue.  Harvey finds her in the ladies room and asks what the heck is going on.  Samantha says, “Donna told you.”  Harvey says yes of course she did.  Samantha admits she buried some evidence, but her client was not guilty of murder.  Harvey wasn’t too happy about hearing that, but the reason of why Samantha did what she does.  It seems that Samantha had all the information she needed to show that her client wasn’t guilty and that by not submitting the other evidence worked in getting her client cleared.  In the end, though, Samantha ends up losing a client to Caldor.

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Harvey and Samantha are alike more than either of them would care to admit, and they shared a large pepperoni and cheese pizza!


I was disappointed in this episode for three reasons:

1.     No Harvey/Donna interaction

2.     No Katrina (or Brian) scenes

3.     I really wanted to see the Donna/Samantha bonding over drinks!

So Suits fans… what did you think of “Coral Gables”? 

Next Week:

Episode 809 is entitled “Motion to Delay.”  “An old foe backs the firm into a corner; Samantha and Alex try to broker peace between clients.”  See the promo below.

Until next week Suitors!!!