#Suits - Season 9, Episode 6 “Whatever It Takes”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

#Suits - Season 9, Episode 6 “Whatever It Takes”, Review/Recap/Spoilers

Rating:  8/10

(Air date 8/21/2019)

As we learned last week, Samantha was fired; and the team plots to get her back and get rid of Faye.

Samantha goes to see Robert Zane and tells him Faye fired her.  He knows she did something and when he finds out he goes to see Harvey and asks what he’s gonna do to get Samantha her job back since it was because of Harvey she was fired in the first place.  {Faye saw Harvey and Samantha in her office and even though she couldn’t hear what was going on, she put two and two together and came up with they did something wrong and when Samantha wouldn’t say it was Harvey, Faye fired her}.

Faye calls Donna and tells her that she fired Samantha and to warn her and the others not to go after her (Faye) or the firm won’t survive a year.  The team:  Donna, Louis, Alex and Harvey meet on the roof to discuss what they need to do to get rid of Faye and get Samantha back.

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Meanwhile, Brian comes to see Katrina!  Seems he is at another law firm and he has a lawsuit against Katrina’s client.  Brian is representing the founder of Curt’s Coffee.  Curt believes he’s entitled to a piece of the company he didn’t receive when he was forced out.  Brian tells Katrina he’s hoping by taking the case and sending out the right message to his new bosses it will help his career.  Katrina agrees not to throw him off the case (since it really is a conflict of interest).

Associate-wanna be Susan offers to help Katrina when she hears about the case.  She knows it won’t be easy for Katrina, given her feelings for Brian and all.  Reluctantly Katrina agrees.  Katrina and Brian meet with the judge and Katrina develops a migraine, Susan steps in as does Brian when he recognizes Katrina’s symptoms.

Susan finds a personal email in which Curt says he could buy a yacht with the money he got “in the awesome deal”.  However, Katrina doesn’t know if she wants to use the information.  Susan calls her out saying she knows it’s because of Brian and if it was any other lawyer, they’d be celebrating a win rather than sitting on the evidence.

Later Katrina goes to see Brian asking him to drop the case or they’ll counter-sue for slander.  Brian tells Katrina that Curt regretted leaving the company and so does he.  He tells her missed her and wanted to spend time with her so he took the case.  Katrina tells him she wanted to keep working with him as friends but he left.  They have to move on.  Back in the office Katrina officially makes Susan her associate.

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Samantha meets with a buddy from the FBI to get dirt on Faye.  Tom, the FBI guy, wants Samantha to give him dirt on Gavin Andrews in exchange for what he has on Faye.  Samantha agrees.  However, Robert steps in and won’t let Samantha hand anything over to Tom without getting immunity for her for anything she’s ever done for Gavin.  Tom agrees and signs Robert’s papers.

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Louis and Harvey go see Faye’s ex-husband.  Apparently Faye fired him when she found out what he did.  George, Faye’s ex, admits he did something illegal (over billed bigger clients to pay for his class action suits) when he was an attorney.  When Faye found out she fired him and ratted him out to the ethics board and he lost his license to practice law, she used the fact he lost his license to gain leverage in their divorce.  Neither Louis nor Harvey trust George but they figure it’s the best they got.  They go see Gretchen to see if she will get proof for their theory that Faye used the money in the divorce to quit the firm, take a pay cut and become the Bar’s Special Master.  Gretchen agrees but on one condition:  Harvey throws Louis a baby shower!  Harvey looks disgusted and the thought but then agrees.

Faye figures the team would contact George so she goes to see him. He tells her he did leave a few things out when he spoke with Harvey and Louis, he just wants to see her suffer.

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Faye goes to Harvey and tells him she stayed at the firm for three additional years and did not take a salary to make what George did right.  She didn’t want their daughter to grow up knowing her father was a criminal.  So if Harvey exposes Faye, then her daughter would be hurt.  Harvey tries to leverage Faye to hire Samantha back and she to resign.  But Faye refuses.  She admits to crossing the line for her daughter, but Samantha did it to win a case.  There is a difference.

When Harvey tells Louis the whole story of why Faye did what she did, he tells Harvey he doesn’t want to use the emails they have of Faye asking members of the Bar to drop the investigation into her husband, however, when Samantha’s and Alex’s plan doesn’t work (the FBI got Gavin Andrews but claim they didn’t have anything on Faye), Harvey still wants to go forward with his plan.

After Harvey talks to Donna he admits he’s feeling guilty because he feels responsible for Samantha getting fired.  Donna tells him if he uses the information he has he wouldn’t only be hurting Faye, but he’d be hurting her daughter too; and he wouldn’t be the man she wants him to be or the man he wants to be either. 

Faye thanks Donna for convincing the team to not use any information they may have had on her and Donna tells her there are some lines they won’t cross.

Samantha tells Harvey that she found her biological father.  She wants to go see him, he’s in Pittsburgh, but she doesn’t want to go alone.  She asked Robert, but he’s visiting Rachel in Seattle.  Harvey offers to go with her and she accepts.

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Robert Zane helping Samantha.

Harvey agreeing to go with Samantha to Pittsburg.

The team working together and not fighting constantly.


This is the final season.


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