Suits, Season 8/Episode 4 "Revenue Per Square Foot", Review/Recap/Spoilers #Suits

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 4 “Revenue Per Square Foot,” Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  8/10

(Airdate 8/8/2018)

A lot was going on in this episode so let's get to it!

Louis is walking on the street (at night) heading to meet Robert Zane and one of Louis’ clients.  Louis is already late because Sheila wanted to start the baby making process and Louis couldn’t keep her waiting.  Louis is held up by gunpoint and pushed into an alley!  The robber takes Louis’ phone and wallet and then pushes him to the ground and starts to kick him.  Somehow he manages to get to Zane Specter Litt (ZSL) and his office.  Gretchen sees him and gives him hell for skipping his meeting with Zane.  When she sees his bruises, she asks what happened.  Louis tells her; she tells Louis he has to tell Zane but Louis doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want Zane to see him as weak.

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Alex is angry that Samantha told him that Zane told her that her name would go up on the wall next and he tells Harvey.  Harvey admits he knew but that everything will be ok.  Alex tells him that’s bullsh*t because when Jessica promised his name would go up and it didn’t Harvey went out looking for another firm that would put his name on the wall.

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Zane is angry with just about everyone at the firm.  He thinks they all do what they all want to do rather than listening to him (as managing partner).  First, there is Louis who didn’t show up for a meeting with him and his client.  Then there is Donna giving pro bono work to Katrina without telling him first; then there is Harvey and Alex who go after another client when Zane told them to sign Paxton.  Even Samantha gets on Robert’s nerves when he hands her a case, and she tells him no because it’s Louis’ client and she’s trying to get the folks to like her.  Zane adamantly tells her she is taking the case.

Meanwhile, Donna goes around talking Alex out of leaving, talking Harvey out of doing something crazy and doing her “Donna thing” on Robert too, or as Robert puts it, “I knew you did this whispering shit with Harvey, I didn’t think you’d do it to me.”  Donna smiled and replied, “I do it to everyone.”

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So Samantha reluctantly takes the case and ends up working with Louis on it.  It’s a lawsuit brought against Louis’ client.  Louis comes up with a brilliant plan and just before court Samantha has to leave due to an emergency with her oldest client.  She leaves Louis in charge.  He looks confident and ready.  While questioning a witness on the stand, Louis hallucinates.  He turns to look at the opposing counsel but instead sees the robber with a gun pointed at him.  Louis freaks and ends up losing the motion to change the venue.  Samantha goes to Louis’ office to find out what happened in court.

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Louis yells at her to get out.  At first, Samantha stands her ground but then Louis looks like a madman yelling even more.  Samantha walks out and goes to Harvey.  She tells him what happened.  Harvey asks why she came to him, and Samantha says, “Because Louis needs a friend.”  Harvey goes to Louis asking him to go to dinner with him.  Louis declines.  Harvey gets the truth from Louis.  Louis tells him he can’t tell Zane because he doesn’t want to look weak.  Harvey tells him he isn’t weak, and he’ll tell Zane for him.  Louis nods his ok.

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When Louis goes home, he sees a figure standing in the dark near his house.  You can tell he’s visually shaken.  It’s Samantha, and she talks to him.  She tells him she knows what it’s like to be robbed.  It’s happened to her, and she’s going to teach Louis some self-defense.  Louis doesn’t want to, but she makes him. 

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Overall I think two of the best scenes were Harvey and Louis in Louis’ office and Samantha teaching Louis self-defense.  The episode was great and showed Rick Hoffman’s acting skills.  (Note:  I’m not a Louis fan, but I felt for Louis.)

Next week is episode 5 “Good Mudding,” Harvey’s brother Marcus (played by Billy Miller) will be making an appearance, as well as Harvey’s mom Lily (Brynn Thayer) too.

Until next week Suitors!!!