#Suits - Season 9, Episode 1 - “Everything’s Changed”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 1 “Everything’s Changed”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10+/10

(Air date 7/17/2019)

Season 9 Premier!  This premier episode for season 9 was one of the best premier episodes Suits has had in a long time (hence why I rated it 10+).  It wasn’t a dream Darvey fans, it wasn’t a dream!  Harvey and Donna are officially a couple!

When last we left our star crossed lovers…Harvey was being led into Donna’s bedroom.  Well, it wasn’t a dream!  The scene opens with Donna laying on her bed and Harvey laying on top and the two are talking.  He tells her, “Everything’s changed.”  They end up going to sleep and the next morning we find Donna on the phone leaving a message for Rachel (telling her that she and Harvey “did it”).  Harvey comes in and telling her that he left a message for Mike telling him the same thing.  Just then there is a knock on the door and Harvey asks if she was expecting anyone.  Donna says no, just as her phone buzzes and then tells Harvey it’s Louis.  They start to panic and Harvey says, who cares if Louis or anyone knows they were together.  They are together.  Donna nods and lets Louis in.  Louis tells her as he enters her apartment that he called Harvey but he wasn’t answering and just then Louis sees Harvey; wearing the same clothes as he had the day before.  He concludes that they had been working all night on a strategy regarding Robert Zane.  Donna and Harvey glance at each other and go along with what Louis says.  After Louis leaves they decide not to tell anyone about their new status as being together until the timing is better since currently the firm is dealing with another partner (Zane) being disbarred.

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Meanwhile, everyone is losing clients.  Thomas Kessler tells Alex Willliams that he is letting Alex and firm go.  He and Donna also break up.

Eric Kaldor, making a nuisance out of himself (as always), wants all of Robert’s clients and 10 of Harvey’s clients.  Harvey and Samantha basically tell him to go to hell.  He tells them that the clients want Zane’s name off the wall and Samantha’s name too, since she was his protégé.  She and Harvey try to get the clients back but no one wants to talk to them.  Samantha eventually finds out that Harvey left her the night that Zane was disbarred to go to Donna’s place.   And when she finds out Samantha is angry! 

Harvey thinks it’s because she’s jealous but Donna tells him that Samantha is hurting, she lost her mentor.  He would be hurt too.  You know he thought about when Jessica left and how he felt.  Donna encourages him to take Samantha in the ring.  Let her get her frustration out.  The two go at it in the boxing ring!  They each got some good hits on the other! 

Everyone agrees to keep Zane’s name because they know he only lied to help Harvey and Donna, however, Sheila (and even a phone call from Professor Henry Gerard, cameo by Stephen Macht) tells Louis that no law student wants to interview at the firm.  Sheila goes to see Katrina about taking Zane’s name off the wall.  She knows that no law student wants to go work for the firm if Zane’s name is still up there.  The New York Bar Association approaches Alex about taking Zane’s name off the wall and telling him they plan to take control of the firm.  Katrina talks to Alex to join forces.  Alex tells her he doesn’t want to, but agrees to talk to Louis.  As Alex and Harvey are talking about Zane, Samantha walks in and goes off telling them that if Zane’s name is taken off the wall she might be forced to go to the bar herself and tell them what really happened!

Harvey gives Kaldor 10 of his clients, and even gives one to Samantha.  Hoping this will help the firm.

Harvey tells Donna to meet him at Mike and Rachel’s old apartment.  Harvey explains that he was supposed to rent it but he’s been paying rent under a fake name (Rick Sorkin) because he was hoping Mike would come back one day.  Donna smiles recognizing the name to which Harvey says, “that what I love about you; you get me.”

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The last scene shows a bar representative (Faye, guest star Denise Crosby) showing up with documents for Louis (as Managing Partner) to sign giving her full control over the firm.  If he doesn’t sign then every partner will be suspended and not allow to practice law for six months.


Best line:  Louis (to Donna and Harvey seeing them together in Donna’s apartment): “The most important thing is that you guys were banging it out all night.”  To which Donna and Harvey respond, “That we were.”

Rick Sorkin:  remember his name from the first episode?  That was the name that Donna called out when Harvey was interviewing for an associate.  Rick didn’t show up but Mike did (with a briefcase full of marijuana) and Mike was hired, even though he wasn’t a lawyer, law student, or even graduated from Harvard.


This is the final season and only 10 episodes.


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Suits 9x02, “Special Master”:  the firm faces the repercussions of its actions.  Samantha enlists Katrina to help an old friend.

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