#Suits - Season 9, Episode 3 “Windmills”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 3 “Windmills”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  10/10

(Air date 7/31/2019)

Note: I apologize for not having a recap for episode 2 (it’s been a rough week with my hubby in the hospital and me with foot problems.  Hopefully we’re on the mend).

So…last episode Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby), the Special Master, demoted Louis (Rick Hoffman) and became the acting Managing Partner of Specter Litt Wheeler Williams!

Gretchen (Aloma Wright) walks in on Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) making eyes at each other and tells them that Louis had been demoted; Harvey angrily stomps into Faye’s office and tells her he won’t be taking orders from her.

Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) and Alex Williams (Dule Hill) decide to join forces and see if they can find a legit way to get rid of Faye.  Seriously, everyone wants Faye gone!

Unbeknownst to Louis, Sheila Saz (Rachael Harris) pulls some strings and gets Louis’ friend Saul to offer a judgeship to Louis!  Louis comes home and tells Sheila about it and tells her that he turned it down.  Sheila confesses that it was her idea and asks Louis to at least think about it.  Louis says he will.  And boy did he ever!  The funniest scene I’ve seen on Suits comes when Louis dreams of himself as a judge. In the dream Faye is “on trial”.  Louis plays the judge (in a white wig) and he also is the opposing counsel (since Faye is representing herself).  Donna, Alex and Samantha are in the gallery.  Donna keeps saying, “Oh he’s better than Harvey.”  Gretchen is the bailiff, and the best part is a jury of 12 Harveys! It was hilarious to see Harvey cuddling a cat and making a heart with his hands at Louis.  And Judge Louis announces the verdict when Foreman Harvey declares Faye “guilty”, that Faye is sentenced to “death”!  Faye yells, “Death?  I don’t even know what I’m on trial for!”

Back to “reality”, Louis goes to see Dr. Lipschitz (Ray Proscia) and tells him the dream he had.  The good doctor tells him it was all just fantasy.  Louis admits, “This whole time I was worried about what they would do without me.  I didn’t even think about what I would do without them.”

Faye goes to see Donna and tells her she needs some secretarial work and she heard that Donna was the best secretary the firm ever had.  Donna tries to suggest she’ll find someone suitable to help Faye and Faye threatens to demote Donna if she doesn’t do what Faye asked.  Donna swallows her pride and takes on the clerical duties.  Harvey finds her and wants to go to Faye to give him a piece of his mind but Donna asks him not to.  She doesn’t want Harvey fighting her battles with Faye.  They make plans to have dinner and it’ll be dinner with no talk of the firm.  Later Gretchen finds Donna getting ready for her dinner date with Harvey and tells Donna she’ll finish what Faye gave Donna to do and Donna should go have fun.  Faye is not pleased that Donna didn’t finish the secretarial duties she was given; however, she’s impressed with Gretchen and decides to keep Gretchen, which sends Louis into a fit.

Meanwhile Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) works on a case when Susan (from the bull pen; played by Alison Louder) who wants to be an associate (Katrina’s associate now that Brian is out of the picture) comes to help.  Susan suggests that she contact a family friend who is on the oppoising side.  Katrina adamantly tells Susan not to do it.  Susan does it anyway and when Katrina reprimands her, Susan tries to use the knowledge she thinks she has of Katrina and Brian to her advantage by blackmailing Katrina.  Telling her to make her Katrina’s associate by the end of the week or she’ll go to Faye about Brian and Katrina.  Badass Katrina instead turns the tables on Susan. Katrina goes to Susan and tells her that they’ll need an office for Susan if she is going to be her associate but they’ll need approval first.  So they go to see Faye.  In Faye’s office Katrina has Susan admit to her own wrong doings while they worked on the case.  Faye doesn’t fire either of them; she asks if there was anything else.  Katrina looks at Susan and asks if there was anything else.  Susan shakes her head.  At that moment she understood that Katrina cannot be intimidated or blackmailed!

Harvey tries to take Faye down however he can, including suing her old firm.  Unfortunately, it backfires on Harvey.  Harvey’s client, Dan Foley, gets fired anyway!  Harvey works his magic and gets another client to buy the firm and hire Dan.  He tells Faye and adds that Gretchen goes back to Louis.  But of course Faye has the last word letting Harvey know that she is not pleased and he could be fired next.


Darvey on a date!  Of course they talk about the office but when they agree not to talk about the office, there is an awkward (very awkward) silence.  But then they tell stories from their past and all is well with the lovebirds.

Louis’ dream!  The funniest scene I’ve seen on Suits!

Gabriel Macht, in my opinion deserves awards for his acting and directing!  Yes, he directed this episode.  He does amazing work!


This is the final season and there are only 7 more episodes.


What are your thoughts about this episode?

Next Week:

Suits 9x04, "Cairo":  Faye decides to take action against Harvey and Donna's relationship; Harvey looks to impress Donna's father.

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