#Suits - Season 8 Finale, Episode 16 “Harvey”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Finale - Season 8, Episode 16 “Harvey,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10+/10

(Airdate 2/27/2019)

Season 8 finale!  This final episode for season 8 was superb (hence why I rated it 10+).  It was an exciting episode with a few plot twists along the way!

Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) was back with a vengeance!  I knew he had to come back to try and reclaim “his” firm, especially when next season is the ending of Suits.  Harvey’s former client, Simon, hires Hardman (after he fires Harvey).  Daniel knows that Harvey (or someone at the firm) told Thomas Kessler about what Simon did.  It’s an ethical violation, and as Harvey said Daniel had him “dead to rights.”  He told Donna, and Donna told Thomas.  Harvey also told Thomas’ attorney – Alex, albeit he told him “hypothetically.”  But of course, Hardman is going to try and get Harvey…one way or another.

We had Robert & Samantha flashbacks from “eight years ago”:  Late one night Robert is in his office talking to Samantha on the phone, who is walking on a sidewalk.  Samantha’s purse is pulled, her phone falls to the ground, and Samantha gets hit by some thug.  She crawls to her phone tells Robert to call 911, and the thug kicks her, smashes her phone and takes her purse.  Later Robert goes to Samantha while she’s in the hospital recovering.  When she’s back to work, she wants to find the guy who did this to her.  She wants Robert’s investigator.  Robert says he’ll help her, but once they find him, they turn him over to the DA.  Reluctantly Samantha agrees.  They find the guy, and Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole cameo) tells Robert that the thug’s friends put him at another location, but if there is new evidence, then he’ll prosecute.  Furious, Samantha tells Robert that if he isn’t prosecuted, then she becomes a victim.  Samantha doesn’t want to be a victim!  While in foster care one of her foster parents hit her and so it made her join the service not to be a victim.

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Back to current time:  Harvey pays Louis a visit at his home one evening telling him they have a problem.  He says to Louis that Simon tried to screw Thomas Kessler and Thomas counter-screwed because of Donna’s involvement.  But the worst part is that Simon hired Daniel Hardman and they are suing the firm.  Harvey tells Louis they have two options.  One sends Robert Zane to meet with Daniel (who knew they were such good friends?) or two they meet with Daniel with an offer so good that Simon would have no choice but to take the deal.

Louis and Harvey meet with Hardman and Simon.  They double the money that Simon lost when Thomas backed out.  They claim that Thomas found out about the restoration deal because of a “clerical error.”  Hardman doesn’t believe the clerical error bullshit; he tells him only way this goes away is if Harvey admits that he broke privilege!  Hardman tells Harvey that his biggest regret was not ripping Jessica’s name off the wall, but he’ll settle for ripping Harvey’s name off instead.

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Donna goes to Harvey and asks how it went.  Harvey tells her Hardman is after his license.  Donna can’t believe it, and she said, Thomas.  Harvey says it doesn’t matter, he told Alex, and Thomas is Alex’s client.  Donna wants to help, but Harvey tells her he and Louis are handling it.  She realizes if she wanted to help she shouldn’t have said Thomas in the first place.

Harvey goes to see Hardman alone.  He offers Hardman evidence of a meeting, an “off the books” meeting.  Hardman tells him, he knows they met, but it wasn’t an “off the books” meeting it was to discuss a merger.  He also says he has evidence of a phone call that Harvey made to Travis Tanner the night before Restoration backed out.  He again tells Harvey he’ll be happy to drop everything if Harvey pulls his name off the wall and resigns.

Robert goes to see Hardman with a 30-year bottle of scotch.  He asks what will it take for him to drop this whole thing.  Hardman tells him that they took everything from him (I guess he forgot that he was stealing from the firm, yeah I know it was because his wife was dying and he had a mistress on the side, and Jessica and Harvey could have had Hardman disbarred, but instead took the firm from him…but…) they took everything away from him, and until his name was back on the wall, he was never going to drop this case.

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Robert and Samantha work on trying to get Hardman’s name on another firm’s wall, but they just hit brick walls.  No one is willing to help them!  Robert goes to see his former partner, Eric.  He tells him the only way he’ll do it is if Robert takes his name down and retires. 

Louis and Harvey go to see the chairwoman from Simon’s firm.  They show her an email from Simon to Harvey stating Simon wanted to relieve her of her duties.  Louis tells her that Simon is a threat to her.  She says she will take this to the board and then they won’t have to worry about Simon or Hardman again.

Robert tells Harvey, Louis, and Alex that ethics is hearing the next day.  They have less than 24 hours to get their stories straight!  Harvey needs time to think and tells everyone to leave him alone.  Angry Harvey throws a glass against the wall shattering it when he realizes that Hardman has him dead to rights about breaking privilege.

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Harvey goes to see Thomas and asks him to tell the ethics board that it was he who told him about the Restoration deal, not Donna.  Harvey tells Thomas to protect Donna as Donna protected him.  She only told him because she knows how much he loves his company and if the truth came out Donna would be fired and never be able to work at any law firm the rest of her life, and she’s worked very hard to get where she is now.

Thomas goes to see Donna; he tells her that Harvey came to see him “and all he seemed to care about is you.  So if you can’t tell me who you are to him, maybe you can tell me who he is to you.”  Donna tells him she doesn’t know, but he seems “to be somebody I can’t figure out how to cut out of me.  But I want to, and I have wanted to, and apparently, I tried to when I told you what was going on.  But the truth is I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to.”

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At the hearing, Harvey then Alex take a stand.  Alex blames Robert for breaking privilege.  Hardman is furious – his case against Harvey is falling apart!  Robert admits it was him (taking the fall for Harvey)!

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Later at the firm, Robert and Samantha are talking.  She says she can’t believe that Robert took the fall for Harvey.  Robert said he had to do something to make up for something terrible that happened years ago.  Robert tells Samantha that the man who attacked her and was sent to prison was killed in prison.  The guy may have been a bad guy but he was someone’s son, and this was redemption for him.

Harvey and Alex go to see Robert in his office.  Harvey asks Alex why did Robert do it; Robert walks into his office and says it doesn’t matter it’s done.  Harvey asks if he wants to go out for a burger to celebrate his retirement.  Robert says “Most people get a gold watch when they retire.”  As Robert walks out to go home to his wife Laura, Alex chuckles and says to Harvey, “Great now we have to get him a gold watch.”  Harvey asks if Alex wants to go out, but Alex tells him he’s going home to his wife.

Harvey goes to Samantha’s office.  She tells Harvey she’s going to miss Robert because he loved her.  I guess it was at that moment that Harvey made a realization – he loves Donna!  He tells Samantha he needs to go and walks (actually runs) out of the office, to the elevator, down to the street and gets into a cab.  Harvey runs into Donna’s building!  He knocks on her door, and she opens it.  No words are spoken, just one look and when she steps back to allow him to enter Harvey comes in.  They back up to the wall and make out and then head towards the bedroom!!



Robert is taking the fall for Harvey!

Everyone at the firm knows that Harvey and Donna belong together (even Alex!!) LOL.

The ending:  Harvey running to Donna; their kiss; their eye contact; their hands all over each other; Donna helping Harvey take off his jacket; and the way the held hands while kissing!


Robert Zane is leaving the firm!


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Nothing!  Since this was the season 8 finale, there will not be any new episodes until Season 9 returns (apparently this summer).

Thanks for reading Suitors!!