#Suits Season 8/Episode 9 "Motion to Delay" review/recap/spoilers

#Suits - Season 8, Episode 9 “Motion to Delay”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  9/10

(Air date 9/12/2018)

I can’t believe that we are almost to the mid-season finale!!

Alex and Samantha:

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Alex gets a call from his client, Gavin Andrews.  Seems that Gavin’s artwork was damaged by one of his transport flights but the insurance company says they’ll sue him.  Guess who’s client they are?  Yep – Samantha!  Alex talks to Samantha about the situation.  Samantha tells Alex to drop Gavin.  Alex refuses.  So Samantha goes to Robert to try to convince him to make Alex drop Gavin.  Robert tells her that she and Alex have already lost enough clients and they need to grow up and figure out how to resolve their differences and to keep both clients.

So Alex and Samantha sit down together with their clients.  It doesn’t go well at all!  Samantha and Alex argue with each other, Gavin and the insurance company rep are angry and each refuse to give in to the other.  Gavin says he’s not signing any deals and they can take him to court.  Alex later tells Harvey and tells him he’s going to court with his case.

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Samantha calls on the favor that Louis owes her.  She tells Louis he is going to make Alex drop Gavin.  Louis refuses and Samantha reminds him that he owes her.  He goes to Harvey and tells him about the favor he owes Samantha and she’s calling in the favor.  Harvey is fed up with Samantha and goes to Robert Zane. 

Zane, Specter, Litt & Paulsen:

 A blast from the past comes back to haunt the firm.  Tommy Bratten is suing the firm for $20 million!  Seems that the mess with Frank Gallow (back when Mike Ross was in jail) in which Tommy was forced to resign from his firm with Eli Gould is still bothering Tommy.  Robert, Harvey, Louis and Donna are in the conference room discussing how to handle the situation.  Louis goes to see Eli Gould and Donna goes to see Frank’s daughter, Denise.

Donna’s meeting with Denise doesn’t go as she had hoped.  Donna asks if anyone came to see her about the money she received from her father.  Denise tells her someone did and she told them she didn’t know what her father did to get the money.  Donna asks her to testify because her father tried to redeem himself before he died.  Denise tells Donna she doesn’t know the Frank that wanted to redeem himself.  The only Frank she knew lied, cheated and stole and that is all she would testify to.

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Louis finds Eli at home and offers Eli the recording that Alex made if he can get Tommy to back off.  Eli yells at him that he’s been using that recording for two years against him and tells him to get out of his house.

Robert pays Tommy a visit and offers him a recording of Frank Gallow explaining that Tommy was behind everything.  Tommy yells at Robert that it was all Robert, Harvey and Mike that made him lose everything and he’ll make them all pay.

As Robert, Harvey, Louis and Donna gather again to discuss what next to do about Tommy since the other ideas didn’t work out, Eli walks in and offers them a deal:  return the recording, they admit to what they did and pay $5 million.  They do that and he’ll convince Tommy to end this.

Later Harvey discusses Samantha and Alex with Robert they decide to let the two battle it out in the court room.  Donna walks in and tells them that Tommy just sent over a court date; Louis then tells them that he knows the reason why Tommy is doing all this:  Tommy has cancer and only a year to live.  Harvey and Robert decide the best way to deal with this is to file for delays.  So Harvey goes to see Tommy and tells him they know he’s been diagnosed with cancer and if he goes to court he’ll never live to see the outcome because they will file a Motion to Delay again and again.  Tommy yells at Harvey he doesn’t care and to get out.

Back at the office Harvey and Robert try to “out Schwarzenegger” each other with Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes and imitating Schwarzenegger’s accent. [Hilarious!  Not quite Harvey/Mike funny; but funny nonetheless.]  Louis walks in and tells them that Tommy had a heart attack and died.

Katrina and Brian:

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Katrina asks Brian to be her associate after Louis tells her she is now a SENIOR PARTNER!  Their first case is a copyright case for a friend of Katrina’s.  The two go to see the woman copying Katrina’s friend’s designs but the meeting doesn’t go well.  They come up with a plan and Brian takes Katrina out to celebrate her making senior partner.  They bond over dinner and wine and learn a few things about each other.  Unfortunately, the case goes a little south and Katrina takes it out on Brian; he in turn takes it out on her telling her that her wasn’t good to begin with. She seeks out Harvey’s advice, who tells her not to bluff unless she knows she can win.  Meanwhile Brian comes up with a solution.  Katrina tells Brian they are going out to celebrate, but Brian tells her he can’t and that he needs to get home to his wife and baby.  Alone in her office Katrina struggles with her feelings about Brian.  Louis comes in to congratulate her on winning the case and wants to take her out to celebrate.  Katrina asks for a raincheck; Louis sees her face and tries to give her a pep talk.  He understands her loneliness, he’s been there.


Harvey and Robert trying to “out Schwarzenegger” each other!  I’ve missed the movie quotes!


Only one…it would have been kind of nice to see Mike Ross make an appearance, or at the very least Harvey calling Mike on the phone.  [Since they were talking about Frank who threatened to kill Mike and Mike was part of the plan to get the money for Frank’s daughter.]

So Suits fans…what did you think of “Motion to Delay”? 

Next Week:

Next week is the season finale!  [I know too soon, right?]  Episode 810 is entitled “Managing Partner”.  “When Harvey and Robert can’t stay on the sidelines,  Donna does what’s best for the firm.”  See promo below.

Until next week Suitors!!!