#Suits - Season 9, Episode 4 “Cairo”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 4 “Cairo”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  8/10

(Air date 8/7/2019)

Code of Conduct:

Faye tags Katrina to write the Code of Conduct for the firm.  Katrina agrees and takes this job very seriously.  Louis becomes increasingly obnoxious trying to get Katrina to use the Code to get Gretchen back from Faye.  Katrina tells him she’ll consider it but then decides not to do what Louis asks.  She tells Louis she doesn’t like that he’s using their friendship to try and get what he wants.

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Alex’s Past:

Alex’s past comes back to bite him!  An old colleague, Craig Hameron from his days at Bratton Kaldor & Zane, comes to him demanding that he make his firm take a deal he’s offering.  It’s a crappy deal and when Alex refuses Craig tells him he knows Alex covered up a crime eight years ago and he’ll tell everyone.  What Craig doesn’t know is that Alex was actually framed by Tommy Bratton (Al Sapienza).  By the time Alex figures out the truth and wants out, it was too late.  They made it look like Alex was in on it from the very beginning.

Alex tells his wife, Rosalie, the truth about what happened eight years ago.  Rosalie is not happy that Alex didn’t trust her with the truth sooner.  Rosalie goes to Samantha asking to get dirt on Craig.  Samantha agrees.  After Rosalie leaves Alex comes to see Samantha for the same reason, to get dirt on Craig.  Samantha tells him Rosalie asked the same thing; Alex tells her he figured she would but he doesn’t want her to get involved in this mess.  Samantha agrees and says she’ll take care of it.  She tells Alex that she can’t take Craigs shitty deal because when the Special Master (Faye) sees the deal she’ll investigate and Alex will be in even more trouble. 

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Samantha does find something on Craig and goes to see him.  She tells him that she’ll make a deal with him; they both forget what they each have and take care of negotiating a real deal the old fashioned way – by being lawyers.  Graig agrees reluctantly.

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When Samantha returns to her office Rosalie and Alex are there and she tells them she took care of it.  She says she saw what they had together when they invited her to dinner the other night and she wanted to “protect it.”

Donna’s Headaches:

Donna’s father is visiting and she wants to tell him that she and Harvey are together.  Harvey doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to be there seeing as Donna’s dad isn’t fond of Harvey.  So Donna goes alone to have breakfast with her father and when she tells him, he really doesn’t look happy; although he does tell her he is happy for her.

When Donna returns to her office she finds Faye waiting for her.  Faye tells her she knows about her and Harvey’s relationship and Donna gets to choose:  her relationship OR her vote at the firm.  Faye even tells her that if Donna doesn’t want to give up her vote, then Harvey can give up his.  But one of them will not be voting.

Harvey’s Mom:

After talking to Donna about Donna telling her father about them, Harvey calls Lilly and tells his mom that he and Donna are together.  Lilly is thrilled!  Harvey asks how she even knows about Donna and Lilly tells him that his brother Marcus is a big fan of Donna’s and told her all about her.  Harvey then tells Lilly, that Donna is “the one.”

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Donna’s Vote:

Donna finally tells Harvey what has been really bothering her.  She tells Harvey that Faye knows about them and told her that she has to chose between them or her vote.  Harvey wants to talk to Faye but Donna tells him know, she didn’t want him to fight her battles.  They know their relationship isn’t a conflict of interest for them, but she sees it differently.  Faye won’t be around forever.  Louis walks in and demands that he and Harvey go to Faye and demand that  she let Gretchen come back to him.  Harvey says, that has to wait, they need to fight for Donna to be able to vote and that Faye wants to take away Donna’s vote because they are in a relationship.  Louis nearly blows up yelling at Harvey that Faye being there is his fault; because of Harvey Zane was disbarred for taking the fall for Harvey, before that it was Jessica who was disbarred because he hired Mike Ross.  Donna, the voice of reason, reminds them that their relationship is more important then what Faye is doing to them.   That’s when Harvey realizes what’s been missing at the firm:  respect.  Faye doesn’t treat them with respect so they treat each other with no respect. 

United Front:

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So the partner:  Harvey, Louis, Alex and Samantha head to Faye’s office as a united front.  They tell her that they are all in personal relationships with each other.  They consider each other family.  Harvey and Louis were in the bullpen together, Samantha taught Louis to fight after he was mugged, Alex invited Samantha to have dinner with his family.  Louis tells Faye that he is making Donna godmother to his child.  In short, they trust each other and respect each other even when they disagree.   They tell her they even added a waive of conflict to the code of conduct.  They tell Faye if she doesn’t accept it and let Donna keep her vote then they all will resign and she’ll have to explain to the Bar why all four named partners left the firm.  In the end Donna keeps her vote and Gretchen goes back to Louis.

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Is Darvey engaged?  There was a moment, when Harvey and Donna are in her apartment and he tells her, “You know we’ll be together forever, right?”  which leaves Donna speechless.  He also tells her he knows that no matter how he asks her, it won’t be how she instructs him to ask, so he’ll ask however he wants.  She says something about being engaged and that leaves Harvey speechless, but he does say “nah”, just before his phone rings.  His mom is on the other end and he introduces Donna to him mom over the phone.  So do you think this means Darvey is engaged?

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This is the final season and there are only 6 more episodes.


What are your thoughts about this episode? Next week Mike Ross returns!

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