Suits, Season 8/Episode 10 "Managing Partner" Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 10 “Managing Partner”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Air date 9/19/2018)

Mid-season finale!!

Robert, Harvey & Louis tell Samantha and Alex that they will fight in court to see who will have their name up on the wall next.  Of course both are ready for it and both think they’ll win. 

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Harvey goes to see Alex in the copy room and he asks for, actually he tells Harvey (not asks) to help him.  Harvey calls in a favor to a judge and gets the case Alex and Samantha are working on moved up to start the next day.  After court the next day, Samantha goes to Robert and asks for him to find a box of evidence that her clients submitted and dispose of it.  Samantha reminds him he owes her and Robert agrees to help her.  Donna goes to Harvey and tells him he needs to stay out of it or it’ll divide the firm even more.  Reluctantly he agrees.

Samantha goes to Gavin Andrews and tells him she has proof that he damaged the painting.  She has someone who will testify to it.  Gavin pleads with her to give him a day.  At first she refuses but then Gavin mentions his kids and Samantha agrees to give him a day.  He then goes to Alex and gives him a folder telling Alex that it contains six years worth of shady deals that Samantha did for him.  He better use it against Samantha or he’ll go to the ethics board and get Samantha disbarred.

Alex goes to Harvey and asks him to help again.  He tells Harvey he needs someone to go to Samantha’s clients and get a file (the smoking gun that Samantha had Robert pull that shows that her client didn’t really do any due diligence in investigating the damage of the painting they just assumed Gavin had done the damage).  Katrina goes to Donna and asks her if she should go and impersonate Samantha as Harvey had asked her to do.  Donna thinks about it a moment and tells Katrina to do it.

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Alex goes to Samantha and tells her he’s won.  He shows her the proof and Samantha yells that he cheated!  He tells her he did what he had to do because Gavin gave him evidence that she had done illegal/shady things for him and he threatened that he would take the evidence to the ethics board and would get her disbarred.  Alex didn’t want to do that.  Defeated Samantha agrees to Alex’s deal.


Yes a flashback for Samantha!  Samantha goes to her senior management (at Rand, Caldor, Zane) telling him that the FBI came to see her because they suspect money laundering.  He tells her to see if she can find something and to let him know no matter how small.  One night Robert finds her going through the files and he tells her he’s suspected something was up at the firm and that he’ll help her.  When they meet again, Robert asks if she found anything, she tells him she didn’t and asks if he found anything.  He says he didn’t.  Then Samantha drops a bomb asking him why did she find a check with his name on it for $100,000! Robert tells her that he found out that the firm was laundering money and they wrote a check and deposited it into his account to make him look just as guilty.  At first Samantha doesn’t believe him but he begs her.  He tells her he donated all the money to charity.  He did it because of his daughter Rachel.  He tells Samantha that Rachel wants to be a lawyer when she grows up.  If he gets into trouble and goes to prison it’ll ruin her life.  Samantha instead tells the FBI that she didn’t find anything.  Later Robert asks her why did she help him.  Samantha tells Robert that she never knew her parents, she grew up in foster homes.  She helped him because she always wished for someone who would take care of her as he does Rachel.  She also tells him he’ll owe her one day.

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Managing Partner:

Donna heads over to Louis’ home.  Louis excitedly opens the door and lets Donna in.  He has great news but Donna is there on a mission.  A mission to make Louis managing partner!  She tells him that the firm is fighting and it needs a managing partner and that has to be Louis.  Louis tells her he can’t.  Sheila just told him she was pregnant, he’s going to be a father!  Louis tells her that Sheila was promoted to Acting Dean and he was thinking of even taking his name off the wall and taking a step down at the firm to focus on being a dad.  Surprised by the news Donna is speechless at first.  She tells him, he’ll make a wonderful father, but that baby won’t be around for nine months and right now his other baby – the firm – needs him.  Louis accepts.

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Harvey pours himself a drink in his office as Robert comes to see him.  He tells Harvey that even though Alex won, he’s putting Samantha’s name on the wall.  Harvey is pissed!  But before the two can get into a fight Donna walks in and tells them that she’s calling a partner meeting and that she and Louis will be voting for Louis to be named Managing Partner and Harvey and Robert better vote the same because they need a united front as a firm.  The fighting has to stop or the firm will be torn apart.  Louis walks in and tells them that his first order of business is that both Alex’s and Samantha’s names will be going up on the wall and that Harvey and Robert need to sell Alex and Samantha on the deal or no one’s name will go up.

As Robert tells Samantha what has transpired, Alex stops by and says to Samantha that he’s ok with both of their names go up if she’s ok with it.  She nods her agreement.


Louis and Sheila are pregnant!

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Sheila gets a temporary promotion to Acting Dean at the law school she works at and it may turn permanent!

Darvey!  Yes a moment of Darvey!  Harvey and Donna walking the hall and Harvey asks Donna “So you’re saying you’re managing partner?”  Donna says, “I’m not not saying that.”  Then she calls him “pretty” and tells him he’s buying them drinks!


Nothing with the episode except that it was the mid-season finale and now we’ll have to wait until early 2019 for the last six episodes of season 8!

So Suits fans…what did you think of “Managing Partner”?  Did you think both names would be going up on the wall?  Are you #TeamAlex or #TeamSamantha?

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