#Suits - Season 9, Episode 5 “If the Shoe Fits”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 5 “If the Shoe Fits”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  9/10

(Air date 8/14/2019)

Mike Ross Returns :


Harvey brings Donna’s favorite pizza home because he thinks she’s going to be there and they can watch “his favorite show” together (“Survivor”).  She tells him she can’t because an old friend called.  As Harvey goes to his kitchen, low and behold his buddy Mike Ross is waiting for him.  Mike teases Harvey about how long it took him to finally realize he should be with Donna and that he’s really happy for both of them.  But Harvey knows that isn’t the only reason Mike came across the country.  Mike tells him he’s representing a basketball player named Jeremy Wall who wants out of his contract with Harvey’s former client Brick Street Athletics.  Brick Street Athletics is the client that Harvey gave to Samantha (a couple of episodes ago).  Apparently Jeremy went overseas to visit one of the factories as a goodwill trip and finds that Brick Street Athletics is exploiting the overseas workers.  Their deal stipulates that no harm will come to Jeremy’s image; and exploiting the workers is harmful. 

When Samantha finds out that Harvey set up a deposition without telling her she’s not happy about it.  She’s even more ticked off when Harvey tells her they’ll work the case together because Mike flew all the way from Seattle to pick a fight with Harvey.  Samantha could care less about that!  Harvey tells her not to underestimate Mike, “he’s just as good as you or me.”

Jeremy’s deposition works to Harvey and Samantha’s favor.  They find out that Jeremy visited the factory six months ago, but he was contacted by an activist a year prior about the conditions and Jeremy didn’t do anything.   Harvey then accuses Mike of bringing this up now because he knows he can’t fight the way he’d like because of the Faye situation.  Mike says then they’ll have to fight fair; anything that can get them disbarred or in prison is off-limits.  And they agree that no matter what happens they end on good terms, no matter who wins.

Donna finds an ad that claims Brick Street Athletics puts profits before people she tells Samantha.  She suggests that maybe she can cut a deal with Mike, because Mike is family.  Samantha doesn’t care that Mike is family (after all he is married to Robert Zane’s daughter).  She goes to talk to Mike and when he won’t back down, she hits him with a defamation suit.  Harvey isn’t happy about that and tells Samantha she was wrong.  Samantha tells Harvey then they’ll waive a jury trial and go before a judge instead.  That way Mike can’t get a sympathetic jury.

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At Brick Street Athletics’ deposition, Ray Haskins give Mike the upper hand.  He yells, “I don’t care how many people kill themselves” (because of the poor working conditions), “this has nothing to do with my company.  We abide by the law.”  Next thing you know, “I don’t care how many people kill themselves” is printed on Jeremy’s t-shirt during an interview, which of course somehow goes viral.  Harvey realizes he and Samantha got set up!  Mike doesn’t care about the story anymore, he cares about results now.  Jeremy wanted out of his contract and wanted to use the money to start his own company.  Harvey accepts the loss and takes credit for what Mike did and beating Harvey at his own game.  Mike learned well from Harvey.

However, Samantha isn’t Harvey and she definitely does not like to lose.  Donna and Harvey had planned to have drinks with Mike at Harvey’s place, but Mike is too angry.  He tells Harvey that someone bribed the activist to say Mike roped him into this scheme and Mike can’t say anything because they are on record saying that the activist is nothing less than a saint.  Harvey tells Mike it wasn’t him, which means it had to be Samantha.  Mike wants Harvey to come forward.  Harvey refuses.  Harvey does tell Samantha he doesn’t respect what she did.  He defended her to Mike but he doesn’t trust her anymore.

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Lurking in the shadows is the ever sneaky Faye.  She can’t hear everything but she knows that someone did something they shouldn’t have done.  She goes to Samantha and tells her she knows that Harvey fabricated evidence and Samantha is covering up for him.  Samantha says, “Harvey didn’t do anything, and that is all I’m going to say.”  Faye then deduces that it was Samantha who fabricated evidence and even though she doesn’t have any proof, Faye tells Samantha to pack up her stuff because she is fired.

Louis goes to see Mike, at Donna’s insistence.  He reminds Mike about when Louis and Harvey were in the bullpen and their rivalry.  He also tells Mike not to let that get in the way of their friendship.  Mike agrees.  He gives Louis a gift that Rachel.  Louis opens it and there is a onesie for baby Litt.  The onesie says, “You Just Got Spitt Up”; Louis is beyond excited.

Louis and Sheila:

Louis and Sheila are one odd couple!  We know that they two do a lot of roleplay in the romance department.  And apparently they have one called “Cinderella’s Dirty Redemption” complete with glass slipper!  Well, the slipper didn’t fit!  Louis says her foot will shrink once she has the baby.  She yells at him that it won’t.  Unfortunately for Louis he starts to focus on the glass slipper costing $9,000 which leads Sheila to think about the $50,000 donation she lost earlier that day by calling the man the wrong name during a meeting.

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Louis goes to see Alex the next day for advice.  What can he do about Sheila?  Alex’s wife has had two babies…what did Alex do?  Alex tells Louis, “Don’t do anything,” just listen and be there for Sheila and tell her you love her.  But we all know Louis, don’t we?  Can Louis do nothing?  That’s right – he has to do something. 

So Louis goes to see Benjamin.  He apologizes to Benjamin and even brings a bag of bacon too.  Benjamin asks what Louis wants.  Louis wants Benjamin to make a donation look like an anonymous donation.  He wants to donate $50,000 anonymously so Sheila doesn’t find out it’s from him.  Unfortunately for Louis, Sheila figured it out because donations of that size do not come in anonymously.  Louis then comes up with another idea, a therapy session with Dr. Lipschitz. 

During the session Sheila admits that Louis’ donation made her feel trapped in her job.  She feels pulled in two directions; and even is considering giving up her job in favor of being a full time mom. She’s worried that Louis won’t want her anymore if she changes who she is.  Louis tells her, “No matter what you choose to do about your career, I support it 1000 percent.”  He also tells her that her being a warrior has nothing to do with her job.  Being a warrior is who Sheila is.


Donna approaches Katrina and tells her she thinks that Katrina hasn’t picked a new associate because she hasn’t moved on from Brian.  Katrina disagrees but Donna insists and to prove it she tells Katrina to call Brian.  One of the funniest scenes happens when Katrina tries to call Brian.  Katrina calls and keeps deleting her messages and trying again because everything she says comes out wrong.  She finally writes a script and ends her message with “cordially.”

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Katrina goes to Donna and tells Donna that she’s right.  Donna tells her they are going out for drinks.  While out drinking, Donna tells Katrina that Brian was Katrina’s soul’s way of telling her there is more to life than work.  She tells Katrina she needs to start doing things for herself at least once a week.  Later Katrina does exactly that.  She tells Donna that she signed herself up for ballet class and she received a voicemail from Brian.  Donna asks what he said and Katrina tells her she deleted it without even listening to it.


Highlights from Katrina’s messages to Brian:

“B-dawg, it’s kitty Kat.”

suits 907 4.gif

“Hi Katrina, it’s Brian.”

“It’s your buddy, your friend with a capital F, your F buddy.”

“Just tell her you love me and that it’s over!”


This is the final season and there are only 5 more episodes.


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